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E.g., Feb 18 2019

You just made my night

99 bus ~10 pm Arbutus-MacDonald. You interesting way of looking around, long hair at the back door of the bus. Me rose sweater, dark hair, curious about u!! Can you just tell me how this city looks through your eyes on a Saturday night! Fue to see someone like u in this city!

When: Saturday, February, 16 2019

Where: 99 bus

The True North dark hair dashing smiles

I just got on the #2 bus at balsam and you came on a bit before burrard wearing a black true north hat I was sitting in the back with an orange leather jacket vibrantly listening to music holding a yoga mat (hard to miss) You sat down and we made eye contact and smiled. A just as my intuition nudged to say hi, I turned out of some sort of habit. You had the most beautiful smile and a willing confidence to engage. I resisted and foolishly maintained my headphone shield. I kept wanting to say hi but felt I blew the moment and proceeded to just get over it by singing partly hoping you’d just lean over and say something Either to tell me it was nice or to stop lol I kept self contained, alas. My friend called and I was surely laughing extra as my containment for how cute you were was broken by the conversation. I though about you through the whole day and how I had become one of those closed off people that uses their electronic shield to block connectivity and I realized that because I didn’t say hi I catalyzed you needing to take out your phone shield and lock in on it to go back into societal hiding as we so often do and just before you were running off to work faster than I could have caught up to you I reflected on my cowardice and wished for the possibility that you’d walk slow to where you were going. I missed the mark for connection there but hope to find it here as who knows what would have been possible on a snowy Valentine’s Day had my own technological addiction not been indulged. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety but rather Connection. And without true connection we all just become hunched over screenfaces dull and lifeless. We can’t let this be the end of true humanity as we know it!. So I hope that you see this or find me somewhere in this universe with all of my colourful wonder so that I can see that gorgeous smile again and have that conversation I’ll be dreaming of tonight.

When: Thursday, February, 14 2019

Where: Cornwall

Morning Commute

You had eyes that would make any mans morning. You were wearing a beige overcoat with a white dress shirt. Stunning and sophisticated to say the least. The skytrain was overcrowded and you had this content smile, vibing to your music and drinking your morning coffee. I was sitting adjacent to where you were standing doing the same. We caught eyes several times and exchanged smiles. When I got off you smiled and softly waved goodbye. I wish I could have introduced myself, you made my morning.

When: Wednesday, February, 13 2019

Where: King George Station

Cat Umbrella Girl

We were waiting for the bus together. You looked amazing with your snow-covered cat umbrella and rad handbag with mummies and skeletons! You fairly sparkled to me. Not sure if you were just waiting at the wrong stop when you didn't get on the bus, but I hope you got home safe. Maybe you can tell me about your snowy adventure home over hot drinks sometime. Take care!

When: Thursday, February, 14 2019

Where: Prince Edward and Broadway

Blonde Hair / Red Yaris / Alley Love!

Hey beautiful lady who blasts darts in the alley by 12th and Main. I think you drive a Red Yaris? It's a little bashed on one side? I think you're absolutely gorgeous! I'll fix your car if you fix my heart. <3

When: Wednesday, February, 13 2019

Where: ALLEY 12TH

Snowy hello on Granville

I was walking towards Georgia and you were walking towards Robson. I saw you walking down, tall and handome. Wearing a black winter jacket with your hood up. I smiled and maintained eye contact and you softly said ‘Hello’ as you passed. I was wearing a bright pink ski jacket and a pink/ purple bobble hat. As I then turned around to see you walk past I also saw you turning back around. Like we had just missed that moment where we both look back. Maybe you will see this. Either way its a good lesson for me to be more confident and follow my intution...

When: Monday, February, 11 2019

Where: Granville / robson/ georgia

Sauntering down Hollyburn Sunday am

You were near the bottom of Hollyburn, strolling quickly, alone, with your thermos in hand. My friend and I were snowshoeing up. My dog liked you and said hi, you seemed to like him too. I liked you but didn’t say hi, we passed each other too quickly. Regret! I was all bundled up in green. 5’7, athletic.

When: Sunday, February, 10 2019

Where: Cypress mountain

Brazilian bus beauty

We got off the #14 at Granville and Robson around 6:25-ish. You made me guess your accent and I failed miserably. You have a Russian name, apparently, though you don't speak Russian, to my knowledge. I should have asked you out face-to-face, but was too worried about being late for work. In the unlikely event that you see this, would you like to join me for a coffee sometime?

When: Sunday, February, 10 2019

Where: Granville and Robson

Two Harry Potter hotties

I saw you two beautiful women at the century plaza hotel. I had just made a delivery and hopped on the elevator with you two. You both looked absolutely amazing and you asked me if I could tell where you were going. My brain was barely working but I still managed to stutter out Harry Potter. Hope you two had an amazing time at the party. Maybe one, or both of you can teach me about Harry Potter over a coffee one day?

When: Saturday, February, 09 2019

Where: Century plaza hotel


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