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E.g., Jul 6 2020

Tofino surfer guy driving grey truck with boards on roof

I was one car ahead of you driving a Red PT Cruiser from Tofino to Port Alberni on June 30 in the morning. We were stopped for a while on the highway. You were looking at me when I got out of my car. I kept looking at you in my rearview and you were looking back at me. You were wearing black shorts, a red and black mac jacket and had a mustache. I continued driving to the ferries, but you pulled into a driveway in Port Alberni. Too bad because I was hoping you would have follow me home. ;)

When: Tuesday, June, 30 2020

Where: Tofino/Ucluelet to Port Alberni

Smiles at W Cafe on Broadway

I was rushing in to grab a coffee before catching the bus, and we exchanged glances. Your smile caught me completely off guard! I couldn't stay otherwise I would have said hello. Coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, July, 02 2020

Where: W Cafe

Grey and shades on wreck beach

Sunset Monday, I was carrying my shoes, backpack and saddle bag, and walking to the bathrooms. You were at the foot of them on the sand. I think you were either wandering or trying to find your spot. You with a grey tee wearing aviators and a ball cap, me in a white tee, blond and silver glasses. We noticed each other and I kept walking, thinking you were hot and I wasn't anything. Then I noticed you kept looking my way as you meandered towards the shore. You were with someone else but as you made your way to them you kept standing, looking my way. You stood facing my way the whole time. I was actually watching the last of the sun behind the clouds but you were way more appealing. I wanted to see more of you. You were the right kind of something I'd want to know more of.

When: Monday, June, 29 2020

Where: Wreck Beach towards the stairs area

Pale tall beautiful busty blonde at trout lake with black bike. White top with pink. Talked about daagerraad

You were leaving from your spot and i asked if i could take it to read in the grass. I just wanted to have an excuse to say hi. We talked about the crap weather lately and how we have to enjoy what we get. You asked me what i was drinking and it was a daageraad and you mentioned one i should try. I wish i asked you to grab a drink and come back and chill with me. You seemed sweet. Hit me up and we should go for a bike and share a beer!

When: Monday, June, 29 2020

Where: Trout lake

Hooded hottie with bright eyes

It was the 20 the at approximately 12:30 am you were crossing with your gf,(I assume)wearing a grey hoodie with some black print on the front. I was wearing a black and blue dress with glitter from top to bottom including my legs

When: Saturday, June, 20 2020

Where: 7/11 near Olympic Village

Used a Toy and Said You Wanted More

We met online a week or two before Covid hit. I had just bought a fun, automatic toy that you wanted to try. And you did, along with some others I had, and it was a great evening. You messaged me a week later saying you wanted to take me up on the offer of getting a massive toy to try, but sadly Covid hit and we were responsible and never met up. Sucks cause you were cool, attractive, and incredibly well spoken. Plus, your kitty kat space leggings were hilarious. Would love to try some new toys again.

When: Friday, March, 13 2020

Where: East Van / Locanto

Asian woman at capilano mall

hello I see you at Capilano Mall every once in a while , the last time I saw you we spoke a couple of times . You have a beautiful smile and i would love to get to know you. when we spoke , what store were we in and what did we both buy? would love to bump into you again .

When: Thursday, June, 18 2020

Where: Capilano Mall

Bus 19 downtown

You were starting your shift on the bus #19 and caught my eye. I kept smiling and glancing at you through the rear view mirror:) I was wearing a lime green jacket, do you remember me? I'd love to go for coffee with you.

When: Thursday, June, 25 2020

Where: On the bus

Eye Contact at Shoppers Drug Mart

I was standing near the front of the store when I looked up and noticed you looking right into my eyes. Looking back, I feel like I know you from my past, like a childhood friend/lost love.

When: Friday, June, 26 2020

Where: Langley, BC, Canada

Masked Man Wearing Blue Pants in London Drugs on Hastings Street

Noticed you Iooking over at me a few times at me as I passed you in the aisles while shopping. You: mask, tall, blue eyes (I think), white shirt, blue pants, and a very nice ass btw. Me: black jeans, black tank top, long blond'ish hair. I should have said hi. So hi ;) ...

When: Friday, June, 19 2020

Where: London Drugs (Hastings)


Stay out of wreck beacb

Go to Jericho or every other beach to keep your bathing suit on. When you come here fully clothed...


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