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E.g., Jan 29 2023

I Saw Yous

Granville Island Public Market

You were by youself, I think. You wore light blue jeans and black shoes with tall wedge-like heels. You had beautiful dark hair. I wasn’t sure if you caught me checking you out…

When: Saturday, January, 21 2023

Where: inside the public market

We both had infusions at the same time

We were both having infusions in Richmond, at the same time. We chatted and I admired your Doc Martens. I said they made you look taller and you said I knew your secret. Not all of them. We talked about Chinese New Year, and I showed you a red envelope in my pocket. May I see you again, not when we are being infused?

When: Wednesday, January, 18 2023

Where: At the infusion place in Richmond

Earls Blonde Bombshell

I was having dinner, celebrating my birthday you weren’t my waitress but came over to talk with me a few times checking on me and complementing my tattoos. When I left I saw you at the door and got nervous missing my chance to possibly connect with you. I would love to have coffee sometime and get to know you!

When: Saturday, January, 14 2023

Where: On Lougheed in Burnaby

Last Summer

You: Cute sun dress, green eyes, red hair, margarita in hand. Me: Tall, dark, handsome and Totally Smitten!! Your smile, your laugh … we talked for hours travel, and politics, food, and so much more. The world seemed to disappear and it was just you and I. Hoping this is forever

When: Friday, July, 01 2022

Curvy Brunette Babe @ Gorgamish Saturday Night

You were a totally stunning, super curvy brunette Babe! I was the older guy with the hat on. You were there with 2 friends and I couldn’t take my eyes off You! I complimented You on Your beautiful cashmere crop sweater and You said You liked my red turtle glass necklace. I absolutely apologize but I didn’t quite catch Your name! The music was bumping loud! But I remember it sounds beautiful, and possibly middle eastern!?! I’m shattered and beating myself up over the fact I didn’t ask for Your digits… but I’m hoping fate intertwines once again and gives me another chance!

When: Sunday, January, 15 2023

Where: Gorgamish After Hours Club

Knitting girl at crescent beach on Sunday evening

We met at beach and we chatted for 2 to 3 hours about everything and anything .Then we both left for our homes . You are girl in glasses wearing blind stones . I’m a guy in shorts and hoodie . I felt very connected and would love to chat up again .

When: Sunday, January, 15 2023

Where: Crescent beach

jean jacket beanie lower lons

I was finishing work on a Friday night, heading to the bus to get home. passed you walking by (you tell me so I know it's you) and you gave me a big smile. you were wearing a black beanie, white tee, jean jacket and black jeans. your smile was more than a friendly smile, but perhaps a flirty smile. let me know if this was you? would make a funny story of how we met. describe me and where we passed.

When: Sunday, January, 15 2023

Where: lower Lonsdale

First saw you across a table …

And I can’t tell you how glad I am that we did say hello. CLA, you are funny, intelligent, radiant, caring, thoughtful, beautiful, courageous, sensitive, seductive, and sexy. You make me so happy everyday and I hope I make you feel the same way today, tomorrow and for all the days to come. I can’t wait to see you again on Wednesday afternoon

When: Thursday, July, 01 2021

Where: Adventuring

Bosa Foods - Victoria Dr. - Handsome Irish man

Bosa Foods - late Saturday afternoon check out line. We like the same expresso.. but only because Illy wasn't available. Italian Girl - and Irish men.. what I wanted to say is that you are like catnip to us Italian girls. Lovely smile, ginger hair. I haven't blushed like that in a while. Thank you. Going to be bold now - I would go for a coffee or more if you were so inclined..

When: Saturday, January, 07 2023

Where: Bosa Foods - Victoria Drive


Hey YWShitA

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