B.C. premier Christy Clark says she supports Israel and its right to defend itself

B.C.’s premier has issued a statement in support of Israel as it continues its offensive against Hamas and the Gaza Strip.

In a July 27 statement posted on the website of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), Christy Clark states that “Israel has a right to defend itself”.

Here is the statement presented in its entirety:

The current conflict in Israel and Gaza is of great concern to anyone who believes in democracy and human rights.

While the world watches in agony, we recognize the need for a ceasefire that leads to long-term security and peace in the region. Israel has the right to defend itself and its citizens against terrorist attacks.

At this difficult time, let us remember the values we share with Israel: a vibrant, culturally rich democratic nation committed to maintaining the rights of its citizens, regardless of gender or religion. Israel is an example not only to the region, but the world.

Support for Israel abroad makes a difference.

As the world continues to hope for a peace that satisfies both Israelis and Palestinians, I’m proud that British Columbia can be counted as a friend of Israel.


Christy Clark

CIJA describes itself as the “advocacy arm” of the Jewish Federations of Canada, a “pro-Israel” nonprofit “tasked with advancing the public policy interests of Canada’s Jewish community”.

According to BBC News, as of July 27, more than 1,030 Palestinians, 43 Israeli soldiers, and three Israeli civilians had been killed since fighting began on July 8.

On July 8, Canadian minister of foreign affairs John Baird issued a statement on behalf of the federal government expressing support for Israel.

"Canada condemns the brazen and indiscriminate attacks that Hamas continues to wage on Israel. Rocket attacks today aimed at Tel Aviv and Jerusalem prove that Hamas continues to target innocent civilians," Baird said. "Canada believes that Israel has every right to defend itself, by itself, from such belligerent acts of terrorism."

In Vancouver, a demonstration that describes itself as being in support of Gaza is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Saturday (August 2) on the south side of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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Premier Christy Clark's statement in support of Israel's assault on Gaza was issued on the eve of Eid Al-Fitr, the holiday marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Rating: +42
Pro-genocide. What a surprise.
Rating: +60
Good to see support for Israel. A country that has brought a lot of good to this world. Anyone blinded by Hamas is either not paying attention or is a terrorist supporter.
Rating: -86
Peter Eller
wonderful that she is campaigning on an issue that has nothing to do with governing BC , now can she get back to work and do what she was elected todo like get deal done with the teachers !!!!
Rating: +63
Sheesh, what a doorknob...self defense is one thing, bombing hospitals in someone else's territory is another. Keep it to yourself Christy and leave the province that didn't actually vote for you out of it...
Rating: +71
Im absolutely ashamed to be represented by such an fool. Proof that Canadian politics is becoming more and more Americanized. I ask anyone with any doubt as to what is right and what is wrong to watch virtually any documentary on "Al Nakba". After the horrible atrocities that the Jews of Europe endured during WW2, Jews brought the same wrath upon the Palestinians and along with the Americans, gave birth to Terrorism. Taught by the masters.
Rating: +60
God what an idiot C. C. is and what a shame that this person is OUR Premier. Israel has a right to defend itself? And that means killing 700 (so far) men women and children? And how many - 29 - Israelis killed by Hamas rockets? Israel's actions are analogous to a red-neck shooting fish in a barrel. At one time it would have been called genocide. Now it's called "defending" yourself.
Rating: +42
Just when you start to think she's the most ignorant politician there is, along comes Baird! The humanity!
Rating: +38
What are you talking about Jeremy? The Palestinians were never forced to leave Israel, they chose to leave rather than live in a Jewish state. There are actually many Muslim and Christians who currently live there now.
More than 66 years after Israel came into existence, the majority of its neighbouring countries still hope to see it destroyed. Hamas repeatedly bombs Israel, ignores a ceasefire and then uses women and children as shields. It is a disgusting situation, but what is Israel's option in this case? When diplomacy fails options tend to be limited.
Rating: -61
Right on Cc now watch your province get Blessed...blessed are those who bless you God referring to Israel
Rating: -48
geez surprise surprise someone in government taking the side of the people who are "killing" children, no where else in the world would this be tolerated! as a Cdn married to a Palestinian who has 2 children we will never stop fighting for the right to OUR land that was taken from us, one day justice will be had
Rating: +20
I actually doubt that the *right* to defend is as salient, in the human rights perspective, as the *method.*

If the PA is fully Israeli territory, then the Israeli police should be keeping order in Gaza as they do in, say, Tel Aviv.

But if the PA is in fact a government, or hemi-demi-semi autonomy-lite government, then they should have their own police handling the situation.

Are they actually trying? Is there news coverage of that?

The rockets are not really defensible - rocket attack is the type of thing that invites military reprisal, you'd think.

Rating: -18
randy hammer
This just shows how out of touch krusty and most western politicians are. Anyone who condones Israel's ethnic cleansing and genocide and supports what has become the world's largest open air prison does NOT speak for the majority of British Columbians. Sure Palestinians are launching rockets at Israel, but to call what Israel is doing to children and innocent civilians "self defense" is absurd.
Rating: +21
Christy Clark's comments are totally disgusting. The Gaza Arabs are largely refugees from Palestine and have been virtually imprisoned for fifty years by Israel who continues to take more and more land from the Arabs, while killing and imprisoning thousands. Obviously our premier is not on the side of humanity.
Rating: +32
Wow. More politicians from the "free and democratic" West groveling before their Jewish masters. Such spineless types are a shekel a dozen around here.
Rating: +12
Can Christy spell genocide?
She might need help from a teacher-oh forget that.....
Rating: +23
"what is Israel's option in this case?"

Self awareness is a good start

Israel could stop building settlements on land that isn't theirs and then complaining when the former residents of said land engage in asymmetrical warfare after forty years of military occupation because Israel needs time to "change facts on the ground"

The IDF has killed ten to twelve times as many Palestinians (mostly civilians) as Palestinians have killed Israelis since 1947 (mostly soldiers)

Exactly who needs to defend themselves from whom ?

Rating: +37
Ryan from Victoria
This woman's views and behaviours have always made me think she is Harper's lackey in BC. Look at the Marijuana referendum; when asked about her views on legalization she said "we tow the line with the Federal Govt." despite her own party planning to legalize if elected. On this issue; Such arrogance to speak for the Province, especially one as diverse as BC. Who does this person ACTUALLY represent???
Rating: +21
Thomas Folkestone
Well I'm sure people around the world really care what the Comeback Kid has to say. Drive through any red lights lately? I defend your right to do so, Christy! Why should you be subject to laws, or even jurisdictions?

The People of Gaza are certainly thankful for your caring and understanding tonight, Captain Christy Crunch!

Now, focus your eyes on Union-busting the BCTF and pillaging the province of BC for your loyal donors.
Rating: +19
I am astounded by the amount of ignorance and anti-Semitism on display in these comments.
Rating: -39


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