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E.g., Aug 18 2022

I Saw Yous

Friendly Desiner

I had to drop something off at your office in Vancouver on Monday and stayed for longer than first intended. We gave each other lots of looks and smiles, almost got caught in the process, thanks for making my day!

When: Monday, August, 15 2022

Where: Vancouver

Stunning Asian Girl on Cambie Street Bridge

You were an absolutely stunning Asian girl walking from the downtown side on the Cambie Street bridge today around 2:30pm. You were wearing a white top with black yoga shorts. You took my breath away with how stunning you are. I was the guy on the black bike with white top. If you would like a dinner date let me know

When: Tuesday, August, 16 2022

Where: Cambie Street Bridge

Hawkins Pickle Dad

I’m the mud lady, with a friend and dog. You had your lovely daughter and we talked about food and and other stuff. I’d love to try your muffins, with or without plum jam! If you want to discuss, hit me up ✌

When: Sunday, August, 14 2022

Where: Hatzic

Blue eyes, Blue Flowers, once in a Super moon!

We shared a trip on the CANADA line together and shared stories of travel, and family. I would like to continue where we left off, I love your energy and I’m curious about you. Let’s connect! The Chilean man.

When: Friday, August, 12 2022

Where: CANADA line

VQFF plaza party on Thursday

I’m really tall and was very sparkly, you’re not so tall and an Iranian architect. I think you’re really cute and I wish I had asked for your number!

When: Thursday, August, 11 2022

Where: Vancouver playhouse

Beautiful smile riding back from East Van

We ran into each other heading back from the Lions Gate Bridge around 3rd & Forbes St. You were riding back from a drink with your friends at Off the Rail in East Van, and I was returning from Steveston. You had mentioned you did a recent gravel ride up to Seymour Dam. I love that trail! It's nice we live not far from each other. Molly, it was great to meet you and hope we can meet again soon. You have a great smile! Coffee, beer, and/or ride sometime soon, neighbour?

When: Saturday, August, 13 2022

Where: Spirit Trail - 3rd & Forbes and riding east on 4th, North Vancouver

Canada Line Yaletown Station - Richmond

I saw you at the Yaletown station right now about 2 hours ago today. Couldn’t stop thinking about you. You are atleast 6ft tall, because I am 6ft2, our eyes met right when you came down the stairs as we were the tallest people. I left on the YVr train and I thought I would never see you, but then I saw you again at Bridgeport station when I waited for the next train. I really want pets to talk to you, but I couldn’t.... You were wearing a really nice 2 piece dress, listening to music and wearing sandals. You definitely know who I am. I doubt you will see this but I hope!

When: Thursday, August, 11 2022

Where: Yaletown station , Richmond Bridgeport Station, Canada Line

Marijuana Anonymous tip from AA attendee

Last night while waiting at Langara Canada Line station, we were sitting and laughing about sneezing while wearing masks on Canada Line and other riders reactions. I am grateful to meet you especially with your advice on seeking MA meetings without the religious undertones and the 12 step process. I’ll check out the SMART Recovery site for help. Didn’t mean to scare you when I got off at Lansdowne. Can I buy you a coffee or an ice cap to return the favour? It’s difficult finding good friends like you on this world but you don’t know unless you try. Thanks again for our chat and your advice.

When: Wednesday, August, 10 2022

Where: Langara Station - Canada Line

ferry to mayne island

You asked for directions to the Mayne island ferry departure area and I was on my way to Galiano. I had a large red backpack, and you had a small green bag. I thought you had a spanish accent before you mentioned you were from eastern Europe. Would love to catch up about our respective island adventures....

When: Friday, August, 05 2022

Where: bc ferries Tsawwassen


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