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Fabulous Fluevog boots

Fabulous Fluevog boots! We met on Bus 9 and chatted. I know your name Br……. I’m Pe….

When: Friday, December, 03 2021

Where: Bus Number 9

49 Parallel Coffee on Main St

You were working at the coffee shop, and I ordered a coffee and donut. You were very kind and I wanted to say thank you and wish we could have chatted. Maybe a chat next time?

When: Wednesday, December, 01 2021

Where: 49 Parallel Coffee on Main St.

Gods will

I drove you to work down commercial drive. We spoke briefly about you becoming a corrections officer and the masks. You said you wanted to speak with me again. After we parted I regretted not giving you my number. See what happens with this post. Gods will

When: Monday, November, 29 2021

Where: Commercial drive

Outside the Back and Fourth

We had met outside of the bar and you approached and we started talking. You introduced yourself as Sander or Sam, not sure but I know it started with an S. What I do remember is that you had a shaved head, a nose ring, and moved to Van from Northern Alberta. I myself have curly hair, also a nose ring, and was sporting a big black puffy coat. The conversation went well and I thought you were super cute, however, just as I was about to muscle up the courage to ask you to go out for a coffee sometime, my uber showed up. Sad I missed my chance so I thought I write here.

When: Saturday, November, 27 2021

Where: Back and Fourth

Leopard coat sits with red plaid jacket on tail gate

Was the first real night out in a while and was very flighty with my head swimming in shed cocktails. We spoke here and there, inside and outside, and I regret not being in a proper enough state to make the most of our conversations. Instead it was my insane ramblings about serial killer podcasts and other alluring topics I'm sure. Wish I gave you a chance to talk a little more. I regret having to rush out so suddenly without saying goodbye. Had a lovely time talking to you and I hope you finally made your way home after a third attempt. X

When: Sunday, November, 21 2021

Where: East 1st house party

Saw you in Ladner Starbucks on Friday Nov 19

Hi There. You helped me guard & carry my multiple coffees. You had on a lovely white coat. I was impressed by you & enjoyed our brief meeting but as I can be quite shy I refrained from asking you if you'd like to meet sometime later for a coffee. Then as I drove away I laughed to/at myself about this missed opportunity. Perhaps this might reach you for a second chance, lol. Thanks. Mark.

When: Friday, November, 19 2021

Where: Starbucks in Ladner

Another chat?

You had an orange outdoor coat. We had a nice chat at Tangos on Denman about west coast and Edmonton. How about a coffee?

When: Saturday, November, 20 2021

Where: Tango Meats

Culture Crawl

Waiting in line to get into 1000 Parker Studios. We were both with friends, and kept looking at each other. You have straight black hair, and were wearing black jeans and a white jacket. Would love to finally know your name and maybe go for a walk sometime.

When: Saturday, November, 20 2021

Where: outside 1000 Parker street studios

Wunderbar show

I sat next to you at the Eddie Izzard show on Sunday, Nov 14th. We talked about the show and how we've both seen Eddie n England and in Vancouver. I wanted to ask you to go for a drink but my parking was about to expire. I thought you were very attractive. Drinks soon?

When: Sunday, November, 14 2021

Where: Vogue Theater

At the auto shop... Burnaby

Mark... your from the East... we talked about computers... what you do and what I did... we talked about mountain bike riding as you were leaving.. I felt a connection.... love your whiskers! Coffee?

When: Monday, November, 15 2021

Where: Burnaby



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