Russell Brand wins again

Not that it’s really about winning, of course.

But the U.K. comedian was forced into a corner once again during an appearance on Thursday on British TV. And once again, he came out swinging.

Brand was there to discuss the campaign to overhaul Britain's failed drug policy. But his appearance, as blogger Jonathan Cook succinctly writes, “rapidly widens out into a fascinating ideological clash between the old order and the new” as veteran TV journalist Jon Snow uses the occasion to upbraid him for refusing to vote—a position Brand revealed to Jeremy Paxman during the interview that tilted the world ever so slightly last October.

Snow of course is simply playing his part as a pedantic buffoon using any device at hand to diminish Brand and defend the forces of orthodoxy with a ritual tribute to some vague idea of “balance” (that’s why he’s been on the telly for 30 years.)

But at this moment in time, it’s a role that couldn’t look any more mendacious or bankrupt.

Brand puts it in a nutshell when he tells Snow, with a wide grin, “I know you agree with me but for some reason you’ve got to pretend to have a different opinion.”

Wot a charmer.

Watch here.

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