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E.g., Apr 20 2018

In Richmond at a Bar years ago

Deborah we met at a bar after a big day on the job and you were invited back to my home rental and we ended up hooking up in my bedroom and it was basically the best romance I have had in my life and i tried to find you again but i lost your phone number and I don't know how to find you again.

When: Monday, April, 13 2015

Where: It was a pub in Richmond B.C.

Back of the 123 Bus

You have a beautiful smile! We were both on the 123, and locked eyes a few times. You were sitting in the very back of the bus, and I gave my seat to a couple. I wanted to talk to you, but I didn't think i really had time to say anything before my stop came.

When: Monday, April, 16 2018

Where: New Westminster


Your car was hanging off a cliff when our eyes met. I will never forget that look; was it fear or attraction? I wanted to help, but was too shy. Go for coffee sometime, if you're still alive?

When: Monday, April, 16 2018

Where: Squamish

Kendra at Verboden

I was wondering around talking to friends when we made eye contact and started light-hearted small talk. You later revealed that you recognized me from The Cure a couple years ago, which I found impressive. Unfortunately we lost track of one another, but it would be cool to reconnect.

When: Saturday, April, 14 2018

Where: Verboden at the Astoria

Your smile, your style, is so fly, I can't deny.

I first saw you at the BCIT Burnaby campus. Then I saw you again at the Charles Bar last Saturday night. We danced all night, and then road the train home together. You're a Scorpio, I'm a Cancer, and we both love reading the I Saw You posts. I will be at the next pop-up roller disco. First in line.

When: Saturday, April, 14 2018

Where: Gastown

Temaki Sushi at Broadway and Arbutus

Me: salt and pepper hair, glasses, black sweater, gold earrings and bracelet. You: salt and pepper hair, glasses. I was seated at the bar catching up with two friends. We were hurrying because we had tickets to a nearby concert. I did not see you sit down to my left, as my back was turned. If I had realized earlier that you were seated beside me, I would have chatted with you, but I was oblivious. Ironic, because I am always complaining that in Vancouver, strangers don’t chat with each other when eating at the bar. You asked me whether the food was good. I recommended the spicy sashimi. You have a nice smile. Coffee?

When: Saturday, April, 14 2018

Where: Temaki Sushi

More like you saw me...

You were doing door to door quotes for services in my neighbourhood. If I’d been the household decision maker, I’d have said yes just to keep you talking, but alas I just room here. Your smile is cuter than the ones on your promo material, in a completely non-puppydog, non-patronizing way. We should get coffee.

When: Thursday, April, 12 2018

Where: Surrey

Girl helping elderly man on skytrain

I sat across from you on the skytrain while you were talking to an elderdly man who had crutches and was sitting next to me. He missed his stop at Main street so you offered to get off at Stadium to make sure he got on the correct train. I was trying to help as well and you made a comment about our beards. I said I had a beard because it keeps my face warm. You're tanned, gorgeous and have black curly hair. You seem very kind and I didn't get a chance to ask your name before you left the train.

When: Friday, April, 13 2018

Where: Stadium Skytrain

Dominic, not Brad

You came to pick up water cannons from me, even though it’s pouring rain today. We talked about soccer, and you told me there’s free tickets for twins. I suggested the Cambie rather than a nine dollar stadium beer ... You thought my description sounded sketchy. My response should have been an offer to take you there, it’s really much better than I made it sound!

When: Friday, April, 13 2018

Where: Burnaby

Is 44 too Old for You?

Angela, you polished my teeth, how would you like to polish my heart?We sort of had parallel lives. If you think fate brought us together, find me. I'm thinking of you.

When: Wednesday, April, 11 2018

Where: the dentist

English Bay Seawall Thursday Morning

I was in call sunbathing this morning and you cam walking in my direction coming from Stanley Park. We glance at each other and I can't forget your smile now. You were wearing all black, Asian, petite, black hair, black eyes, extremely pretty and walking fast haha Afterward you went in direction of the Sylvia Hotel amd disappeared... I should have hung up right away and take you brunch; will you give me another chance ?

When: Thursday, April, 12 2018

Where: Seawall English Bay

Positive Energy

I was dancing and you came up to me and said that I had great energy. We briefly hugged and I felt your solid, youthful frame against mine. I couldn't look at you but was asked about you by my friend who saw our embrace. I just wanted to say thank you for making a slightly awkward, greyish and soft around the middle guy feel really good on his birthday. Peace.

When: Saturday, April, 07 2018


Beautiful man on the 84 bus

We decided not to exchange personal details - so you are, to this date, the only person I have kissed whose name I don't know. I have begun to think I'll never see you again, at the same time it seems impossible that I never will. You did, after all, tell your best friend all about me.

