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E.g., Jun 24 2022

I Saw Yous

Cactus Club Café Yaletown

We met at Cactus Club Yaletown on March 27th and you invited me for lunch . Due to some really special circumstances I did not get in contact with you . If you read this I would be more than happy to hear from you .

When: Sunday, March, 27 2022

Where: Cactus Club Café Yaletown

"Damn, girl, you look good today."

I was walking up Seymour St towards Georgia St to meet up with friends for brunch. You were leaving a building and passed behind me saying "Damn, girl, you look good today." I really regret not turning around and getting your #, especially after you drove by and waved at me. If you see this, maybe give me a chance to look good for you at a café?

When: Sunday, May, 22 2022

Where: Downtown

Cru Wine Tasting

We were sitting in same row for Cru Tasting event. You asked about what crackers I brought ;-) You were into Italian wines.

When: Friday, May, 20 2022

Where: VCC West

Got off at production way university stn

I got on at lougheed stn, saw u looking Cute af wearing a black top with wide leg cargo jeans and a black backpack. Wanted your # and take you on a date lmk. Curly hair tat was me

When: Saturday, May, 21 2022

Where: Lougheed and production stn

Single mum flying from San Fran for Van

You sat across the aisle and helped me pick things up BC my baby was all over the place. You clapped for him and he loved it. Did you feel something when we made eye contact too? I hoped to see you by the baggage carousel... I saw you weren't wearing a ring. Can someone so nice be single too? My single mum status is not complicated.

When: Sunday, May, 15 2022

Where: Air Canada 567

Uber driver

hey you picked me up from columbia station to poco and i was too shy to ask you if you where anything like how you drive in other places and i ran away

When: Sunday, May, 15 2022

Where: columbia station

West end community center

Thursday evening you walked by me which made me really wonder why. We have crossed paths and made many eye contacts and yet we are still unknown to each other. My confession is you leave me speechless. Literally I have attempted too say hi but when you come around.. poof all words gone. and so I must ask to give me a hand here and approach me say hi for i do really want to know you I'm just oddly shy. You had short silvery hard pulled back. Guy on a bike talking to a mate hope you see this

When: Thursday, May, 12 2022

Where: West end community centre

Cute girl with black beret and sunglasses on skytrain

You sat beside me on the Skytrain. You were wearing a black coat, Wayfarer style sunglasses and a cute black beret. At Chinatown Station you stood up looked at me and said goodbye, I just smiled and said bye back. I would have loved to have a conversation, but my reaction was too slow and the train closed its doors before I could react. I only hope you read this and answer back!

When: Wednesday, May, 11 2022

Where: Skytrain

Dark haired mullet babe at Uncle Abes

You: wearing a black long sleeve and had a light blue (corduroy?) coat; you had a real hip punk vibe. I think there was white writing on the sleeve arms. Brown eyes. You were with a couple (I believe a brunette masc person and a lighter brown/maybe blonde femme) and you three left a bit after 11. Your table was by the bar facing the window. Me: Sitting at the bar with half blonde half brown hair, big pink glasses and a black tshirt with acid wash sleeves. My friend had the bar seat right next to your table. I wanted to give you my number but I had been awake too long (night shift gang) and thought I'd butcher it. If u see this, let's get a drink!!

When: Monday, May, 09 2022

Where: Uncle Abe's, Main St



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