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E.g., Apr 17 2021

You stopped to pet my white bulldog in Stanley Park

You stopped to pet my white bulldog, and told me about the white bulldog you used to have <3 You: Curly blonde haired man with an amazing smile. Me: Straight blonde haired woman with a black puffy jacket. I really enjoyed chatting, and wish I had at last asked your name! If you see this, I would love to go for a coffee! :)

When: Sunday, April, 11 2021

Where: Stanley park seawall

Recycling depot New West

I came in quickly to drop off two bags of recycling at the express, You were in work gear sorting yours at the table near the entrance. Our eyes met and kept going back to each other and it felt like some thing electric. You were still sorting as I left and we both stopped and looked at each other but I chickened out and walked away. Regretted it, went back to see if you were still there and drove past you- both of us drive Jeeps. Feel this was a missed opportunity and would love to get a chance to talk to you.

When: Wednesday, April, 07 2021

Where: Recycling depot Braid street New Westminster

Famous Foods Outside In A Line Up Last March Year 2020

Me standing outside in a lineup at Famous Foods. As a result of CoVid they were only allowing a few people inside so there was quite a line up outside. I saw an interesting older man smiling at me a few people back but was too shy to say hi. Wished I'd said something. Time is approximate Questions for you. When you got into the store did you see me? Can you describe me? Coffee Tea?

When: Monday, March, 23 2020

Where: Outside Famous Foods Standing In A Line Up

Quick walk-by hello on East Hastings

We walked by one another on East Hastings near Nanaimo today. I was just taking my mask off and you gave me a very friendly enthusiastic greeting as we made eye contact. Maybe you thought I was someone you knew but that fleeting happy connection from such a handsome stranger gave me a boost as I walked home. I'm unlikely to see you again but I hope you keep dishing out those good vibes to the world.

When: Saturday, April, 03 2021

Where: Sidewalk on Hastings, just east of Nanaimo

Breaking glass @ Larry's Market

You had on an eggplant coloured coat with a black backpack, I was wearing a green Eddie Bauer jacket and a Gore bike cap. As you were checking out at Larry's Market, you accidently dropped a glass on the floor. I walked over and made a comment and we shared a laugh about needing coffee. I could see your smile in your eyes. As you were walking out with your friend you wished me a nice day as you got into an Uber. I couldn't take my eyes off you, and would like to connect more. Interested in meeting for a walk? coffee? hike?

When: Saturday, April, 03 2021

Where: Larry's Market - Shipyards

eggs ...

Whether it was the eggs you wanted , a lack of meals picked for easter weekend or the fact we were both early shoppers ... You have NO idea that i regret not catching back up as you left ... Guess ill be shopping at Save-on where u were before i saw you ... Please .. Lets exchange some meal ideas .

When: Friday, April, 02 2021

Where: Egg cooler

Patio distanced flirting

Was out at the Whip last night, locked eyes a few times, but harder now to know when to take that next step into someone’s space. Flirting with words not just our eyes would be fun.

When: Thursday, April, 01 2021

Where: The Whip

Outdoors enthusiast, saw you at MEC

I popped into MEC for a quick item. You were behind the counter, tall, friendly, with lovely smile crinkles around your eyes. You asked about the weather and I wished I had something more exciting to say. Let's enjoy an outdoor stroll :)

When: Sunday, March, 28 2021

Where: Vancouver MEC

$80 worth of seeds!

Our first encounter was outside Coco et Olive, our eyes locked as you accidentally put your fingers into, what I can only assume was a mix if ketchup and mayo. Your smile gave me butterflies. I watched as you laughed and stumbled across Main St dropping everything you own, and assumed that was it. But then as luck would have it we ran into each other again at Welks. We stood in line and I over heard you say you spent $80 dollars on seeds, and I managed to get out some small talk about me killing my plants. I left and immediately regretted not asking you...for some gardening tips. I went back to try and find you, but you were gone. Would love to take you out for lunch sometime.

When: Monday, March, 29 2021

Where: Coco et Olive/ Welks

Asian Woman on Seawall

You frequently walk or bike along the seawall Everyday we look in each others eyes and smile as we pass on the seawall. Please chat with me.

When: Saturday, March, 27 2021

Where: Between English Bay and the Rock


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