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E.g., Jun 26 2024

I Saw Yous

Sisters of Mercy Outside the Rickshaw

I inquired about the metal fest going on and we had a brief talk about metal genres and then Sisters of Mercy. We started talking about beers but then I had to get on the bus lol. You have purple hair and lip spikes. You also had a red vape pen. Wish I would have at least gotten your name (or a number)!

When: Friday, May, 17 2024

Where: Outside the Rickshaw

Small Victory South Granville

You bought me a caramel salt cheesecake- and we chatted briefly. Anyhow, just to say your kindness was sooo buoying. I have wondered about how I might be able to reconnect to continue our conversation …

When: Saturday, May, 11 2024

Where: Small Victory South Granville

Flirty check-out line at Save-on-Foods

We smiled at each other in the veggie aisles and I tried to not melt into the floor. So I couldn’t help but choose the same cashier line when I saw you there, even though there were other cashiers available ;) You were chatting with the cashier about Mother’s Day and her eldest’s teenage drama, and we all laughed about our youthful mistakes and how we now know what we want in life. She asked about your brother and you claimed he was the ‘better one,’ to which I joked that if that were true I’d like to meet him…but actually what I’d like is to meet you again. Wishing you would have lingered long enough to hear my phone number!

When: Monday, May, 13 2024

Where: Save-on-Foods Cambie

R5 at Main and Hastings

We’re waiting for the bus heading east, you had your skateboard and a bouquet of flowers. We start chatting and it carries on once we get seated. We are talking about your upcoming trip to Peru. One quick stop went by I had to get off. You gave me one of your flowers. I asked your name to which you relied Emma. I wish I had asked for more, someone help me find this girl

When: Friday, May, 10 2024

Where: Main and Hastings

North Vancouver encounter

I'm riding my red mountain bike near rice lake on a tight section of trail. Going slow anticipating many hikers on this warm spring Sunday afternoon. I'm wearing my green kit, probably looking like an ornate Christmas tree. As I pass you, our eyes meet. I am gobsmacked by your soft, adorable eyes We definitely lock eyes and smile. If you read this, you remember our very brief encounter. I wanted to stop. All I can think of now. Your image pleasantly haunts me to this moment. Time was something after 1pm on Sunday, May 12. Near Rice Lake in North Vancouver.

When: Sunday, May, 12 2024

Where: Near Rice lake north van

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

You, the short silver-haired beauty. I, the tall lad sporting a moustache, beard and ponytail standing on the trail with a silver long-haired female friend. As you passed, your seductive smile, confident stride and hello, left me speechless. You, definitely are one of a kind. We must meet again.

When: Sunday, May, 12 2024

Where: Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Gentleman at Yaletown Bubbletea

A young gentleman was patiently waiting behind me while I was deciding on a drink until I noticed him. Offered him to go first but reversed offered for me to go instead. After I made my purchase, I was finding where to wait and stand in this small store. He stood up and tried to offer the only seat, I kindly declined. He was so polite. I wasn't too sure his age, if he was in his 20s. Hopefully we meet again.

When: Sunday, May, 12 2024

Where: Mainland St. Yaletown Bubbletea

The cute kits baker

Was on a date last Sunday and date was jealous of our vibe. Can’t beat a vibe, imo. I had a peanut butter cookie and a long black. You looked cute with your messy bun and wrapped hair.

When: Sunday, May, 05 2024

Where: Your bakery.

Your client was crying, but you were smiling.

You were consoling a client, a younger woman who was crying. My guess is that you are her realtor and she was unsuccessful in her bid on a home. You were superbly dressed, with green and white patterned slacks, a fair amount of tasteful jewellery, and well-thought out and applied make-up. Your intelligence beamed from your shining face. May I see you again?

When: Saturday, May, 04 2024

Where: Starbucks on Oak Street and 39th Avenue


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