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E.g., Sep 14 2019

tyler /bobby/ rhett

Hey I met you at fortune sound club for blackalicious, didn't say too much to you but damn, your a hell of a kisser. I'm not to sure why you abandoned me instead of collecting your 50$ (haha) but I'd like meet you again.

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: fortune sound club

EMT at Sport Chek (marine drive)

I was in the middle of the women’s section of the Sport Chek on Marine Dr browsing around. I saw the back of you at first, petite but strong, dark brown hair tied in a messy bun and wearing an EMT uniform. Saw you were carrying an orange box, seemed important. You looked really good in that uniform- really good. You have a confidence in your walk with a hand in your pocket. I got really flustered, I wanted to smile and acknowledge you but I got so nervous. I wish I could at least say that I appreciate what you do. And then you were gone.

When: Friday, September, 13 2019

Where: Sport Chek (Marine Dr)

Cute woman on a longboard

You were super attractive at science world riding a longboard! Never seen a woman like you! I love your style, if your single get back to me! Would love to go skate with you.

When: Saturday, September, 07 2019

Where: Near science world

Nice socks

You had very memorable socks at Buro; sorry if I was a little loud on the phone, it looked like you were studying. Didn't mean to be an inconsiderate cow, let me make it up to you with a drink. Or a pair of socks.

When: Friday, September, 13 2019

Where: Buro Gastown

20 bus this morning

We locked eyes a bunch of times on the bus. I got on at 41st and got off at 6th. You have stunning eyes and your hair was kinda in your face, I'm tall wearing a black jacket. I hope to see you on the bus again next week

When: Friday, September, 13 2019

Where: 20 downtown between 41st and 6th

you take my breathe away....

two years ago you came too my aid - you were a paramadic that assisted me in my former home when i was in a medical emergency your name was SHANE you looked at me and said i like u right in front of your colleages and then our eyes locked and we looked at each other and time stood still for a momeent in time and u took my breath away and i was smitten and my heart skipped a beat faster...and i was taken aback not only by your handsome looks but also by your gentleness and your quiet deameanour and kindness towards me..ill never forget u shane .. im i would like too meet u for coffee if u see this note ...u came too storeys around sept 3rd around 2pm asking for me can we go for coffee ? im single now....thank you... (H).

When: Tuesday, September, 03 2019


Cute strawberry blonde on the SkyTrain

It was about 7pm and I got on the fogged up train Metrotown on this dreary Thursday evening and sat in a seat facing the opposite way from you and pulled out my green and orange book. Your were wearing black leggings and Blundstone-like boots, only classier. I looked up and you were looking at me, or my book, hard to say. I switched to the seat behind you and could see that you were looking up wines on your phone. I could swear our reflections made eye contact in the glass in front of you. I got off at Commercial. Will I see you again?

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: SkyTrain between Metrotown and Commercial

BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

You were ahead of me in line at Bean Around the World. I wanted to say hi but a research sponsor was with me and it would've been unprofessional in front of her.

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Garden Genie on the bus in the morning

I know you likely won't see this, but I just want you to know that I think you're super cute. I used to see you every morning, but now it's only once in a while. One of these days I'll have the courage to give you my number.

When: Thursday, September, 12 2019

Where: 33 Bus

Burrito place

You have a platinum bob and were wearing light jeans. I was in all black with my hands (and face) full of burrito. I thought you looked nice! Burritos?

When: Sunday, September, 08 2019

Where: Budgies


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