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Saw you cycling along Beach Ave toward Burrard from English Bay this afternoon. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark bike. Hair long and worn up. No helmet. Probably on your way back to Kits; have seen you cycling in the area before - late summer night cycling opposite directions across Burrard bridge, and a recent drive by on 4th on a Sunday around prime brunch time. Our eyes always seem to meet. You’ve got impressively big legs and a sweltering gaze. I’m often wearing a hat. Long ish dirty blonde hair. Pretty sure I’ve seen you on an app in the past...attached but open if I recall, but it’s been a few years. If this sounds like you, hmu. The universe works in mysterious ways.

When: Friday, January, 15 2021

Where: Beach Ave near Sunset Beach

Whole Foods North Van

Ran into you a few times in a few different aisles tonight ... wish my cashier was a little quicker and that we’d both wrap at the same time :) or that we’d made some small talk at the very least. Hope to see you again

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2021

Where: North Vancouver

You were playing fetch with your Boxer at Katsalanexw Park

You are tall and beautiful. I was wearing a pink jacket. You asked if I was waiting for someone and I was, but I regret not getting your phone number. I would love the chance to take your dog for a walk with you if you end up seeing this :)

When: Wednesday, January, 13 2021

Where: Katsalanexw park on Lonsdale and 4th

Great smile & chill doggo Olympic Village

Waiting for my friend outside JJ Bean and your pup wandered over. I commented on how chill he was, despite a little dog yapping nearby. I just wanted to say how much your smile brightened a really hard week. So: thanks from the masked redhead :)

When: Thursday, January, 07 2021

Where: JJ Bean, Olympic Village

Stripes At Cactus Club

We made eyes. You in stripes with your guys friends. We made eyes.. I'd love to buy you a drink.

When: Thursday, January, 07 2021

Where: Cactus Club Bentel

Happy New Year

I was biking up Adanac waiting at the light at Renfrew. You walked up and smiled at me and said "Happy New Year" as you turned onto Adanac. Would love to see that smile again :)

When: Sunday, January, 03 2021

Where: Adanac and Renfrew

Meinhardts Blue Eyes

Christmas Eve, you with magical blue eyes stole my Meinhardts checkout counter (not really). Me, blonde in a grey leather jacket with a white flower locked eyes with you outside (were you waiting for me?) but you couldn't see my happy smile behind my mask. You crossed the street, I left in my car but I came back a few minutes later driving around trying to find you. I'd still like to find you...

When: Thursday, December, 24 2020

Where: Meinhardts on Granville

Eye Contact and a Wave

You, sitting near the rear of the bus. Black scrub-like pants, some android phone and strikingly red sneakers. Me, sitting by the window at the very back. Bangs, glasses, grey winter parka and big blue headphones. We kept making eye contact and when you got off the bus (Cambie/Bdway) you smiled and waved. Socially distanced Coffee?

When: Tuesday, December, 22 2020

Where: #9 Bus Bdwy Comm'l

Purdy's on Kingsway

Your name begins with E, you're from DF and you work at this location. You gave me some chocolate tips and recommended a couple local restaurants from your native cuisine. We both had masks on, but you had lovely eyes... Meet up sometime? Tell me something you remember about me.

When: Saturday, December, 19 2020

Where: Purdy's on Kingsway

I thought I might have ‘doored’ you

Firstly.... I have NEVER done this kind of thing before.... but you stuck in my mind today. I was getting out of my car and u were cycling on Charles st. I was worried I doored you and you said I didn’t... saw u later walking on the street and you said happy holidays and smiled. great smile :)

When: Sunday, December, 20 2020

Where: Commercial drive



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