SkyTrain stopped in its tracks due to technical issue

The Expo and Millennium lines aren't going anywhere right now, and many SkyTrain riders may be in the dark as to why.

TransLink posted this service advisory at 12:32 p.m.:

Due to a technical issue at Skytrain, there are significant delays impacting the Expo & Millennium Line trains. It is also impacting our ability to communicate to passengers in train cars or platforms. We are working hard to resolve this issue. For those passengers in the trains, please stay in the cars until instructed. Thank-you for your patience.

The Canada Line is unaffected.

TransLink also posted these tweets:

Update (1:33 p.m.): Check out this photo of passengers leaving a stopped train.

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I know what we should do!

We should pour money out of dump trucks to build infrastructure that is not needed for 30 more years in Coquitlam and Surrey, while cleverly ignoring the overstressed core that has precariously little spare capacity and few alternatives in the event of the smallest hiccup
Rating: +6
Time to upgrade you guys...
From Windows ME or 98 to Windows 7 ya know since it is 2014 /rolls eyes :-/
Rating: -1
So glad I missed both incidents. The first incident I was fortunate enough to get a ride from a lady who had a modo car! This time round I am missing work due to the issue. Feel so bad for all those people trapped by an aging system. STOP wasting money (salaries!). These trains are old and unbearable to sit in for extended periods especially in the HEAT. Take a good look at salary and job descriptions - you see a lot of these skytrain attendants just standing around chatting each other up. Top execs are overpaid. FRUSTRATING!
Rating: +2
Take the Bus! we are still running!
Rating: +2
I wonder
if a thorough investigation would reveal a maliciously inserted engineered computer virus or this is just a breakdown.
Rating: +2
Hi Duh
Shut down by a bunch of people camping on the tracks, no?
Rating: +3
On the fifth day.....a Thursday. God created Transtink....I mean Tanslink!
Rating: 0
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