When: Saturday, December, 15 2018

Where: 84 Bus to VCC Clark

You liked my yellow helmet

In front of SaveOn Foods in Terra Nova. I was unlocking my bicycle. You admired my yellow helmet. I asked if you rode. You said you did, but I didn't ask you to ride with me. Will you ride with me?

When: Sunday, April, 08 2018

Where: Save On Foods Terra Nova

Checkout @ Super Valu

We were in line at Super Valu, chatted about rec sports, I almost accidentally bought your butter. Most obvious opener ever-- "You're tall". I can definitely do better; how about over beer?

When: Saturday, April, 07 2018

Where: Super Valu - 1st and Commercial

Davie St. Crossing. You walk on Davie St. around 8:15am going to work

You get off from #10 Bus on Granville St. and walk on Davie St, towards Yale town roundhouse every wkdy mornings around 8:20am. and then sometime see you at the Roundhouse station around 5pm. Mostly wear black pants, or black flower design skirt, nicely dressed and carry a blue (large MK) Satchel. Sometime wear black hoodie, black jeans and black sneakers. During cold winter times saw you in Red Walker coat. Exchanged eye-contacts, few smiles. Now changed my job and don't walk on Davie st. anymore. Would love to meet you.

When: Monday, April, 02 2018

Where: On Davie. Street , Walking from Granville St. to Mainland St.

Cute girl every Morning on the #3 bus

We ride the bus along main street almost every morning . You get on at Broadway and go to king ed. I think you're beautiful but to shy to say hey. Coffee sometime?!

When: Saturday, April, 07 2018


Open wine, Kingsgate Mall

You were behind me in the line. I believe we couldn't take our eyes off each other. Circumstances were a bit awkward for me to say anything.

When: Saturday, April, 07 2018

Where: Kingsgate Mall BC Liquor Store

Planet Fitness Surrey

Not sure if you’re ever going to see this, but who knows. I saw you at Planet Fitness in Surrey at 1 am in the morning. You were doing some cable ab crunches. We eyed back and forth a few times. Not sure if you thought I was cute or if you thought I was funny looking lol. You were with some Asian guy, not sure if you guys were friends or together. Anyways you’re really cute and my type of girl. I’m Asian and heavily tattooed. You have black hair and beautiful eyes.

When: Tuesday, April, 03 2018

Where: Planet Fitness Surrey

Shared some snacks at Sol Cafe

We are both on the other side of relationship transformation. Supported each other through some rough times as friends. Interested in taking things to the next level?

When: Thursday, December, 07 2017

Where: Victoria

the red wagon cafe

I came in on Friday March 30th around 2 pm. It was super busy that day and you were my server. You were astonishing. The perfect height with eyes that sparkled radiance. I had ordered the pulled pork pancakes. When you asked me how my food was I could hardly respond I was so nervous. I sadly do not remember your name but I do recall it ended with Y sound. I will be back to admire your beauty.

When: Friday, March, 30 2018

Where: Red wagon cafe

Morning rides on the #17 - where have you gone?

We used to ride the #17 most mornings, boarding and disembarking together at the same stops. We didn't really interact much, except for exchanging smiles or a word here or there. You were always polite, well-dressed, and seemed like someone I might get along with. I didn't notice right away, but I think I stopped seeing you on my commute sometime after Christmas. About 6 weeks ago, I saw you talking on your phone outside Harbour Centre and you flashed me an incredible smile. I wanted to introduce myself but I was in a rush and I haven't seen you since. So... are we still neighbours, or did you move? Do you have a different schedule? I would love to get to know you.

When: Monday, February, 26 2018

Where: Our commute

Boot Square Friendly Path Cross

I was locking up my bike with a friend, you walked by: maybe 6', reddish unrurly longish hair, beard, glasses, warm smile. I said something to you which I can't fully recall. As I was heading to the small cafe I saw you again in the massage clinic in the square. We had a kind look at one another. I would love to meet you if you are free to do so.

When: Tuesday, April, 03 2018

Where: Moberly street area off bike path

You were the pilot, I was a passenger

You were the pilot on the plane that has under 20 seats. You explained the emergency exits. I sat at the back with my critter. Do you fancy airport coffee?

When: Monday, March, 26 2018

Where: On the plane


Hot for Rachel Notley

No dispute. My pipe is lined-up. Let the Love flow...


Savage Love: Fisting misconceptions

Background: I, a 21-year-old male, enjoy receptive fisting. I’ve also had constipation problems all my life.