Homeless in Vancouver: Look, a garage still life—but don't touch

To you, this may be just an unattached garage in Kitsilano that happens to be open.

To me it’s also raw narrative; a kind of unfinished story, full of details about people’s lives—at least the parts of those lives spent in garages.

The more you look at a garage like this, the more it can come to look like a deliberate act of art—a very detailed diorama. And there are always interesting things to catch your eye.

The light coming through the door. The cool old, electric-blue pickup truck, with its curious “paper leak.”

And notice in the back window of the cab: a black-edged plastic thing, stuck on the inside of the glass.

Old truck survived cold winters when it was young

Stanley Q. Woodvine

It’s an old celluloid car window frost shield. It creates a simple “double-pane” effect to keep that part of the window from frosting up in subzero weather.

These frost shields were a common feature on the windows and windshields of cars when I was a kid growing up on the Prairies—where winter lives. 

There was a time, before electric window defrosters, when  these things weren’t just common, they were the law. But that’s a story for another blog post.

Stanley Q. Woodvine
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