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E.g., Mar 23 2023

I Saw Yous

Dark Lipstick

You were wearing a cute pencil skirt with white sneakers, dark lipstick and the most captivating eyes I have ever glanced upon. I was wearing an all white sweat suit, white shoes and a white toque. You smiled at me just before the train pulled up and I hesitated to say hi. I got on and you didn’t. I should have just stayed to chat, I hope you see this.

When: Wednesday, March, 22 2023

Where: Waterfront - Canada Line

Costco meet cute

We initially exchanged glances in produce but when you ended up behind me in line, I panicked. Instead of thinking up an opening line, I quickly paid for my groceries and started pushing my cart away. It was the look you gave me when I turned around that’s led me here. You: gold framed glasses, dirty blonde/ brunette, adorable smile, blue jeans. Me: black glasses, green hoodie and black jeans, goofy grin.

When: Monday, March, 20 2023

Where: Costco

You and your sister were at the next table

You and your sister were at the next table, eating. I asked if you were eating chicken or squid. Let me take you to Dumpling King in Terra Nova. You will like it. Maybe you will like me, too.

When: Friday, March, 17 2023

Where: Dinesty LIte on Ackroyd

ride of my life

You are the cute bus driver who is always kind, pleasant and patient with everyone. I am the person who is always too nervous to talk to you and am always trying to come up with something to say but don’t want to hit on you at your work.

When: Thursday, March, 16 2023

Where: 20 downtown @Broadway-Commercial

Paid it forward at Elysian then got into your Fiat

You let me go ahead of you in line and then stepped in and "paid it forward" by adding my cup of java to your coffee bean purchase. Then you sat outside in your sporty black Fiat with your dog beside you on the seat. I tried to get your attention... .but I don't think I did

When: Wednesday, March, 08 2023

Where: Elysian Coffee, 5th and Burrard

Wall Centre Flower

Your name is Naomi from Surrey and I saw you at the Wall Centre for an Alternate Education Conference. Keynote speaker had us mix and mingle with picture cards. Mine was of a bench and I made you laugh. Your laugh and your smile blew me away. Would love to grab a coffee and hear you laugh again.

When: Thursday, February, 16 2023

Where: Wall Centre in Vancouver

Pacific Centre gentleman

You had a woolen blue jacket. It looked warm. Lite stubble, olive skin and big brown eyes We chatted about the snow You said you were coming off of a very bad breakup, and needed time How much ? I’d like to get to know you We didn’t exchange info for that reason, but now I regret it. I had long blonde hair, green eyes and you complimented my Loubs (weird, but fine). find me please

When: Friday, February, 24 2023

Where: Pacific Centre

Outside the Orpheum Stage door.

I met you by chance outside the Orpheum stage door. I was struck by your beauty and gracefulness; unfortunately I had to attend a post concert meeting and didn’t have a chance to ask for your contacts. Hopefully you will see this, let me know the colour of the coat you were wearing!

When: Friday, March, 03 2023

Where: Orpheum stage door

Matt, Longshoreman on Hinge

Looking for Matt, a longshoreman in Delta. We met on Hinge. To Matt — I'm sorry, and I'm trying to find you. I hope we can talk again.

When: Monday, February, 27 2023

Where: Vancouver / Delta

Snowy Starbucks Sighting

I walked into Starbucks laughing like a goofball around 9:40 am, you were sitting by the door with a very cute little purple hat and mustache. I kept looking at you and wanted to say hello properly but I got shy. If you see this and are single/interested reply with what colour pants I was wearing!

When: Tuesday, February, 28 2023

Where: McArthur Glen Starbucks


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