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E.g., Jun 15 2021

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To the girl waiting for a bus yesterday

You were waiting on lougheed for a bus, beautiful bright red hair and smoking a vape. I was in a car with a friend and somehow we both caught each other's eye. Coffee?

When: Thursday, May, 13 2021

Where: Shaughnessy

Granville Island

I saw you walking through Granville Island, you were taking pictures of the West Coast Amusements Fair, I was riding my bike. I never got the chance to say hello or introduce myself. So I thought I would give this a shot

When: Friday, May, 14 2021

Where: Granville Island

I was the girl in the Jeep

I was driving down commercial and you were sitting on the harbour oyster house patio with a friend. We caught each other’s eye and couldn’t stop staring at each other. Coffee sometime?

When: Thursday, May, 06 2021

Where: Commercial Drive

Amanda from Saskatoon and Victoria, now of Burnaby

I checked on you to make sure you were OK, after seeing you walking on the train tracks in East Van. You seem like a really sweet, funny, and interesting girl, and you have great eyes. :-) You said a couple of things that make me think you might be single and interested, but because of my job, I couldn't outright ask you.

When: Tuesday, May, 11 2021

Where: Train tracks, National/ Evans/ Terminal area

Gorgeous, athletic out grocery shopping

Ok I’ve never done this before so throwing out a massive flyer here! Just saw you out shopping in the produce isle, and could not help noticing how beautiful you were and in absolutely amazing shape, you looked like you live a super active and healthy life and I was hoping to get the chance to talk to you and find out more about you. You: tanned brunette in workout gear, grey top and black leggings. Me: tall blonde with blue jeans and red t shirt with white sandals. Would love to get to know you and maybe do something outdoorsy and active together! Hike, paddle board...

When: Monday, May, 10 2021

Where: Superstore Mt. Seymour North Vancouver

Hiking Smiles

We passed you running /hiking on the north shore. You caught up, then we caught up again. At the destination my friends stopped for a quick picture then we left while you and your friend arrived shortly after. You were giving me the biggest smile as I left. It’s too bad my friends didn’t stay longer we could have chatted.

When: Saturday, May, 08 2021

Where: North Vancouver

Handsome man getting groceries.

Me, female, medium blonde hair. Floral mask. You, around my height, bald, handsome, in your 40's. I kept running into you at different areas of the store. You are a very attractive man I would like to get to know. I believe I have seen you around the area a few times. So. I have decided to see if you look on here. Next time we see each other let's say hello.

When: Wednesday, April, 21 2021

Where: Bosa Foods - Boundary

Curly-Haired Italian Girl seeks Blue-Eyed Gentleman from Bosa Foods (Victoria Drive) Checkout Line

We were both in line at the checkout counter at Bosa Foods on Victoria Drive around 4-4:30pm. I have dark brown, curly hair and it was in a pony tail. I was wearing a leopard print jacket and was with my friend. You, a handsome, gentleman next in line with blue eyes, in your early-mid 40s, about 6'1, with grey(ing) hair and I *think* a bit of an Eastern European accent? You wore jeans and a blue and white (striped?) dress shirt. I spent enough money to get a free BOSA reusable bag, to which I remarked, "I have a problem, how did I do this every time?" You joined the conversation with, "Well, does it make you happy?" And I said, "Yes!" And you replied with, "Well that's all that matters". We made eye contact a few times after that, and I would have liked to connect with you somehow, but the timing and opportunity got away from me. So now, I'm writing this post in the hopes that maybe you'll see it, or someone you know will. Stranger things have happened :D

When: Monday, May, 03 2021

Where: Bosa Foods Victoria Drive

Cute girl on the 49

I got on the bus at Doman, you were already on it, I sat across the accordion section from you. You were really cute but I was too shy to say anything so I pulled out my book. You were wearing a greenish dress, I was all in black. I hope to see you again, maybe I won't be so shy next time

When: Saturday, May, 01 2021

Where: 49 to Metro


I was in the passenger seat of a white Subaru, driving on the Highway going east. It was at 4PM. We were in the HOV lane. You gave me a head nod lol. The driver started yelling "call her!, call her!" out the window but you couldn't exactly hear what she was saying! We played tag for a little bit, trying to catch each other but I lost you in traffic.

When: Tuesday, April, 27 2021

Where: Highway 99 going East from Vancouver towards Maple Ridge


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