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E.g., Jul 31 2021

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Cycle daddy on the 99

I had to get my bike out so you could remove yours when you got out at Main. I didn't think anything until you looked back to wink and smile at me. That's not fair to flirt and run. I want the chance to flirt back now that I see the interest is mutual, muscle man.

When: Wednesday, July, 28 2021

Where: 99 bus towards Commercial

Wreck beach smile

I saw you (pale, longhair with a cute floppy hat) today, while I was rolling out my towel on the sand. You were on the phone with your mom. Im pretty sure you saw me too (slim, asian, tattooed). I didnt want to bother you as you were joined by a friend. But I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful smile. It really really made my day, maybe even my whole month!

When: Wednesday, July, 28 2021

Where: Wreck Beach

Cheam mnt Thursday July 22

You where in a group of 4. I asked if you where having fun yet? I think you freind called you Rebecca. I ask where you r from on the way down. I wish I paused to ask for your number

When: Thursday, July, 22 2021

Where: Cheam mnt

Eyes locked at Shoppers Drug Mart

I was singing a tune while walking down the aisles at shoppers, and then I was walking east toward the cashier area, casually looking at items when I noticed you staring at me. You had blonde hair, nice body, and beautiful eyes. You seemed to recognize me, but I looked away, and it wasn't until months later that I realized I might know you...

When: Sunday, January, 13 2019

Where: Shoppers Drug Mart - Langley BC

Young brunette in red dress on Main street

Young, dark haired girl in breathtaking red dress with open back travelling along Main street from 19th up to King George stopping at Sweet Revenge cafe, exchanging quick glances. You were with lady friend and I was too shy to approach. Would love to see you again.

When: Wednesday, July, 21 2021

Where: Main street at King George

Pink shirt and sleeves at Old Spaghetti Factory

You were with your family, July 17 at about 530- 6. Looked to be a birthday party. I was with my daughter and her mom from out of town . You: pink shirt and multicolored dress , sleeves, killer smile ,and massive eyes. Me: grey tshirt , blue jeans, sleeves and compared to you, look like a goblin . We did share a few looks and a couple smiles. This is a long shot but I'll take it , I hope you see this

When: Saturday, July, 17 2021

Where: Gas town Old Spaghetti factory

Madam Purple via Disco Bike Ride

Amazing Smile, One Dimple, Curly Hair Confidence aka "Madam Purple" I threw myself at you like the young Pup I am. We laughed more than once and you asked me a few questions about myself, yet I remained elusive on reveals. Colour me Curious, lets Bike more. - MaxWell

When: Saturday, July, 17 2021

Where: Adventure

Alphabet City - lonely bar guy

Weds July 14 early afternoon. You were by yourself at the bar and we met eyes as I walked by. I walked by SEVERAL times, actually, since I was out running errands. You were so cute, why didn't I head in for a margarita? Kicking myself...do over?

When: Wednesday, July, 14 2021

Where: Alphabet City Main Street

Bearded man on Granville street

Met your stare with my own around 4pm today (Friday) near Granville at Davie. You had a white/grey beard. I wish I would have stopped.

When: Friday, July, 16 2021

Where: Granville @ Davie

Bus Vibes

We didn’t talk but I wanted to say how much I loved your tattoos! I was sitting near you in the red dress. Hope I can tell you in person

When: Thursday, July, 15 2021

Where: 8 bus


I no longer have social media....

No more Facebook or Instagram...no Twitter nor no Til Tok either..... however I'm just...


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