Pretty girl @ Starbucks... were u alone?

You were the pretty girl at Starbucks in the late morning at a round table with earbuds on. I was sitting in the soft brown chair facing you. I was tall, wearing a hat, purplish/blackish shirt with a book, you got there after I got there then left before I did. I assure you I'm no creep or perv, I just think you are so amazingly beautiful & in fact you seem to be the kind that would have a beautiful heart (yes I know sounds strange, but it's a feeling I felt), if you're single & happen to read this, love to meet you, but only if you're interested, if not then all I can say is anyone would be lucky to be you. Have a great day :)

When: Saturday, November, 10 2012

Where: Starbucks Granville/Smithe