Photos: Carnaval del Sol livens up Granville Street

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There's a full-on street party in the downtown core this weekend.  

That's because Viva Vancouver has created a traffic-free section along Granville Street for Carnaval del Sol.

The annual food, music, and arts fiesta takes place on Saturday (July 5) and Sunday (July 6) to conclude Latin American Week.

This year, the 600 to 800 blocks of Granville were set aside for the event.

Latincouver organizes Carnaval del Sol every year.
Charlie Smith

The celebration came after Latincouver held its annual Inspirational Latin Awards ceremony on July 2.

Among those honoured were writer, director, and actor Carmen Aguirre, SFU lecturer and Science in Action founder Sophie Lavieri, Angels Are There founder Patricia Cruz, Faraway and Latin Runners founder Lluvia Meneses, and periodontist Scott Yamaoka.

Below, you can see some snapshots of what was taking place today in downtown Vancouver.

Brazilians were in a festive mood with their World Cup success.
Charlie Smith
Despite Colombia's World Cup loss, the flag still flew with pride.
Charlie Smith
Body painting took place in the 600 block of Granville.
Charlie Smith
Artist Natacha Trottier painted this model's body.
Charlie Smith
Thomaz Magno was one of many artists at Carnaval del Sol.
Charlie Smith
Paintings attracted plenty of attention in the 600 block of Granville.
Charlie Smith
Shutterbugs had lots of photo opportunities on Granville Street.
Charlie Smith
Yum on a stick.
Charlie Smith
Here's a close-up: click to enlarge.
Charlie Smith
An authentic Latin American festival needs some beef and chicken.
Charlie Smith
Sunflowers in downtown Vancouver.
Charlie Smith
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Dutch Touch

Jul 6, 2014 at 11:34am

What? Isn't the guy who walks up & down Granville Street with the sign "smile if you masterbate" good enough? I mean, he is after all a classy guy.

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Glitz Entertainment

Jul 9, 2014 at 3:21pm

Charlie Smith thank you for supporting Art & Culture Plaza at Carnaval Del Sol on behalf all the artist who participate & Glitz Entertainment management.

If you are looking for any particular artists please visit our website and find more about your favourite artist.

8 7 Rating: +1

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