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E.g., Sep 23 2020

Grey pullover - City Ave Market on Commercial

I only saw your dark hair, grey pullover, and the most beguiling eyes above your mask at City Ave market (though I still want to keep calling it Donald's!) market, on Commercial, Tues at 3. Nothing really else to add, I wont pretend there was 'a moment', I don't think you noticed me especially. But sometimes, like a beautiful sunset, or being touched by music, some things are wonderful to behold and enjoyed as an experience with no motive or expectation .And seeing you, in such a mundane setting was a delight, and lifted what was already a pretty nice day.

When: Tuesday, September, 22 2020

Where: City Ave Market -

Quick hello

I was walking down Ontario street, minding my own beeswax, when I look over to see a beautiful person with a big happy smile greet me with a hearty hello! I was taken off guard and can’t remember how I responded, but I would like to be around you again. Coffee? Tea? Walk around gabbing?

When: Friday, September, 18 2020

Where: Ontario/14th

Starbucks at Kensington Square

R - I was waiting for someone outside of Starbucks. You took my number, I'd love to hear from you! K.

When: Monday, September, 14 2020

Where: Starbucks - Kensington Square

Outside the tiki bar

I was the brunette with a striped shirt and a flower in my hair. You were dressed in a 50s, rockabilly style. We kept looking over at each other, wish I stayed behind to chat.

When: Saturday, September, 05 2020

Where: Main and 28th

PG Tim Hortons

You asked me what I just called myself. It was lactard. I told you it was offensive. You had a theatre union lanyard hanging from your pocket. I think toronto’s. You ordered a iced coffee with almond milk and an apple fritter which we had to wait eons for because they were a bit scrambled behind the till. You spoke up asking for our orders. No cheese croissant for my gang! You drove off in an suv car with a tiny tear drop trailer. You were so tall and it was sooo small!!

When: Sunday, September, 13 2020

Where: Tim Hortons in Prince George just off the highway.

North Vancouver Camper van compliments

I drove my orange VW bus past your sweet van, in the parking lot of Lynn valley center. We were hyped on each other style. I was pretty distracted as I just bought my van that very second, maiden voyage(!), and was trying to remember how to drive stick again. You were super cute! We should do van stuff

When: Friday, September, 11 2020

Where: Lynn Valley Center (mall)

Kingsway & Fraser - Challenge accepted

You told me when it comes to Tequila, you could drink me under the table. After making you the 5th lime margarita I started to believe you. Let’s make it official.. Marg Monday? The Bar Guy

When: Monday, September, 07 2020

Where: Fraser & Kingsway Area

Mosquito Lake dock

We shared the dock, you after a friends birthday party, me after helping out at the Pemberton Aerothlon. Thought we could meet again sometime, in Vancouver.

When: Monday, August, 31 2020

Where: Mosquito Lake

Jogging on the Seawall

You were jogging on the seawall, I was on a work call. I noticed your smile and decided to turn around in hopes to see you again. Luckily, you passed again and I was too shy to say hi. I would like to say hello over coffee sometime.

When: Tuesday, September, 01 2020

Where: Seawall, near Cooper Park


It was so very lovely to meet you. I hope you bike through my neighbourhood again soon.

When: Sunday, August, 30 2020

Where: Windermere high school


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