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Roller Skating Pixie Vanishes in East Van

You and a friend were celebrating her birthday and came into the bar after an evening of roller skating at the PNE. We chatted a bit and wanted to more but was distracted w/ a friend. You left before we could exchange contact info. Would love to take a tour of your building (and kiss you up on the roof).

When: Saturday, May, 20 2023

Where: The Brighton Pub

Muscle Tights in Richmond While Biking

So I saw you biking on the Arthur Laing Bridge. You were with a friend as was I. You had these awesome muscle tights and were going to the Flying Beaver. I gave some directions. We bantered a bit and off you biked. I should have said your muscle tights look great (which I did) but should have also asked you to go for a bike ride.

When: Sunday, May, 21 2023

Where: On way to Flying Beaver in Richmond

Rizzly bear

I sat next to you on the park bench at kits beach. You said hey and gave me a sweet smile. Out of nowhere I asked what’s your spirit animal and you said Rizzly bear. I laughed so hard it made you laugh. We exchanged names but never anything more. Im hoping that this will reach you and maybe I can get a full date this time.

When: Monday, May, 22 2023

Where: Kits beach

Tall, curly haired desi cutie at Ferry Corsten

We danced near each other (I was with a trio of East Asian friends) and we exchanged glances a couple of times... Later you wandered past me upstairs. I could be off but I sensed mutual attraction - however, you were so good looking that I got shy and it somehow it activated my RBF. Couldn't deal with your attractiveness, haha. You had either a red jacket or pants, can't quite recall.

When: Sunday, May, 21 2023

Where: Celebrities

Take your time, but hurry up

You had a nice short haircut and were dawdling, not really, in the aisle in the supermarket in Garden City. I said, "Take your time, but hurry up". The old army laugh my Dad used to tell the kids and make us crazy. You loved it. But you didn't quite get the words, so you caught up with me and asked me how it went. I said it slowly, "Take your time, but hurry up". You laughed and went to tell your friend about it. I live in Richmond. Do you want to meet for dimsum?

When: Saturday, May, 20 2023

Where: Garden City Supermarket

Beach Ball Babe, Dedicated Mom Kits Beach

Couldn't help noticing you playing beach ball with your son at the water's edge on Kits beach at around 5/6pm. You tall slim brunette. Me sitting by the logs nearby with a friend. I noticed the way you gave your son so much of your beach/book reading time to hang out and play beach ball with your son. Me fit caucasian male 50. Say hi if you want to chat.

When: Friday, May, 19 2023

Where: Kits Beach, the north (quiet) end ..

Tattooed roller-skate babe on the seawall

You stopped to comment on my reading a book rather than staring at my smartphone. You had an accent, so do I. You were cute. I wish our conversation had continued. Some other time?

When: Friday, May, 19 2023

Apple Store Pacific Centre

You were wearing a dark red tshirt (I think), salt and pepper hair, and a hint of an accent. You were replacing your red iPhone at the Apple Store Genius Bar at Pacific Centre. We sat across the table from each other and shared a smile. We agreed that the elderly customers learning how to use an iPhone was very cute. I regretted not asking for your number after I left, but couldn’t go back because my car was in danger of being towed! It would be a miracle if you saw this and were actually single!

When: Friday, May, 19 2023

Where: Apple Store Pacific Centre

South Vancouver traffic control

You were doing traffic control with a co-worker, you are curious and friendly, in south Vancouver. I was there for a work related reason, I walked by and mentioned what I was doing walking by you. I mentioned to you what I was doing while walking by you, you commented what I was doing coming back out, I should have walked over and talked to you while I was there for a while. You gave me a big smile and wave as you drove away in your car. Do you remember where this was, and what I was there for.

When: Wednesday, May, 17 2023

Where: South Vancouver

Hunter's Garden Shop

We were in line at Hunters. You had a sweet part Shepherd dog who's small enough you can pick him up if you need to! We had a nice chat about your dog in line. You seemed nice! Meet for tea/coffee sometime? Your pooch is welcome of course!

When: Friday, May, 19 2023

Where: Hunter's Garden Shop


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