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E.g., Oct 17 2019

Met you at the federal store

You stopped to say hi to my dog and I. You told me about your silver lab that passed away, and it was really touching. You asked if we could be friends, I gave you my number. I should have asked for yours, it all just happened so fast. I could see what a big heart you have. Call, text, find me. Come join us for a walk on the beach.

When: Monday, October, 07 2019

Where: Federal Store (Mount Pleasant)

I was your leaning post in 7-11

Saw you trying to walk into the 7-11 at the corner of Smithe & Beatty around 3pm and I assumed you were drunk because you were staggering and falling down. I asked if you needed help, and you said you wanted a slurpee so I held you up to keep you from falling over while you waited in line to pay for it. Then you asked me to help you get back to your friends place a block away, and instructed me, "Not to take advantage of you!" It took us about half an hour to walk the block because you kept stopping and telling me you were gonna be sick, but never did. We still had a great conversation that really left a lasting impression on me. After thanking me for getting you back safely, I really wanted to ask for your # but refrained, as I didn't want to take 'advantage' of the situation. If by chance you happen to see this, I would love to get to know you over a coffee (or slurpee) some time.

When: Wednesday, June, 12 2019

Where: Smithe & Beatty

Sweet Caroline - bah bah bah

Thanks for sharing the duet in the check out line ... hope the tulips brightened the evening.

When: Sunday, October, 06 2019

Where: Choices on Cambie

On the 257 bus on Thanksgiving Monday

Can't stop thinking about our bus ride together today. We were both standing in the aisle and my ring caught your eye. We chatted heirloom rings, travelling Europe & Scandinavia, discussed music from Chet Baker to Rachmaninov. You sing alternative rock and brew craft beer. I play piano. Haven't had a conversation like that in a long time. Would love to keep chatting.

When: Monday, October, 14 2019

Where: 257 Bus to Vancouver from Horseshoe Bay

Lane in Kits

I drove past you in a purple Mazda. Blond hair, glasses, black jacket. You might have heard me accidentally honk the horn once I parked as I was trying to get all my stuff out. You were smoking in the lane, tall, blond hair, white T-shirt. Drink?

When: Monday, October, 14 2019

Where: Kitsilano

You liked my dog...a latte.

You politely asked to pet my dog outside of Moja. After introducing you to him, you both proceeded to comically take up the whole side walk while he tried to bully you into just giving him the treats. We spoke briefly about your late Portuguese Water Dog and Cat. You took out a hand rolled cigarette and asked for a light. I should have asked for your name and number at that moment. Instead, I obliged, became a bumbling fool, and upon receiving my light, my dog and I left. I stopped 3 times on the reminder of that walk and asked my furry companion if I should go back in an attempt to ask you for your number, but I decided to leave it up to fate. Here’s hoping you see this.

When: Friday, October, 11 2019

Where: Moja on Commercial Drive

Dancing at The Fox

You wore a jean jacket and had a bandana. We were "dance partners" off and on throughout the night. Drinks?

When: Saturday, October, 12 2019

Where: Fox Cabaret 80s vs 90s night

On the bus on grandville street

I saw you in the bus. We gazed at each other across the bus many times. As you got up to leave you stood in front of me waiting for me to say something. I said hi. Yiu got off and looked disappointed that I didn't get off. I regretted not getting off.

When: Friday, October, 04 2019

Where: On grandville street downtown the bus

You helped with my shopping cart

You helped me get my loaded grocery cart over the threshold to the elevator in the Fraser Street No Frills parkade. Then you warned me that some items from one bag were likely to spill over. Then you made sure I knew why I had taken one elevator down from No Frills and another up to Fraser Street. It's been years since any woman wanted to take care of me, or even wanted to. I liked it. I guess I've made the transition from eligible bachelor to rescue dog. Please. Take care of me again.

When: Friday, October, 11 2019

Where: Fraser Street No Frills

We voted together at Kwantlen College

We waited together at a small table until the poll was open. You were so sweet and jolly, I wanted to take you home with me. Can I take you home with me now?

When: Friday, October, 11 2019

Where: Polling place at Kwantlen College in Richmond


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