VIFF 2018: One Cut of the Dead

To the delight of their bullying megalomaniac director, the cast and crew of a blood-soaked horror find themselves attacked by real zombies.

VIFF 2018: M/M

What marks same-sex relationships apart from different-sex ones is the emphasis here, with shades of Narcissus recast within an austerely stylized, hypermodern urban environment.

VIFF 2018: Leto

You have to commit to an intense two hours of ’80s sounds in this breathlessly innovative biopic, which takes on a pair of key singer-songwriters of the late Soviet era.

VIFF 2018: Diane

The film’s humanistic and sometimes alarmingly funny flow is doubly surprising coming from documentary veteran Kent Jones, who previously made cinematic studies of filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Elia Kazan, and Val Lewton, with Hitchcock/Truffaut the best-known.

VIFF 2018: Holiday

On the surface, Holiday is about a shallow world with even shallower people.

VIFF 2018: Clara

In the last three years or so, astronomers have tentatively proposed that the anomalous dimming of Tabby’s Star in the Cygnus constellation might be caused by an “unnatural” structure.