Studio 580

580 Clark Dr (E17)

Which mediums are the artists in the studio working with?

Our work is as diverse as the mediums we use; oil and acrylic painting, illustration and mixed media, photography and resin works, encaustic wax painting and reupholstering furniture, sewing and weaving.

What brought the artists in the studio together?

Our artist collective, though less than a year old, came together through years of friendship and a shared passion for creating art. 

How does working in a shared space affect your work? Have you drawn any inspiration from your studio-mates?

Our very differences help to excite and inspire each other. Working as artists in community has strengthened our individual talent, scope and vision. 

What’s your favourite thing about the Crawl?

The Crawl is an even greater moment of creative community, where artist and audience come together to share their deep passion and understanding of artistic creation. We are all better for having shared this experience. We belong together. 

Studio 580:

Tana Lynn Moldovanos
Jenny Amberson
Debbie Lelievre
Wallace Barber
Katie Tennant
Donn Bennett
Steve Oben