Philip Seymour Hoffman discovered dead in New York City apartment

The New York Post has reported that actor, writer, and director Philip Seymour Hoffman has died "of an apparent drug overdose".

He was found in his Greenwich Village apartment with a needle still in his arm, according to the paper.

Hoffman, 46, had an illustrious acting career, winning a best actor Oscar for portraying author Truman Capote in the 2005 movie Capote.

The traiiler for Capote.

He also had three Oscar nominations for best supporting actor for his performances in The Master, Doubt, and Charlie Wilson's War.

(See all of his awards and award nominations here.)

He struggled with addiction, according to the New York Post article, and went into rehab in 2012.

In 2008, Hoffman told the Straight that he felt that he was running out of time to deal with the most important things in his life.

"I think that is everyone’s issue as they get older," Hoffman said. "Anyone who is entering into middle age understands that there isn’t enough time any more."

At the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010, Hoffman said that while directing his first feature film, Jack Goes Boating, he took a lot of rehearsal time with the cast.

“What’s so great about directing a film, there’s just so many people along the way who you are working with and you’re jamming with and ideas are flowing,” Hoffman said at the time. “You have all these people that you’re having conversations with. And ideas are coming. But the idea of being a leader is that you make the decision eventually.”

One of Hoffman's most intriguing roles was as a bank manager and secret pathological gambler in the 2003 indie film Owning Mahowny.

It was based on Langara journalism instructor Gary Ross's book Stung: The Incredible Obsession of Brian Molony. It was about a Toronto banker busted for embezzlement, which fed his gambling addiction. 

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Rick in Richmond
This marks the terrible loss of a superb acting talent. Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the great character actors of our time, assuming almost Brando-like charisma and compulsion.

It's also a terrible reminder about the crippling effects of heroin addiction. No rational person should ever attempt to understate or to enable its destruction of human beings. Mr Hoffman is witness himself.

A frightening and appalling loss.
Rating: +13
One of my favourites.
Rating: -3
I was not a fan. To me Mr. Hoffman always seemed to be playing himself--a kind of Woody Allenesque figure in his self-obsessed acting style--only fatter and with a vicious streak Mr. Allen never thought to display publicly. I would always have prefered to see less of Seymour.
Rating: -33
bela the bug
I tend to think PSH was playing to type in The Talented Mr. Ripley. It's not a stretch to imagine that his attraction to heroin was because his intellect was enhanced by it and he used the resulting rapier wit to carve a place for himself among the multitude of Hollywood alpha males possessed of athleticism and handsome features. In other words, PSH was a victim of his muse...the magic dragon of the Village of Netherworldly Delights.

RIP Phil. Look at the bright'll no longer be Waiting for the Man
Rating: -7
Rachel in Tofino
I am deeply saddened by this loss. A brave thespian among heroes and clearly a tortured soul. Bless you, PSH. Bless what you brought to us all.

Also a Belushi-esque sign of our times: who is not hooked and manages fame well? Only a steadfast handful.
Rating: +1
i liked his ironic performances (of himself), but not a lot of respect for the narcissistic rich-kid self-inflicting martyr as a person.
Rating: -18
boris moris
PSH's muse was an incredibly addictive narcotic. Mentioning that salient fact would necessarily place an invisible asterisk on his accomplishments as an actor. No one can employ such a dangerous muse and expect to weather the storms of narcissistic self abuse.
I also think PSH was playing to type in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Who knew that smack inspired cynicism could play out as brilliance and talent? Rob Ford must be the anti Philip Seymour Hoffman. Unfortunately for Ford and his mentor in the PMO, there is no drug known to mankind that can positively stimulate a willfully ignorant, severely limited intellect that is devoid of anything but a self serving lust for power.

At least Hoffman used his muse to perfect his art. He literally sacrificed his life for his art and rewarded film lovers with many memorable performances.
Rating: -10
out at night
He was a great talent. "The Master" was my favourite film of 2012. Every time he turns up in some movie on TV you've forgotten about, in some minor supporting role, I'd get a little jolt from watching him. Mr. Ripley, Boogie Nights? Brilliant, brilliant. I'm not sure the heroin wasn't part of the package, as is sometimes the case (not to romanticize it, but can it be a coincidence so many great artists have this in common?)
Rating: -5
it is very sad , but at the end of the line, do we really know them????????
Rating: 0
Ben Sili
His children are now left to grow without a father...
Rating: -8
@gino - I don't think anyone is pretending to 'know' Hoffman - just expressing respect and admiration for the work that he did. Even if you don't know the actor personally, the point of films is to speak to the audience on an emotional level - Hoffman succeeded in doing that, so admirers have an emotional reaction to the loss. Here's to a man who was exceptional in his field.
Rating: +3
Some have wondered if the actor's passing had anything to do with the recent split between himself and his long term girlfriend and mother of his children, although one is wanton to wonder if the split was a result of the actor 'acting' up to his demons. Yet ironically it was the actor's incredible ability to tap into his dark that made him a Hollywood staple. Acting for the actor was simply 'torturous' on stage as he once told and one suspects offstage as well.

At present cops are trying to trace who his drug dealer may have been as the empty envelopes of heroin with purple hearts have not been seen on the street since 2008...
Rating: -5
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