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E.g., Nov 27 2020

Met you at the warehouse

The last day of your 2 week stint at the warehouse, you stayed 15 minutes after your shift while we had a wonderful conversation about homesteading and other interests. You hadn't left the building and I was already kicking myself for not exchanging contact info. What the hell was I thinking?!? You seem like a really "cool Cat", and I'd be crushed if I missed the CHAnce to have more conversations; I really want to learn more about you. I keep looking for you on every shift, but it's possible that you might not ever be on the same shift again. So I'm risking looking foolish and taking a long shot to try to reach you this way. Hope you're doing well...

When: Friday, November, 20 2020

Where: Delta warehouse

Halloween on the Drive - Handsome tranger in the Night

I was part of the Halloween parade up and we locked eyes a few times as you watched from the sidewalk I couldn't stop thinking about a fella as handsome as you. If you remember catching my eye too, what sort of costume was I wearing?

When: Saturday, October, 31 2020

Where: Commercial Drive

Delivery behind the theatre

Delivered twice to you of BC finest . Your so sweet met at lobby with your pretty feet .Special delivery from me to you

When: Sunday, November, 22 2020

Where: Theatre on Smithe street

Cashier at a the popular Commercial Dr. liquor store on the planet

You were a super free spirited cashier who made buying liquor fun... I am glad that I picked you and not another cashier. You ID'd me, which was a big compliment, asked what I was doing tonight, which was personable, and you were totally sincere about all the other jazz in our conversation... I hope you get into that program once Covid is over. I'd really like to pull you away from your mother and take you out to dinner on the Drive. I suspect we would have fun... We're both a little bit whimsical.

When: Saturday, November, 21 2020

Where: Community oriented brutalist government run liquor store

Riding eastbound along Union-Adanac

We were riding along Union-Adanac heading east around sunset. We started talking at the light at Gore. You were on your way to a car dealership. I really enjoyed the conversation and I'd like to see the smile under your mask. Rachel, if you see this and are interested, let's get drinks and go for a walk or ride sometime?

When: Saturday, November, 21 2020

Where: Union-Adanac bikeway eastbound - Main to Woodland

You disappeared after some eye contact

It’s been a couple of weeks since you disappeared. We had some eye contact, and said hi each other on the last day in front of the elevators, before you disappeared. I was excited to have a chance to talk to you, but you maybe moved somewhere... I was too shy to make it unfortunately. I hope you are doing good :)

When: Friday, October, 30 2020

Where: Marine Drive

At the Flea Market Hunting for Vintage Glasses

We ran into each other at the Flea Market both hunting for vintage eyeglass frames. You offered to fight me for over glasses but I declined as you would kick my butt. You wear black and have cat's eye frames, a black mask and torn jeans and an an awesome leather jacket. You seemed intelligent, funny and attractive in wonderful kooky goth way. It is most likely that you will never see this but if you do maybe we should go for coffee or a drink. Something tells me we have a lot in common.

When: Sunday, November, 15 2020

Where: Flea Market

Kobe's Server with the Snake Tattoo

You were my server at Kobe's on Saturday night (Nov 14th). Your eyes were incredible, and that snake Tattoo on your arm, beautiful I was there with family/friends, tattoos sitting at the end solo. If you want to grab a drink, hit me up

When: Saturday, November, 14 2020

Where: Kobes

Cutest Stanford Guy with Glasses

You were sitting in the front row at Jokes Please at LMG. One comedian singled you out and I was pretty nervous for you, but you were cool as a cucumber. You're British and incredibly cute. I was sitting with my friend, who got singled out for having a poet's ponytail, in the front right section. I was tall and wearing green, maybe you remember me? If yes, let's go for a walk sometime, I'm curious why you had two phones.

When: Thursday, November, 05 2020

Where: Little Mountain Gallery

Park Ranger / White Knight

There was an older lady, quite frail, trying to figure out how to cross a huge puddle with her shopping cart. It was pouring rain; you jumped out of your work truck, swept her off her feet, and carried her across the puddle, putting her down on the sidewalk and then bringing her her cart of groceries. I didn't know Park Rangers did that? Can I call 311 and ask for you? Not going to lie, I'm a little wet after watching that, and not because of the rain! Chivalry is not dead- thanks, Ranger!

When: Wednesday, November, 04 2020

Where: Nelson and Broughton Streets


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