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Bicycling on the surface of the water

You were doing Tai Chi. I bicycled slowly, through deeply pooled water, not making even a ripple, and you said that it looked like I was riding on the surface of the water.

When: Saturday, October, 16 2021

Where: Minoru Park

To Johnny from Kerry

It was outside Colony on Granville this Thanksgiving Sunday. I was waiting for a friend outside. Between someone saying their name was "Nile" and you hearing "Niall", and you saying you're from Kerry which isn't as far north as Cork, you had me at "hello". I thought you were insanely cute and friendly, and your accent made me smile. You left right as I wanted to ask for your number... I'm hoping I'm not too late?

When: Sunday, October, 10 2021

Where: Outside Colony, Granville Street

Saw you on the 49 Eastbound around 3:45

You got on the bus near Langara, probably around 25F, green Sesame Street sweatshirt, very curly hair and a white GAP hat. Just wanted to say hi and if you ever see this feel free to say hi. I was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans.

When: Sunday, October, 10 2021

Where: 49 Bus near langara

Dressew Friday afternoon

We got in each other's way in the isle, and met eyes when you were at the cutting table and I was leaving. Wish I had chatted you up.

When: Friday, October, 08 2021

Where: Dressew

Bute and Robson Fri Oct 8th Local Coffee West End

You, Male tall with brown hair stopped me to ask if I knew any local coffee shops around the area and then you proceeded to ask me out for a coffee. I regret that I clammed up and told you that I am not dating right now, I totally wasn’t expecting you to ask me out. I got across the street and turned around realizing I would like to have a coffee with you sometime at JJ Bean but you were gone. This is a long shot but if you see this, please message, I really admired your courage for being so forward and let’s get a coffee sometime.

When: Friday, October, 08 2021

Where: Bute and Robson St.

Home Depot cutting wood

You made a joke about how great the ‘do it yourself’ tools were —- offered to help me cut the dowels— then we stood there for a moment and now I’m writing this —-

When: Monday, October, 04 2021

Where: Home dept Cambie


You: Dynamite smile waiting for the light to change. Me: Cyclist in black and grey. Both of us: I was looking back at you, to see if you were looking back at me, to see if I was looking back at you.

When: Monday, October, 04 2021

Where: Charles and the Drive

Beautiful brunette at East West Market

You're a brown-haired woman with glasses, and I'm a brown-haired guy with glasses. We crossed paths at the entrance to East West Market on Sunday evening and both looked at each other, but I was too shy to say anything. Coffee?

When: Sunday, October, 03 2021

Where: East West Market

'Not Leanne' from Chilliwack

At the Starbucks on Powell- I was waiting for coffee. We had some friendly banter about the danger posed by escaped crocodiles, and how it was a long way to come to Vancouver for coffee, and how excellent the Starbucks is near the training centre in Chilliwack. Listen, you're stunning, funny, friendly, and sweet. Let's meet for a coffee and you can tell me your real name, and punch me if you want to.

When: Thursday, September, 30 2021

Where: Starbucks, Powell Street

Seabus to Shipyard Festival

Okay so here goes...first off, I should have said hi. I saw you walking down the ramp to get to the seabus on Saturday evening heading to the Shipyard Festival (I assumed). I was behind you, then passed you in the corridor. You were not with anyone as was I. You wearing jeans and tan ankle high boots with a super cool leather jacket (maybe it was pleather?) and having long brown colour hair with curls. I noticed you had a great smile, nah just kidding, we were all in masks. Maybe you saw me check you out? I had a black concert shirt on and blue jeans. Did you notice? Maybe name the band? If you notice this post or if anybody may know of this person described above and knows that they did go to the Shipyard festival on Saturday night, please pass along. I really should have said hi. Maybe I missed the only opportunity, maybe not. I lost sight of you after arriving in Lonsdale (lost in the crowd). If you would like to go for a coffee / tea or something along those lines, I would totally setup and say 'hi'. Regards, I should have said hi.

When: Saturday, September, 25 2021

Where: Vancouver Seabus


Theatrical Release

I don't watch the spoilers, CORRECTION - trailers for movies.

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