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E.g., Jun 13 2021

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I saw you at the Park Royal Whole Foods

I've never written ine if these but I feel compelled to. I briefly saw you in line at the Whole Foods. You were 2 people behind me. You have dark hair, and you were wearing a dress and a coat. I had on a jean jacket and yellow shirt. We smiled at each other (I think?? We had masks on so it was one of those "eye smiles" haha). I think you had a dog with dark fur waiting outside too, and you were with another woman. You could be married for all I know, but I would like to figure that out. And I really want to see your smile :). Please send me a message if you somehow see this.

When: Friday, June, 11 2021

Where: Park Royal Whole Foods

Whistling "Fly Me to the Moon" on Harwood...

I was waiting by my car on Harwood (by Burrard) this afternoon and saw a VERY cute guy in funky glasses happily whistling away, listening to music walking towards me. We caught each other's eye and smiled. I asked him what he was whistling, and he said "Do you know Oscar Peterson Trio? (I nodded) Well, it's Fly Me to the Moon... just love this song." As he spoke, I detected a gorgeous Aussie accent (apologies if it's kiwi!) and immediately wanted to go to wine bar and listen to more jazz music over a few bottles with this lovely fellow. ;) But of course, I didn't act on it, probably because he was just being friendly (which is awesome) - and I was waiting for someone to bring down an item to me, so we just kept smiling and wished each other a great eve. If you, the gorgeous lover of Oscar Peterson's music ever happens upon this "I Saw You", know that you made my day and I hope you continue to be such a bright light in the world. Connect if you'd like to Jazz it up sometime! ;)

When: Thursday, June, 10 2021

Where: Harwood & Burrard, Vancouver

Roundabout kerfuffle- Blenheim and 10th?

I was ignorantly crossing the street and didn’t see you approaching on your bike. You stopped for me, then I awkwardly told you to go. You smiled and let me cross. As I walked away I thought about your smile and how cute you were. I looked back at you and it seemed like you just finished looking back at me. You weren’t wearing a helmet (safety’s overrated) and you had random tattoos on your arms. I had green hair and a white dress on.

When: Thursday, June, 03 2021

Where: Blenheim and 10th area

Save on cashier

We have talked a few times, but your always working. So I am to shy to ask you. The first time we met you commented on the shirt I was wearing that day. I really dig your vibe and if it's mutual... coffee?:)

When: Sunday, June, 06 2021

Where: Save on foods Prarie

Nanny in knee highs

Standing outside of Propaganda Coffee today. I noticed you a half block away walking towards me on Pender with a small infant in a carriage then as you walked by me we made eye contact and smiled and it seems the moment has stuck in my mind.

When: Saturday, June, 05 2021

Where: Main and Pender

JJ bean laser beam

good lord where to begin... Never written one of these, but I think this calls for one: I am in a relationship. Looks like you might have been there with your partner, too? But you caught my eye, and once you returned my glance, I was done. I still feel high off our eye contact, which is probably why I am making the compromising decision to post this... but oh well I guess I was smitten. HMU if somehow you see this AND you feel the same way

When: Saturday, June, 05 2021

Where: JJ Bean W. Broadway

Police Officer In Line Behind Me At Poirier Forum Getting 2nd Vaccine

I haven't posted one of these before, but wanted to give it a go! You were in line behind me wearing your police uniform at the Poirier Forum, getting your second vaccine. You had brown hair and blue eyes and were my height (5'11"). I was getting my first vaccine and was wearing a white t-shirt, light blue jean shorts, brown Birkenstocks, a blue face mask with white stars, and had a short blonde ponytail. You had struck up a convo with me about how hot it was in there and I had said it was like herding cattle. You'd said you booked your appointment last minute the night before but that you lived in Surrey and were getting the vaccine while on shift in Coquitlam. I told you I'd booked mine a few weeks prior. I had joked about how hot you would be given what you were wearing. You had also made a joke about all the millennials being on their phones. I kept turning to look at you in my chair when waiting for my time to leave afterward but was too nervous to ask for your number or if you were single. Would love to get a coffee or a drink if this finds its way to you.

When: Thursday, June, 03 2021

Where: Poirier Forum, Coquitlam

Tim Horton Renfrew skytrain

Attractive blond female in line at Tim horrors this am. I was waiting for my order as you were waiting to place yours. Our eyes kept meeting but you could it see my smile to you know see my mask Wish I said something . I was in a blue hoody with shorts . You were obviously on way to work . Would love to get you your order next time and chat.

When: Friday, June, 04 2021

Where: Tim hortons Renfrew

West side of buntzen lake

Blond woman with freind. I was on my mnt bike with my brother. We where around the same area of beach chillin. On the road out I said hi and asked if you wanted to double as a joke. Wish I slowed down. You blond yellow bikini top and side leg tattoo. Me tall blond guy few tattoos black hat on mnt bike

When: Wednesday, June, 02 2021

Where: West buntzen lake


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