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E.g., Jun 22 2015

The Eagle has landed

I was taking a photo of an eagle perched on a rock off-shore Oak Bay in Victoria on the May long weekend. You approached and told me you had seen it landing and the spread of its wings was magnificent to see. Then my friend, who was also taking photos, came back and you went to your car. There was a moment when I looked at you and felt a "pull". I wanted to find out why. I still do.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Oak Bay Beach

The Bay Oakridge Saturday Afternoon

This afternoon in the basement of The Bay Oakridge; I saw one of the most beautiful woman I have EVER seen! At around 5:30 our eyes met as we stood on either side of the cash. To even try and explain how beautiful you are would be impossible! We kept glancing and smiling and oh how I wanted to come over and say hi to you. I was with my family and I can't get you out of my head... Your beauty has been engraved inside my brain and I have been unable to think about anything else all evening. I just had to type this and just wanted to say "hi". Maybe I will be lucky enough to see you again and would love to hear from you.

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Oakridge Mall Basement

Hot guy on Rolerblades

Was walking down Denman St. to do laundry & saw you blading towards me. I looked at you, and got a little nervous (so cute!) so I looked down at your blades & started laughing. When I found the courage to look up, saw you smiling back. Would love the chance to blade the park with you one day! :)

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Denman, between Barclay & Haro.

Missed chance to give you my number on Denman

The girl in black with the takeout, we shared a few smiles through the window but I was working and couldn't give you my number. I'd love to know if you're as nice as your smile!

When: Saturday, May, 23 2015

Where: Kitaya Japanese on Denman

Vine & 4th

We smiled at each other as we were crossing 4th and Vine yesterday around 5pm. I wore a floral maxi dress and you were a cute blond guy with a backpack. You started talking to me complimenting me on my smile, but even on a good day I'm that paradigmatic girl who walks around with her head in the clouds... I guess it took me way too long to realize how warm your smile was. And then you started petting a big dog.. Love big dogs! I think I don't write this for any particular reason other than to note that I liked your smile too. :)

When: Friday, May, 22 2015


JJ Bean patio cutie

Sat behind you this morn in a grey hat. You in a burgundy hoodie, reading Coupland? Said something inside, but too spaced out and nervous for anything else. You look very interesting. Coffee?

When: Friday, May, 22 2015

Where: on the drive

224 West Esplande

Today I opened the door for the most beautiful princess as you were leaving the building. I looked down at you and you held my gaze until you smiled and looked away shyly. You had your headphones in which made it hard for you to hear me tell you so. The universe will have us cross paths again if that is meant to happen.

When: Friday, May, 22 2015

Where: North Shore Harbour Quay

Downtown firehall near Burrard

You jumped out of the fire truck and stopped my car in traffic. You waved at me and smiled, then guided the truck into the fire house. I didn't have to double take because I couldn't stop looking at you. You were stunning and I hope you stop me again! Or coffee? I'm Jason, I was in a white Audi, brown hair Caucasian male.

When: Wednesday, May, 27 2015


Waiter at Rodney's

You served my sister and I on May 17 where we stayed until close and enjoyed a cheesecake (thank you!). You're quite handsome...perhaps we could grab a drink sometime.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Rodney's Oyster Bar

VanDusen Gardens

You were beautiful. Blonde, wearing a white cashmere sweater. Seriously beautiful - like you took my breath away. Made me hope that I could meet someone like you. I chatted with you in the foyer - said we were both at the gardens taking our moms. You replied it was your neighbour who was like family and that you had a membership and came all the time. Now that IS beautiful. I so wanted to ask you out. But the way you looked at me, open yet sad, as though you had lots going on behind that smile made me realize I maybe intruding. Some times when you meet someone it just feels right. This felt beautifully right.

When: Wednesday, May, 13 2015

Where: VanDusen Botanical Gardens

shy sees shy on millennium line

we sat opposite to each other on connected train trollies. we smiled at each other but both looked away more then likely because we got nervous. then a few stop later we waved goodbye to each other. you, cute bearded boy with a red toque (i think it was red) reading a book. me, bright rainbow haired girl with pink shades on, jamming out to some serious terrafractly :) i kicked myself for not coming over and bugging you... what were you reading? lets play in the sun!

When: Thursday, May, 21 2015

Where: millennium line

Asian hottie coming from Skytrain

can't forget your eyes locking with mine... you got out of the train, turned at me, the platform was crowded but still got a glimpse of your smile and the new 450cc. what's your name ?

