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Pick one of these up for the holiday season and you’ll be set for all of the parties you need to attend.
There are fashion needs and then there are fashion wants, and every so often there is a piece that is the best of both worlds.
The holiday season has arrived. Don’t be caught with nothing to wear.
J.Crew is the absolute best at finding a balance between dressy and casual.
Style transcends what you wear; how you choose to decorate yourself and your environment is a reflection of true style.
Comfortable, chic flats are on trend and available in an abundance of cool colours and styles.
I’m a major fan of its kids’ clothing line because of the quality, originality, and gorgeous selection of prints.
Hosiery has been a major focus of accessorizing for the past few years, and people are definitely taking notice.
Cool weather is just around the corner, and this time of year offers the best selection of fashion-forward outerwear.
Biker-inspired outerwear is a fashion classic that seemingly reinvents itself each season.