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E.g., Jan 21 2022

I Saw Yous

Cute Guy at Vaccination Clinic

We were standing in line waiting to get our boosters and we talked about the book I was reading, "The Reading List," and my goal of reading 52 books this year. I wanted to get your number before I left but had to get back to work. If you are interested in meeting up, let me know!

When: Monday, January, 17 2022

Where: ICBC Vaccination Clinic North Vancouver

Deacons Corner Cutie

I saw you at Deacons corner with your two friends I’m assuming, you (m) we’re wearing all black, sitting in a booth right beside the bar and I (F) was wearing a grey top and ripped jeans. I thought you were really handsome and like to get to know you

When: Saturday, January, 15 2022

Where: Deacons Corner Kitsilano

Seymour mtn

Met on the mtn as I waited for friend. You directed me to ski run. I followed you, then crashed laughing as I landed flat on the ground. I saw you again as I passed your van and you called out my name. Coffee or ski?

When: Thursday, December, 30 2021

Where: Seymour

The warehouse on granville

You had a girls night out with your 3 friends at the warehouse last night. You were wearing big headphones around your head but not on your ears. I had to stop in to pick something up and you 4 were just outside waiting for your ubers, we caught each others eye. I dunno sometime around 11pm and midnight. I also had headphones on, you remember. When i came back out you waved at me just before getting into your cab but in that moment i happened to have someone obnoxiously yelling through my frikkin headphones about how hilarious facial plastic surgery is, so i was too distracted to think fast and ask you for your number! haha. yeah. i like your vibe

When: Thursday, January, 13 2022

Where: the warehouse on granville

Lunchtime at Lansdowne

You were eating lunch with your mother. I was eating lunch with a friend. You kept looking over at me, as if you knew me. I wish it were so. I would like to know you.

When: Friday, January, 14 2022

Where: Lansdowne Mall Food Court

Vaccination Clinic

You we’re looking at me in line constantly. Didn’t know if you thought I was cute or liked my jacket. We left the waiting area at the same time and i struck up a conversation. You walked in the other direction when we left but then magically appeared behind me. Your name starts with Por and I am kicking myself for not getting your number!

When: Wednesday, January, 12 2022

Where: Convention Centre East

White Toyota, 1pm sailing Vic to Van

Imagine my surprise when the stunning redhead in the white Toyota (plate MW1___) next to me offered a smile as we sat in our cars waiting for the lines to move after docking at Tsawassen. And then your line moved and we shared a wave goodbye... at the very least, you made me to feel noticed today, a rare treat.

When: Sunday, January, 09 2022

Where: Ferry from Victoria

Got My Attention

You’re about 5, 11 inches tall, brown hair, clean cut face, carrying a helmet, blue jeans with a set of keys hanging on one of the jean loops. You wear a ring on the middle finger, hoping it’s not a commitment ring. We were both lining up to get our shot. I was in a black jacket, jeans, and black boots. If you’re curious at who found you attractive, write me back.

When: Friday, January, 07 2022

Where: Canada Place Convention Centre

Beautiful Women Works At Willowbrook

You are a beautiful women with curly dark hair, and darker skin who works in the mall. I have seen you elsewhere but cannot recall where. I would love to go on a coffee date but would feel to awkward to start a conversation. Too shy to ask…anyways if you see me please smile if your interested:))

When: Saturday, January, 01 2022

Where: Langley


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