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E.g., Mar 26 2019

Sam the Bike Mechanic

The bolt in my seatpost was so stripped that you had to use a dremel on it, and that wasn't the only time sparks were flying. I hope you were flirting when you told me I looked like Emma Stone. I think you're super cute, and I liked talking to you (it's a shame it was only for 20 minutes). I wanted to ask you out while I was there, but I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable at work, so here I am dedicating this little slice of the internet to you.

When: Monday, March, 25 2019

Where: Our Community Bikes

drooled at you while you ate a croissant

you have brown hair and glasses. i have dark hair/was wearing a leather jacket/sat on the patio surrounded by dogs. you ate a croissant and stared out the window while i texted my friend about how hot you were. then you smoked a cigarette across the street and i stared at you because there was finally enough distance for me to get over my nerves. caught a quick glimpse of your eyes when i called out to a friend who was crossing the street at the same time as you. sorry for staring. maybe we could make out sometime?

When: Monday, March, 25 2019

Where: jj bean @ commercial-broadway

Female Drummer @ Raincity Recording party

You were a female drummer with a sleeve tattoo drinking nudes in an all girl stoner rock band. I was a guy who came late to the party and am also a drummer. We talked for like 15 minutes and then I left to get beer and the party was over when I came back. Wanna hangout sometime?

When: Saturday, March, 23 2019

Where: Raincity Recording on Salsbury Drive

you deleted your account

your name on tinder was "cha", i enjoyed the way you talk though you asked me to hang out and sent your number saying you where going to deleted your account but i never saved your number. the answer is i would like to hang out

When: Sunday, March, 24 2019

Where: tinder

I love your hair. Oh, I love your shoes!

You were in front of the line at the grocery store. I said I love your hair and I want your hair. And then I looked at your shoes. Those are SAF. You said how did you know that's the name of the shoes. And it is local. I don't know why I didn't ask for your number. See you again at the grocery store?

When: Thursday, March, 21 2019

Where: Downtown, Vancouver

Golden Ears hiking trail

You were starting your hike and I was ending. We locked eyes a few meters away and as we finally crossed each other you said “hi” and I said “hey”... actually I might have said Hey twice because I tend to repeat myself when nervous. You - dark hair I think or was that a hat. Anyway you wore... uhm clothes. I honestly don’t remember what you were wearing. You were hiking alone and just too damn cute. Me - hiking with a friend and her dog. I was wearing grey pants (the only non-jean pants I own) and a... omg what shirt was I wearing?! Anyway I’d like to get to know you.

When: Sunday, March, 17 2019

Where: Golden Ears Hiking Trail

Cutie in blue at Canadian Tire

I was a little lost trying to find someone to help me and then I saw you smiling at me, and for a moment I thought you worked there and I smiled back!...but then I quickly realized you didn't ...and then I didn't know what to do. Maybe you thought I worked there too? lol You were very cute though! I regret not being quick enough to pretend I didn't know you didn't work there and ask you to help me anyway... maybe you have regrets to. If you do let me know what I was carrying or wearing, I think i'd enjoy seeing your smile again.

When: Saturday, March, 23 2019

Where: Canadian Tire on Cambie

Vicinity Lounge, Abbotsford

You: tall, cute guy with salt and pepper hair and black leather jacket. Me: Petite, high-energy redhead dressed in purple. We stood out front and smoked while discussing modern dating. We found out that we both just turned 54 when I told you I wouldn’t date anybody under 40. I was too scatterbrained to pick up on your signals until you had left for the night. Pretty sure you’re interested....as am I. Let’s hook up over a beverage and discuss how modern dating looks for the two of us.

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: Vicinity Lounge, Abbotsford

#25 UBC bus, Friday afternoon

You got on the bus at BCIT. I was in a red dress with my kids. I don't know if it was just me but I felt some serious magnetism between us. We briefly talked about Science World, and I got awkward as heck. Kicking myself for not saying more. Coffee?

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: 25 UBC bus

Retro Black Truck on Cambie March 22nd Eve

We were both driving up Cambie around 8:30pm Friday and locked eyes twice before turning seperate directions. You had on a black flat-brim hat, and your looks warranted both a "look back" and a smile from me before I had to make a turn. I figure we should at least catch a coffee ;)

When: Friday, March, 22 2019

Where: Near Cambie and 2nd


New word

I was at the McDonald's near the Hyatt downtown, waiting with the crowd for my drink order. ...

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