Sanda- Chinese Boxing



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At Immortal Dragon Vancouver we seek a mental training through physical exercises. We value respect, compassion, humbleness, strength and more. Through the rigorous practice of kung fu and martial arts, we want to achieve control over our body, mind and spirit.

Sanda is a great way to stay healthy and learn self-defense, at the same time. In this class, you learn how to proper kick, punch and throw. Sanda is the name for Chinese Boxing and includes not just basic fighting techniques but also throws, jump kicks and how to block.

The whole program at Immortal Dragon has a monthly fee of $80. If you just want to join one class it will be a $10 drop-in fee. This class will be every other week.

If you have more questions just call or text me: 604-723-4883.



Five Animal Shaolin Kung Fu:

The Five Southern Family styles (Fut, Hung, Choy, Li, Mok) origanate in the Siu Lum Temple at Guangdong. The Southern Five Animal Styles are integrated in the style. It should not be confused as two separate, because the Five Families are the foundation; encompassing all of our concepts, strategies, and theories, on the other hand in the Five Animals (tiger, crane, snake, dragon, leopard) we can find internal and external conditioning of the body.