Toronto's civic leaders agree: Rob Ford stinks

Rob Ford has no fans in politics.

Those are the findings of the Toronto Star, after it conducted a poll of 70 civic leaders and found that not a single one of them would defend the current mayor of Canada's largest city.

According to the paper, 51 people responded in total; a dozen—including writer John Ralston Saul and former Toronto mayors June Rowlands and David Crombie—called on Ford to step down; another 14 expressed concern or disapproval over the mayor's conduct. 

Former Ontario premier Bob Rae minced no words, telling the Star that, "The mayor is a disgrace to public office. He has lied, attacked those who have told the truth, consorted with criminals, and consistently conducted himself in a manner inconsistent with the duties and responsibilities of being mayor.…The point is he won’t resign. But of course he should."

Former mayor John Sewell echoed those thoughts, saying, "Rob Ford’s continued presence in the mayor’s office says the city is led by someone unpredictable and unpleasant, someone who consorts with criminals. I believe he should be removed from office."

Rotman School of Management's Richard Florida commented that, "Rob Ford is the worst and most anti-urban mayor in the history of any major city. He is a stain on the long-lived reputation of Toronto as a progressive, inclusive, well-managed city. The effects of his disastrous reign will be felt in this city for many, many years to come."

According to a Forum Research poll published on January 8, Ford's approval rating is sitting at a healthy 47 percent.

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