Ad recreates consequences of driving using a cellphone

Just as Vancouver police are cracking down on drivers who are using cellphones while driving, Volkswagen released an effective PSA that illustrates what the consequences are of phone-distracted driving.

The ad was shown to an unsuspecting audience at a Hong Kong movie theatre.

It begins with a POV from the driver's seat as a car makes its way down a road.

What happened next caught the audience offguard—thereby making its point.

In 2013, Vancouver police ticketed 9,722 drivers with a $167 fine for using an electronic device while driving.

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Well played VW!
Humans are masters at ignoring low probability events and convincing themselves that they are somehow better than others and thus immune to bad things happening.
That demonstration was different because the audience couldn't just sit there passively saying "that'll never happen to me". There was a clear link between checking their phones and what happened on the screen.
Rating: -3
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