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B from BCAA

Dear B: My mom caught her car over a curb this evening in front of my building so she called BCAA and you were the one to very kindly unjam her car. I love me a big burly built-like-lumberjack kinda man. Tall, broad shoulders. Goddamn you were a handsome devil. If my mom hadn't been right there with us, I would have proudly come on to you strong flirtin'-wise. Ce la vie!

When: Saturday, December, 02 2023

Where: Corner of Ontario & 11th

Smiling eyes on the 99

You sat in back row of the bus, in a dark blue puffy jacket, airpods, and eyes that caught mine then looked away with a smile. I sat by the stairs and smiled back. We both got off at UBC. Don't look away next time ;)

When: Friday, December, 01 2023

Where: 99 to UBC

7 bus writing in your notebook :)

On the 7 bus today around 3 or 4pm. I was sitting in the back wearing my fluffy parka jacket, vibing to some tunes. You were right beside, wearing brown boots and writing in your notebook. You're cute, and I saw you listening to Fleetwood Mac too! We should go thrifting or get coffee sometime :)

When: Wednesday, November, 29 2023

Where: Kitsilano on 7 bus

Trapped outside the Painted Ship..

You were there, solo. You're tall and cute and sweet and funny. The highlight of my night, even once my friend and I finally made it inside. I had cold feet! I thought I'd see you inside, I wanted to hang more, what can I say. Sorry you left!

When: Wednesday, November, 22 2023

Where: The Painted Ship

Passport Office

To the captivating girl I met at the passport office on November 22nd, our conversation made the last hour of waiting feel like a breeze. I regret not mustering the courage to ask you out once my paperwork was done. I went back to where we were sitting pretending to have lost my water bottle to see if I would gain courage but didn’t. I was the guy you joked around about putting his jacket on thinking my number would be next, but I had to wait an extra 15 minutes. If you happen to read this, let's go out for coffee/dinner?

When: Wednesday, November, 22 2023

Where: Passport Office on West Hastings

Shuttle bus 170, Port Coquitlam

This is a way past call, reaching back to the fall of 2017. I am desperately seeking a nice looking female of around 40 at that time, who happened to become my poetry inspiration. She would leave the West Coast Express coming from the direction from Vancouver, to board the shuttle-bus 170 every working day at about 4 to 4:30pm and getting off at the bus stop 53733, Kelly Ave and Shaughnessy in Port Coquitlam. Despite of colder days coming, she was wearing nice and colourful dresses every day, looking more than awesomely. Nobody could have missed that blond, fashionable woman. That's why she caught my attention and me, being very much impressed by her look, I wrote a piece of poetry about her. She was traveling with her female friend, always taking their seat behind the bus driver, chatting and having their laughs while traveling a few stops for max of 10 minutes. In this way, I am giving it a chance to find her in this forum. I know it works. Anybody's assistance who may know that lady is highly appreciated.

When: Wednesday, October, 18 2023

Where: West Coast Express station and shuttle bus no. 170, Port Coquitlam

Ferry Connection

You were on your way to a friend’s elopement, I was on my way to visit my brother. You were warm and friendly and easy to talk to and we had a great honest conversation about life. The ferry docked and we hugged and I thought about giving you my number but you live in a different province and there’s an age difference, so I chickened out. Now I regret not asking.

When: Friday, November, 17 2023

Where: Ferry to Victoria from Tsawwassen

Almost Like a Dream

It was at The New Pornographers. It must have been halfway through the the show when you pushed your way to the front and stood there beside me. I was sitting in the front row watching from my raised wheelchair. You seemed happy dancing up a storm! We exchanged minimal words but I was instantly intrigued and wanted to ask you if you would consider getting to know each other better over coffee but at the end of the show you disappeared

When: Tuesday, November, 14 2023

Where: Commodore Ballroom

Intrigued and smitten

Saw you on the Hayward Lake railway trail and we chatted about dog breeds. You were quite knowledgeable and cute. And I keep thinking about you and wishing I had been braver. It would make my year if you would agree to join me for a coffee. Cheers.

When: Tuesday, November, 14 2023

Where: Hayward Lake Railway trail.


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