I really like being retired. No more annual appraisals from intellectual inferiors telling me my way ain't as good as their way.
If the only thing you like about your current girlfriend is the fact that she’s trans, you’re probably guilty of objectifying her.

Pretty girl @ Starbucks... were u alone?

You were the pretty girl at Starbucks in the late morning at a round table with earbuds on. I was sitting in the soft brown chair facing you. I was tall, wearing a hat, purplish/blackish shirt with a book, you got there after I got there then left before I did. I assure you I'm no creep or perv, I just think you are so amazingly beautiful & in fact you seem to be the kind that would have a beautiful heart (yes I know sounds strange, but it's a feeling I felt), if you're single & happen to read this, love to meet you, but only if you're interested, if not then all I can say is anyone would be lucky to be you. Have a great day :)
2012-11-10 08:00:00
Starbucks Granville/Smithe
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