When: Wednesday, May, 20 2015

Where: commercial drive station

i saw you at hookah

You were working on a friday night and i came in with a girlfriend for the first time. My friend burnt herself with the coal and i asked you for a bandaid! You even asked me "can i do anything to make your night better" while i was paying the bill, if i was brave enough that night i would have asked for your number! if this is you contact me mr tall and handsome :)

When: Friday, May, 08 2015

Where: Bloo hookah

Hwy 1 flirt

Me and some friend pulled up along side you as we were leaving Vancouver. I asked if you had any plans for the long weekend, you said working. I invited you camping and you giggled. We flirted as we drove down hwy 1. Would love to connect

When: Friday, May, 15 2015

Where: Highway 1

Yaletown Brewery Saturday night

You wore a denim jacket, and your hair was slicked back. You were sitting on the patio with a friend when I first saw you. I regret not getting the chance to speak to you. If you see this, drinks sometime?

When: Saturday, May, 16 2015

Where: Yaletown Brewery

Beautiful bicyclist

I was biking west on adanac blue plaid shirt, you heading east when we exchanged smiles. Dressed in black with blonde braided hair, your warm smile made my day. Ride together sometime?

When: Wednesday, May, 20 2015

Where: Adanac and Sunrise bike route intersection

Madison- Pretty Lady at Joseph Richards on Sunday!

It's a long shot, but you were the pretty lady I danced with (and kissed haha) at Joseph Richard's on Sunday, May 17th! My name is Kaitie and I was the gal in the black crop top and black and white skirt. I ended up having to excuse myself to help out a friend in the bathroom and couldn't find you after. Anyway, I thought I would try. :)

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Joseph Richards Pub

Gorgeous Brunette in Yaletown

Our eyes locked as we crossed paths near the Yaletown skytrain station. You have such a beautiful smile. I was the tall guy in blue. I was a perfect opportunity to say 'hello'...I guess I'm out of practice! Here's hoping for a second chance. :-) I'd love to meet you sometime.

When: Monday, May, 18 2015

Where: Mainland at Davie

Safeway check out - Penninisula Village

Hi - Was at Safeway today and bought some last minute things - we discussed the inventory of coke as I bought 1 diet and 1 zero and the air miles bonus miles - seemed to be a fun connection - if you want to have a coffee or ?? sometime let me know - would like to see you again outside of work -

When: Monday, May, 18 2015

Where: Safeway - Penninsula Village

Tessa on granville island

You had just finished your final show with your dance troop on the island and bombarded the vancouver fish company to get drunk with your girls. We talked at the bar most of the night and you gave me your number. In my slightly drunken state I entered your number into my phone wrong, and I've been texting someone named Phil. Phil is not intrested in going out with me but I hope you still are. The I saw you is pretty much my last hope. You are a total babe.

When: Thursday, May, 14 2015

Where: Vancouver fish co

Sky train seat offering

You, dressed in all black, were offered a seat on the Millennium Line and refused, saying you had been sitting all day. I, salt/pepper beard, plaid shirt and ball cap, with musical instrument cases, offered you my seat as I was getting off at Rupert Stn. You said no as you were getting off at the next station. I was late for a rehearsal otherwise I would have rode to your stop.....urghhh!! Try again?

When: Thursday, May, 14 2015

Where: Millennium Skytrain

Squamish, riding a Liv Intrigue, driving a red Jetta

In Squamish, at the entrance to Angry Midget trail. We chatted briefly about armour while my friend changed her tire. I saw you again at the bottom of the hill loading up your bike and I should have come over to talk. Let's get together to have a coffee and talk bikes, the need for armour and long singletrack climbs.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: Squamish

Hostess at Devil's Elbow

I was eating at Devil's Elbow on Saturday night, and we spoke briefly. I commented on your killer dance moves, and you gave us a few recommendations for places to go out in Vancouver. The food/drinks were good, but you were the most memorable part of the meal. You mentioned that you enjoy going to breweries... I would love to make the trip to Vancouver from Seattle again soon to take you to a few breweries!

When: Saturday, May, 16 2015

Where: Devil's Elbow

Handsome Closed Shaved Bearded Man in London Drugs

You handsome man with black close shaved heard. Me tall dark hair. I was watching you, you were watching me, but you were finished shopping before me. You looked at when you were at the till as if to say are you done yet. If by some small miracle, you are single, would love to connect.

When: Sunday, May, 17 2015

Where: London Drugs Byrne Road Burnaby


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