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E.g., Jun 7 2015

Elevator Encounter

We started chatting when you joined me on the elevator and you said you had just come from a job interview. I'm thinking about getting into your field so I asked you a bunch of questions about it. You seemed like a genuinely nice person and I thought you were really pretty too. Regret not asking you to continue the conversation. Drop me a line if you'd like to.

When: Thursday, April, 30 2015

Where: Hornby and Davie

Very tall pretty blonde girl on expo skytrain from king george to waterfront

Im 6 foot 4 and its very rare to see a girl thats my height You were a very tall about 6 foot 3 girl, with blonde hair up in a bun, a jean jacket, black jeans, and a backpack, you looked like you just got out of class or something. You got off at Scott Road I was sitting down across from you with my laptop, I have very short hair, a blue jacket, and a button up on. We caught each others glances a few times as I was sort of creeping on you haha. I wanted to go up and talk to you but I figured starting up conversation on a busy train was a bit weird an awkward, I'm regretting it now. You were stunning, contact me, maybe you'd lke to get to know a guy who isn't shorter than you for once? haha

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: Expo line skytrain from king george to waterfront

John the Musician + Judas Priest Fan

A man had been following me for several stops .. I reached out to you in the line up for help and you intervened without hesitation. You protected me, kept me safe and rode the bus past your own stop to make sure I made it to my stop safely. You walked away saying if I ever needed help, that I could find you at that same stop around the same time and I've been looking for you ever since ... I've shared our story and have drivers and passengers keeping their eyes open for you too but I seem to be missing you every timE ... I want to share with you how amazing you are and how grateful I am to you for being so willing to help me ... for being such a gentleman. You're a beautiful soul and I would like to see you again ... AND I cannot believe I didn't ask you for your number or give you my card! Woman?! haha I had just taught a meditation class and was a bit shook up from being followed .. I also trusted I would see you again ... Trying every angle to find you. Hoping you read the Georgia Straight! Warmest hugs, ~Michelina

When: Wednesday, April, 08 2015

Where: Surrey Central Station | Bus Stop #61035 | Bus #502 Langley Centre | Time: 8:30pm

Server at wings lougheed with the MM tat

You served my buddy and I. You had a Marilyn Manson quote on your left arm and a glowing personality. Your shift ended and I should have invited you to sit down when we settled up. But my buddy pointed out your ring. If that ring is just for show and you also wish I hadn't let you just walk away, message me and it won't happen again.

When: Tuesday, May, 05 2015

Where: wings @ lougheed

I startled you aruound 8pm as you were heading to work

Me, short female, dirtyblonde. You, tall dapper fellow with your JJbean coffee. I was having a heated argument, and stopped you to demand your opinion on the definition of verbal abuse. You cleared some things up, then declared "I have to go to work now!" and bid a hasty retreat. I just wanted to say thanks, and I'll buy your next coffee if you see this!

When: Wednesday, May, 06 2015

Where: Commercial and 6th

A handsome man at the corner of Lonsdale and 16th Street

We met approximately a week ago. You are a tall, handsome, with a light brown or dark blond hair color. You were looking somewhere above your head. I caught you off guard and asked you: Are you enjoying the sunny weather? and I wished you to have a nice day. OI hope you will read my note and send me a replay. If you are the person I am looking for please write what you said that day. I had a leather jacket on, black short hair, and green eyes

When: Wednesday, April, 22 2015

Where: at the corner of Lonsdale Avenue and 16th Street, North Vancouver

Talked after bussing with the Rollergirl

You were the pretty purple haired girl on the 22 and i was the guy with the black hat. We chatted for a bit after rollergirl vancouver talked to you about morality, evil men and harper not building enough prisons. You seem funny and cool. Hope to see you again girl whose name starts with an A I think!

When: Tuesday, May, 05 2015

Where: 22 bus.

Beauty in black

You were waiting for the 17 bus at Broadway and Cambie around noon. You were wearing faded black jeans and black North Face jacket. You got up at one point to talk on your phone to someone about the hail (I wasn't listening, I promise). I was the guy with his gym bag and groceries. When you got off the bus at 12th and Oak, I wished I had worked up the nerve to say hello. Can we meet up some time so I can say hi and buy you a coffee or a whole meal of food?

When: Tuesday, May, 05 2015

Where: Broadway and Cambie

Pretty. Tall. Blonde. Manager

You're the very pretty blonde manager at Scotia Bank. I was at your branch on Friday. You approached me to ask me if I have been helped. I can't help but think that there were some looks shared between us from a far. Was there something there? Or.....

When: Friday, May, 29 2015

Where: Scotia Bank on Kingsway by Metrotown

Talking Serial on the bus

Sat at the back of the 99, we were both heading to Main, both with friends who had a birthday that day. We got talking about the podcast serial... You think Adnan is innocent, and I think he's guilty. Let's get a drink and discuss more!

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: 99 B-line heading east

#99 Monday evening

We got on the bus at the same stop. Traded smiling glances back and forth until MacDonald, where we both exited. You had headphones in. I should have said hello. I was wearing a black jacket, glasses, and have dark wavy hair. After getting off the bus, I got a call from a friend. I was standing across the street from the apartment building you walked into and looked up to see you (?) painting a red wall (?) Tell me the stop where we boarded the bus, and the name of the coffee shop attached to your building, so I know it's you! Maybe we can ride the bus again, but sitting together this time?!

