Homeless in Vancouver: 2013 works; why do I have to upgrade?

Wow. This happens every year.

I’m finally getting up to speed on all things 2013 and there’s an automatic upgrade coming in just a few hours.

What if it’s not as good?

What if it’s missing features I’ve come to rely one?

What if it takes too much of my memory? And if it’s a total dog, will I be able to downgrade? Ha! Not likely.

Bottom line—same as every other year—I’ll just have to learn to like it.

At least the calendar only has one upgrade a year. It could be worse—it could be Firefox!

Hopefully this 2014 version will finally give me the ability to properly multitask, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Alan Layton
Lol. How true! Count you blessings because everything is about to change yet again. Compliments to Eun-Hye.
Rating: -7
This homeless dude has a computer, camera, and money to buy designer brand coffee, yet no home. He obviously doesn't know how to do math either. I think this whole series is a joke dreamed up by Charlie Smith.
Rating: -6
Charlie Smith
The series isn't a joke. Stanley is homeless. He just happens to be a very good writer and photographer.

Charlie Smith
Rating: -3
Happy New Year Stanley!
So enjoy your blog.

BTW-your "designer coffee" looks yummy. Hope you enjoyed it and have many more great coffees in 2014.
Rating: -8
Thought it was a minor upgrade, but....(sigh)
Was happy with Mountain Lion, Now have Mavericks.
Yuk! I wanna go back, but don't know how, or if I can! (Hope they fix it all soon).
Rating: -6
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