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E.g., Mar 7 2021

Marine Dr near Park Royal

You were driving a white 5 ton truck. I saw you as you were exiting the south mall. I made sure I pulled up beside you at the next light. You caught me checking you out and returned my gaze. I smiled. You have a white beard, tattooed forearm and looked very sexy to me. Would you like to meet?

When: Sunday, March, 07 2021

Where: Marine Dr near Park Royal

Alastair, the Drive

You thought I was Alastair. My dog loved you. I'd like to get to know you?

When: Friday, March, 05 2021

Where: St Augustines

Dunbar #7

You were assisting the bus driver because he is new to the job. You are either a supervisor or a bus driver as well. I got on your bus at 2 pm at Nanaimo skytrain station today (March 2). I love how focused and careful you were while doing your job, and I guess you're pretty handsome behind that mask. Not really sure if you noticed me, but if you wanna go for a walk or grab a coffee, let me know. ;)

When: Tuesday, March, 02 2021

Where: Nanaimo skytrain station

Tracey/ Tracy, West End nature lover/ photographer

Saturday morning in the Timmy's, corner of Denman and Nelson; you were buying chamomille tea and heading with your friend to Squamish. We talked about my job, Stanley Park herons, volunteering in search and rescue, and more. It was a lovely encounter for me, and when you dropped your mask I was kind of astounded by how beautiful you are.

When: Saturday, February, 27 2021

Where: Tim Hortons Denman and Nelson

A tiara on the way home

I saw you... tall, straightened hair with a tiara on Friday! Were you on your way home from work to celebrate a Covid birthday? Me: white cyclist in a black jacket, shorts and tights...black and white court shoes on my way home from grocery shopping on my bike. I'll sing you your birthday song...

When: Friday, February, 26 2021

Where: Broadway between Victoria and Commercial

Manager (?) at the Yaletown Distillery

You = tall, dark hair and handsome in a blue colored shirt. I think you may have been the manager. Me = shoulder length blonde hair in a green dress. I was having dinner with my Mom and didn't think it was appropriate to ask for your number, but perhaps we can grab a drink when you aren't on shift? :)

When: Friday, February, 26 2021

Where: Yaletown Distillery

Mayonnaise Mystery Man

Was in Safeway on Robson and you randomly approached me and needed help finding the mayo! Thought you were rather sweet and seemed like a really nice person. Life is short and the chances of you seeing this are probably super low but if you do I’d love to get coffee! What colour hat was I wearing?

When: Friday, February, 26 2021

Where: Vancouver

You and your dogo across from Donald's about to cross

You: Tall, dark hair, mask on, standing at the light across from Donald’s Market, with your Golden Retriever type bud, waiting to cross. Me and my dog in the blue RAV 4, turning right and checking you guys out. :) Double date?

When: Tuesday, February, 23 2021

Where: Hastings & Nanaimo

Departure Bay to Horseshoe Bay 1pm ferry, Thurs Feb 18

We were both in pole position on the top deck. You - hot dark bearded guy in a White F150 truck. Me - long blonde hair, reading in my front seat; black Kia. We shared a few glances back and forth and then you waved to me as you drove off. Great smile. Great face. Wish I’d made a move to get your number. Would love to see that smile without 2 vehicle windows between us. Coffee/drink?

When: Thursday, February, 18 2021

Where: 1pm ferry: Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay

Cute girl at chewies oyster bar

I saw you last friday night at chewies in kitz. You were with your friends, you were wearing a white shirt, dark pants, black boots. I thought you looked very nice and seemed very friendly. I wanted to say hi, I couldn't due to covid restriction 's. . I would at least like to know your name.

When: Friday, February, 12 2021

Where: Chewies oyster bar


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