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I Saw Yous

Seventh and Sixth Floor VPL Central

Suffering in a boring Zoom class, I looked down from the 7th floor collections room of the library to the 6th floor, and I saw you: blue-grey shirt, curly hair, glasses, working on a laptop and Kindle. Our eyes met several times. You might not have thought I was smiling under my N95 mask, but I was! The collections room was closing, so I moved to the 5th floor, but by the time my boring Zoom was finished, you were gone.

When: Thursday, September, 28 2023

Where: Vancouver Public Library Central Branch

Ocean's Door elevator ride, 2450 Cornwall

Sunday morning at 1030, you got on on the 4th floor. I startled you because I was already on board. (Sorry!) You had your garbage and recycling. You asked if I was new to the building.....we had a very, very nice chat before I reluctantly got off at the lobby. We exchanged names. I wish we had exchanged numbers- but in spite of the fact that you are INCREDIBLY friendly, it seems improbable that you are possibly single. Nonetheless.....I have to try. Whether you get back to me, or not- just want to say- thank you, you made my day/week/month/year. You are awesome!

When: Sunday, September, 24 2023

Where: Elevator, 2450 Cornwall

Ferry Tale

What do I have to lose ? Well, nothing so here we are. This rainy day was supposed to keep me warm and dry inside my house today but then I decided to head to Lonsdale Market and something happened. I « saw » you. We were downtown near the station when you saw me under the rain and smiled at me. I was petrified while smiling back. We both realized we were gonna spend the 15 minutes ride to North Van and yet we did nothing besides stare at each other with a big smile on our faces. Between the whole crowd we managed to sat in front on each other (obviously we were looking for each other) and every time our eyes crossed we smiled like we were hypnotized. I was too shy to say anything, I guess you were too. If you ever read this message feel free to contact me. It will be a shame to miss that second opportunity to meet :)

When: Saturday, September, 23 2023

Where: Waterfront Seabus Terminal

Overground from Hackney to Clapham Junction

I doubt you will ever gonna read this but… if you are thee guy who stared at me the whole journey and waved and smiled before getting off the train to get on a train to Balham on Sunday the 17th of September early afternoon…I am the woman who was sitting in front of you with green eyes, black specs, dark hair in a long braid.

When: Sunday, September, 17 2023

Where: Overground from Hackney to Clapham Junction

Pixies.. Beauty lady in the pit with bandana cockroach tattoo skirt...

I saw you at the Pixies show. When our eyes met I felt a strong attraction and it felt reciprocated. Later on you stood beside me while grooved out to the Pixies. I caught you looking over at me multiple times and I was finding it hard to keep my eyes off you despite the show being so incredible. I wanted to talk to you and I wimped out so hard, so here is a shot in the dark. I am tall, tattooed, long blonde hair, black and grey shirt baseball-style t-shirt. I wanted to show you my tattoos that you couldn't see that are also cockroaches and other bugs ;). I hope you see this or a friend.

When: Saturday, September, 09 2023

Where: UBC Thunderbird arena

Bus 33

Friday Sep 8 afternoon, I saw you on the bus 33. I promised myself I would say hi to you if we got off the bus at the same stop. You were dressed with style, I noticed you. You noticed me I thought. Instead of saying hi, I said bye. You replied with a mix of surprise, quite excitement. You looked at me, as I was walking away, with what seemed like sadness, but felt like wisdom. Like we’ve known each other, like you will see me again. Soon. I will be on the same bus, same time, often. Until I see you again. Until I live up to my promise to myself and I say “Hi”

When: Friday, September, 08 2023

Where: Bus 33

Famous Foods

Sunday September 3rd. We were chatting in line together. I had my hands full. You made space for me. Would you care to chat some more? Send a message, noting what you purchased and details about our conversation. If the correct information is provided, I will gladly respond.

When: Sunday, September, 03 2023

Where: Famous Foods

walk on Wreck Beach

Hey "J", it's "A". We shared a walk on the beach and talked about different trails to the beach as well as those annoying spam calls. You seemed like a nice guy. I'd love to ask you out for a coffee to get to know you more.

When: Friday, September, 01 2023

Where: Wreck Beach

R2 Female Driver - Phibbs Exch - Seabus

To the attractive female driver this morning around 8.00, thanks for the nice smile while boarding @ Phibbs, and the little wave while walking to the Seabus entrance. Thanks! It put a lift in the step of the guy in the black windbreaker with a logo.

When: Wednesday, August, 30 2023

Where: R2 Bus - Westbound along Main St - North Van


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