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E.g., Dec 9 2019

John roller skates at Stanley Park

Hi John, I was taking a video while ridding my bike at Stanley Park, and you told me to be careful or I would fall. We had a very nice conversation for like 20 minutes and then, you asked me if I would rather to be alone. I got nervous, so I told you yes. You were so nice, and I feel like I should had kept talking with you. Hope you see this. Andrea

When: Saturday, September, 21 2019

Where: Stanley Park

TD ATM Kingsway & Knight

I've never done this before, neat:) You directed me to where the door to the ATM was while walking your cute little dog. You seemed really sweet, which quadrupled your natural beauty. I wish I hadn't been so shy to talk to you more...

When: Friday, December, 06 2019

Where: TD Kingsway & Knight

Danny from IKEA

I know you're probably not going to see this but I'm going to try anyways. I was having my first day of orientation on Saturday (Nov 16) and you answered the buzzer to let me in. I couldn't help but notice you when I saw at the front desk for S&S office. I was the short asian girl with the black beanie hat and blue puffy jacket with the timberlands. I realised that I really like you and I really hope to see/talk to you again or maybe we can hang out? I really like your tattoos and I remember that day, you thought it was 5:30 and you got off work, but it was actually 4:30 and then you had to come back up and I was sitting there on the couch so I saw the whole thing. A few days after that, I overheard you saying that it was your last day when you were talking to your coworker on Thursday and I was quite disappointed but I hope I will get to see you again. If it's really you, could you please tell me what code 1000 in reception means, which department you worked in, also maybe a description of yourself and what the emergency hotline/number is? (the number that will be given first priority) I posted before on different sites and someone replied but I wasn't sure if it was actually you so I'm going to try this again.

When: Saturday, November, 16 2019

Where: IKEA Richmond

Silent connection

I see you every morning we catch the same train . You :extremely tall wearing all black, beautiful eyes and clean shaven face. Me: short, grey pants and black hoodie, brown eyes. Is it just me or is there a connection I cant help but look at you and I sometimes catch you looking too. Is the something there?

When: Friday, December, 06 2019

Where: King George to waterfront

YVR Airport Skytrain

You ... Jamaican hottie living in Richmond. Me just back from Vegas needing help navigating the train. Was great talking with you ... we should continue that convo don't you think?

When: Sunday, December, 01 2019

Where: YVR Airport

Cute girl on Cambie Bridge

I really dont expect this to work but I was just sorta walking along Cambie Bridge in a black winter jacket wearing glasses and you smiled at me.

When: Monday, December, 02 2019

Where: Cambie Bridge

Short chat about our neighborhood

We did not see eachother i was sitting under the awning behind the bus stop looked up and was startled which startled you. After a quick laugh you lit a smoke and we had a short chat about our burnaby neighborhood, its ethnic diversity and the different cultures foods available around here. I thought you were super cute and tonsay i was smitten and shy would be an understatement. The bus came you put out your smoke and jumped on. I would love to contimue our conversation over a coffee or maybe at one of the many diverse restaurants in the neighborhood!

When: Monday, December, 02 2019

Where: 6th st. 18th ave bus stop outside kumon learning center

Superstore on Dec 02..

You were tall and had a perfect jaw line. I was wearing red plaid and carrying around way too much Kraft Dinner than I’d like to admit. You were talk, had a backwards hat, wearing black, and dropped a ton of twist ties everywhere. I should’ve said hi. I’m shy. Wanna hang?

When: Monday, December, 02 2019

Where: Superstore, grandville highway and Rupert


You came to tow my car to the shop but realized I just needed a new battery and called for one to be delivered. I was disheveled and too shy to flirt with you, I really regret that.

When: Monday, December, 02 2019

Where: East 8th Ave

Sock Advice

We were both buying socks at MEC and you asked me for advice on hiking socks. I gave you my insider tips on the cheaper but just as good options. I was with my nephew, but I wish I’d had more time to chat/give you more info on the many sock options. Coffee some time?

When: Wednesday, November, 27 2019

Where: MEC Vancouver


To the woman on a red car crossing at Fir ...

Hey, I was walking my dog, we saw that the light was about to turn red and thus we waited for the...


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