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E.g., Apr 2 2020

Hey, my eyes are down

I’ve seen you, and I feel you’ve seen me.. At your families bakery. You are way to real to be single, and it’s sucks, because I’m headed out next week. I saw you today, amid the craziness that we are dealing with currently, sorta wanna know you better. Am sans beard currently and you are incredibly cute..

When: Friday, March, 27 2020

Where: My long hair, and your mascara smile

I saw you twice. Round three, post-distancing?

I first saw you when I brought my dog in. You’d just left the desk as I walked up, taking my breath with you. Who are you?! Scrubs, stethoscope, blonde, those eyes, total babe. I was too distracted with my bestie’s predic to investigate further, and once she was sorted you didn’t make another appearance. I saw you again a week later when you brought her meds out to the lot for me. You were all masked up, but those eyes do most of the work. Be still my beating heart. I would normally have chat you up, but Covid-19 destroyer of flirtation, was already upon us. Maybe I’ll see you again.

When: Tuesday, March, 17 2020

Where: CanWest Vets

A mutual smile. W 2nd Ave & Ontario St Wednesday 7.20pm

I was on my bike, and had stopped at the junction. While fiddling in my courier bag for a blinky light to put on my handlebar, I glanced across to the Northbound side of Ontario, and there you were, on your own bike. It was white, or a pale colour if I remember correctly. You seemed to be checking me out. When the light turned green, we cycled towards each other, and exchanged what seemed like a very warm deliberate smile as we passed. Had I not been so tired, I would have trilled my bell... If you are reading this, you know when and where to find me most days. I'm a creature of habit.

When: Wednesday, March, 25 2020

Where: W 2nd Ave & Ontario St

Thanks for stopping by!

I know you from my previous work in a busy cafe, you always were so kind and I always was somehow attracted by your aura. You stopped coming, I stopped working but yesterday I bumped into you randomly ( you were coming back home from work), I was secretely dancing and jumping in my head, so happy to see you again! we chatted, you said my dog was cute but I kept my distance because of this f***ing coronavirus. I d love to know you better...in those difficult dark times I understand we should avoid to meet but maybe we can start with texts. If you feel the same, respond to this by telling me what drink you used to have and where I m from. Talk to you soon I hope☺️

When: Sunday, March, 22 2020

Where: In front of epicurean bakery

Red Belly Button

You were an Ubereats bike courrier picking up an order for delivery. You had on a fanny-pack that looked like human belly (weird). I said that on first glance I thought you just had a really red belly button and you told me you do (gross). I liked you. Maybe we can sit a safe distance apart sometime if you see this.

When: Thursday, March, 19 2020

Where: Chinatown

Dark Beauty At Pharmasy Line

You had dark hair and dark eyes, I suppose skin as well. Short hair. I was in rush to get out of those lights. You deserve a compliment, at least, you looked lovely. I was tall with similar hair/eye color.

When: Wednesday, March, 18 2020

Where: LD Pharmacy, E Hastings

Liquor Store Guy

Saw you in a liquor store in Marpole and it seemed like you were checking me out, and then ended up in the line behind me. If you remember the girl in the orange sweater (I was stocking up on a lot of booze) and want to grab a beer sometime after this whole virus thing blows over let me know!

When: Wednesday, March, 18 2020

Where: Marpole Liquore Store on Oak

On a bus in West Van & again at Delany's cafe

I was in the very back corner next to a woman with a huge bouquet of flowers. You got on the bus in Vancouver and sat facing me. You were wearing hikers, a blue wool sweater, and white and blue earbuds. We made eye contact and I thought I'd like to speak to you if we get off the bus at the same stop. You stayed on all the way until about 18th in West Van. When you got off, I thought I missed my chance. I was going to 24th and would be at an appointment for nearly 2 hours. When my meeting was done I went to delany's cafe. Low and behold there you were again! Working on your laptop, with your ergonomic mouse. I couldn't hardly believe it. I was sitting behind you working on my laptop, I tried to find a good time to speak to you again but didn't. We ended up leaving at the same time, but you were wearing your earbuds again and I couldn't bring myself to interrupt you. We both ended up walking along the sea wall. Contact me if you would allow me to try again at the cafe. :)

When: Thursday, March, 12 2020

Where: Bus from Van to West Van / Delany's cafe

Girl on Bike who approved my beer choice.

I was walking along Kits Beach (From the Tennis lot area) when I saw you ride up to me on your bike. I had a blue toque on and was carrying a 6 pack of Steam Whistle IPA. You briefly slowed down and said "That's a good beer choice" Before continuing to ride off, then you sort of slowed down again, looked back at me, and then kept riding. I wish I was faster on my feet and actually replied to you or came up with an excuse to get you to talk to me, but sadly I was a little tongue tied. Would love to meet you again....you're welcome to one of my beers.

When: Tuesday, March, 17 2020

Where: Kitsilano Beach.

Flamingo sock wearing blood donor

We chatted during and after our blood donations about sock deliveries, my future halloween costume and the book I can only assume you're reading right now: American War. I should have given you my number so you could tell me how much you're loving it!

When: Saturday, February, 22 2020

Where: Oak St Donor Clinic



Oh help. Damn no one cares. Virus or not. True colours True colour shine thru Tic toc Tic toc


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