Activists chained to Chevron’s Burnaby refinery in Pacific Trail Pipeline protest

Activists have locked themselves to the gate of Chevron Canada Limited’s refinery in Burnaby.

Dan Wallace, Mia Nissen, and Adam Gold used chains and bike locks to secure themselves to metal posts.

According to a news release issued this morning (May 30), the activists "intend to stay until Chevron and their partners withdraw all permit applications and stop all construction on the Pacific Trail Pipeline project and are acting in solidarity with the Unist'ot'en Camp that is blockading the project's path".

The police have arrived at the protest.
Joseph Leivdal

The Pacific Trail Pipeline is part of a joint venture between Chevron Canada and Apache Canada Ltd. The 463-kilometre pipeline will deliver gas from Summit Lake to a liquefied-natural-gas plant in Kitimat.

"It’s time to stop the insane expansion of fossil fuel projects. If we look at the facts these projects don't make any sense for the future; environmentally or economically. That's why we’re locking down today; to show how these companies are holding us all hostage to a poisoned future. We might not get off our oil and gas addiction overnight, but it’s time to tell our government to fund alternative and renewable energy sources and take responsibility for our shared futures," reads a statement from the activists.

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Good for them...
If we ever lose people who protest God help us all. I work for the Government and have seen enough in the last 10 years with them. They will control us like never before, especially with technology increasing every year our freedom is going down the toilet. This is OLD power technology people, and will NOT last for long. We NEED new technology to power our Future device. The new technology of the future WILL NOT work with our old power of the past. Think people, think...
Rating: +8
Lauren Reid
You go guys! God bless.
Rating: +1
Cynthia Joan Morrison
Real Canadians standing up for the real Canada we know & love....which is NOT the one that did NOT sign the Kyoto Accord. Canadians may have been in shock about that at the time....but have been severely 'dumbed down' intentionally by the 'oil & gas puppet' Harper....purposely since that time.
Time to wake up the slumbering sheeple.

Rating: +5
Stephen Kelland
im very grateful to these people for making a stand against these evil pipelines . i want this coast to stay clean for generations to come .there is no chance that is possible if we allow the pipelines through. gas might seam clean but it comes from hydraulic fracturing going on in NE BC. they use 1 million gallons of water for every frack that happens and some wells are fracked 4 or 5 times ,they want to drill 50,000 wells. Do the math ,where will all that water come from . it would be nice if the people of Vancouver show their support for this action. hang signs/banners do your own action or just go by to say hello
Rating: -10
Joan M. Janzen
This is fantastic - direct action is starting. One of you is my yoga class - now I know where you are! Good on you!
Rating: -12
Rating: -3
You all cook with gas right? The buildings you live and work in are powered by natural gas. You are beneficiaries of the infrastructure that is supported in part by the corporate tax paid by chevron and apache and other law abiding and respected corporations. The refinery has been there for 100 years and employs over 100 people. shutting down a business's operations isn't the answer, sound science and a directed introduction of new technologies that prove to be more economical than natural gas or other fossil fuels is. Before you know it, BC will have nothing to export, and no industrial output due to over zealous protesters who don't have a solution, just a bike chain and apparently too much time on their hands.
Rating: -10
Danny Nowak
"Corporate tax paid by Chevron"? Give me a break!
Just google 'Chevron tax evasion' and see what the Big Oil saints are doing. Cash that could be distributed amongst our schools, transit, hospitals, arts, etc is being absorbed upwards into the obscene profits of the multinational corporations. MAKE THEM PAY THEIR TAXES. Oh, I forgot, someone voted in a right wing government.
Rating: -6
Wow...that's a HUGE Check out a map of European and even US Oil looks like blood vessels there are so many...why this anti-canadian pipeline push is bizarre.
Rating: +1
Angela Koch
My new hero's!
Rating: -9
A few good people acting out of conscience for the well being of future generations. As Dan said - "Anyone can do this!" More to come as the word gets around.
Rating: -10
Rose Hawthorne
Way to go you brave souls!! This is only the beginning. Our government no longer listens to the people, only to the corporate bedfellows that fund them. The Harper government and now BC Liberals are not leaders. They are followers of their monied and influence peddling handlers.

The pipeline expansions must stop. The tar sands expansions must stop. Treating our planet like it is a toilet must stop.
Rating: -4
Rob Nieuwesteeg
Not sure what I find crazier. The dupes chainign themselves to fences or the some of the tree hugging responses. Yoou all should to see first hand the real oil and gas shitholes countries and see what is done therein the name of energy.
Canada needs the energy, and the world needs the energy. Remember that when you get in your car to drive, or get on a plane, or pretty much buy anything you consume.
Rating: -3
Hi, my name is Dan Wallace
Those that are that narrowed in your mindset assume way to much and most of the points you make are completely based in ignorance. The 3 of us took a stand for good cause and if you assume none of do anything or hypocritical by using cars, lol clothes, and other oil based products you are again proving your ignorance. There are other alternative industries that are not as destructive as all the pipelines, or even the stupid idiots that think fish farming is a good thing. I'm open and willing to engage in a public debate with any one of you that is willing to stand by your intentional ignorance rather then act tuff on line. Yeah I'm calling you out so hook up with me or set a time and place for a open public debate, let me know and i will be happy to be there.
Rating: -5
Sure, Canada needs energy. There's no good reason to get the energy from outdated, dangerous, and destrucive fossil fuels.
Sure, some industry will need fossil fuels and where necessary they can keep using them.
Renewable sources of energy would be MUCH more economical if they received close to the subsidies that fossil fuel corporations receive.
Rating: -6
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