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: b-line, going West

Gentleman on the #15 bus

You: black male, wearing thick, black rimmed glasses and dressed very handsomely. You got off at the Shoppers on 16th ave, carrying an iPad (?). Me: chin length brown hair with bangs, glasses, in a light grey coat, brown tights. Just wanted to say that I thought you looked great. Maybe coffee sometime?

When: Monday, May, 04 2015

Where: on the #15 cambie bus, i got on at cambie and 12th ave

Gimme dat Wu-Tang

Walking towards each other on Gore, you with a friend, me in a Wu-Tang t-shirt. You yelled "Hey, gimme dat Wu-Tang shirt!" I stared a little and smiled, shook my head. You yelled again, as you passed, grinning, "GIMME DAT WU-TANG!" I smiled, "Can't, naked underneath". You grinned more "GIMME IT!". I loved the whole exchange and you are one styley brother and I like your moxy.

When: Monday, April, 27 2015

Where: Gore Street, Chinatown

Pterodactyl Artist

You definitely were an artist. I wanted to ask you to draw on my food takeaway box. But was too shy. I thought you were hot and cool and fab. I got on at Metrotown and sat with you. There was a noisy chatty guy behind us and we sort of looked at each other when you got off at surrey central. And looked at again and nodded. I wish...I wish...Are you a T. Rex, cause I would like to plesiosaur you.

When: Saturday, May, 02 2015

Where: Metrotown to SurreyCentral Skytrain

Explained and Answered

You (Brown hair , Olive Green shirt with a black jacket plus a really cool natural colour hat on) and your 2 friends were checking out the Reclaimed Print booth and I (an asian guy) was there explaining really quick about the company and the products. About 5 mins later you came back alone to ask prices on a certain products that I answered but I wish i was not that nervous because I thought you were really pretty.

When: Friday, May, 01 2015

Where: Shipyards Friday Night Markets in North Van


First I saw you in vgh er you just started you shift 24 april 7 am. Last I saw you when I was leaving vgh Friday apr 25 about 5 pm you were at ER window... you saw me too but we couldn't talk. I was wearing grey top Canada printed on it with white plastic bag. Once your friend called you butter chicken candy.

When: Friday, April, 24 2015


dark jeans and white t-shirt

We made intense eye contact when I got on the train, I sat across from you. at one point i offered up my seat to another person and later on decided to stand. You then got up and stood in front of me. I wish I had said something, I was so tired from work. you have such amazing eyes would love gaze into them over coffee sometime...

When: Saturday, May, 02 2015

Where: East bound skytrain

Stunning Beauty! Nesters on Main, Tuesday, April 21, around 6:30 PM

The Affair (Ruth Wilson) looking girl; grey/blue eyes. White Birkenstocks (very cute), Burgoo bag, old fashioned silver wallet case, iPhone (checking Canucks app). Shopping: Neocitran, appple juice, noodles... Could not stop staring at you! I am too old for you, but just wanted to say how perfect gorgeous you are :)

When: Tuesday, April, 21 2015

Where: Nesters on Main Street

the narrow Jew

So you read my Hebrew tattoo on my arm and asked me what it meant. I was too nervous to give you my number or talk to you and I regret it. You were very tall and wore glasses. Since we are the only Jews in Vancouver we should at least go for a drink.

When: Friday, May, 01 2015

Where: The Narrow- Main street

The boy in line at Mac Demarco

I was holding my super huge, newly discovered Mac Demarco painting while in the line up for his Vogue show. We were in line together after I had met up with someone who bumped me up closer to the front that you happened to be with. I don't remember the interaction we had word for word, but you were super charming and inquisitive, and the fluorescent paint on your hands was quite the cool sight. I really can't stop thinking about how cool you are.

When: Friday, April, 24 2015

Where: the Vogue theatre

Baby shower gifts at the Bay

We were both picking out baby shower presents and ended up with almost identical "onesies". I joked that we better not be getting presents for the same baby. I noticed what a great smile you had and how attracted to you I felt. .....wish I had gotten your number. Coffee? If you , by some miracle, read this and respond, mention the character on the front of the onesies so that I know its you :)

When: Monday, April, 27 2015

Where: The Bay downtown, infants section

Surfer Dave!

I left my number on your orange camper at Flo about 5 years ago...I moved to England and lost track of you, but I'm back in BC and was always curious... :)

When: Thursday, April, 30 2015

Where: Florencia Bay

Tower Encounter

I was strolling your way at Tower Beach and paused to comment on the Sun Kil Moon song coming from your iPhone. You smiled confidently and asked me to smoke a joint with you. I had to dash up the stairs and back into the real world, but would love to return to the sand and have a sunset smoke with you one of these days. Get in touch if you see this.

When: Wednesday, April, 29 2015

Where: Tower Beach

Hey Ms A!

You asked me to look you up so I thought I would give you a shout out. Hey Ms A! Our brief encounter this afternoon has piqued my curiosity. I would really enjoy having a longer conversation with you so that I could loose myself in your big beautiful green (possibly hazel?) eyes. Coffee? Or perhaps a drink? - The man in the black shirt & boots

When: Thursday, April, 30 2015

Where: SW Marine Dr. at Oak


Phalluses, Freud, and pig ladies at the...

The Room Nobody Knows is an off-planet theatrical piece from Japan's Niwa Gekidan Penino.