As a study in contrasts, catching Pink Martini and a recital of songs by Claude Debussy made for a lively evening at MusicFest Vancouver.
“S’wonderful!” said the man seated behind me, as he rose for intermission.
Historically, the event has ranked as one of the most aesthetically conservative of our city’s summer festivals.
Aided by a tap dancer and the VSO, singer Sylvia McNair and pianist Kevin Cole prove the composer is Here to Stay.
The Tower of London has a long history of spectacles, some quite grisly, but the ancient castle isn’t usually the venue for a show featuring a Canadian band.
This year, the event’s vocal programming is a perfect example of how far “choral music” can be pushed.
No one knows better than Daniel Bolshoy about the guitar’s reputation in classical music.
The British countertenor will play the title character in George Frederick Handel’s work for a third time when he arrives in Vancouver.
Portland retro-fab band Pink Martini has been blending cocktail-flavoured jazz, classical, and gold-gilded pop since 1994.
Quick: what does the term cabaret music mean to you?