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E.g., Aug 23 2016

Ramenman West End

You were looking for a table at Ramenman, and smiled. I sat outside, sorry I did not invite you to join me. You were with a friend. I liked how seriously you discussed your ramen with the staff, and your smile. Let's have ramen together?

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Vancouver

You, me and Wreck

Wreck Beach. Me: nude, curvy, tattooed caucasian woman with bleached hair. You: nude, caucasian man with brown hair and an amazing smile. I was comfortably set up, solo, on the sand in front of you with me multicolour umbrella. We exchanged some smiles and words, you asked me how the water was! As you left you walked by me telling me you were on the hunt for shadier space before you got burnt... i'm usually super gutsy and would have made a comment about perhaps seeing you again? But I left it up to chance... wreck beach season isn't over! Contact me if you want to find some shade together :)

When: Tuesday, August, 23 2016

Where: Wreck beach - near the bathrooms

Pretty at the Fringe Festival

Last year you were by the box office at the Fringe Festival! we exchanged some eye contact and you smiled at me. I met you again at Performance Works later that night, you smiled again. Will I see you again at the Fringe this year? I will be holding a flower and waiting for you at the box office

When: Saturday, September, 12 2015

Where: Fringe Festival

Cheryl at Kibune

Met you briefly at Kibune. Beautiful eyes and cheek bones. I would never make you pay for diesel.

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: Kibune

Denman Harley

You beautiful blonde driving a black Road King, black t shirt, black shorts. Me on a Red Dyna, white t shirt, black shorts. Would love to meet for a coffee and maybe a road trip !!

When: Wednesday, August, 17 2016

Where: Denman and Pendrell

Hair like a Lion - 17 Oak

You - stunning blue eyes and a gorgeous mane of curly brown hair. Me - shaved head and blue eyes. We exchanged glances and then an old lady got on the bus and commented how beautiful your hair was (I agree). You said it was like a lion; that made me smile and was going to say hi but had to get off at my stop. Would love to grab a drink or coffee sometime and get to know you!

When: Thursday, August, 18 2016

Where: #17 Oak Bus

You literally had flowers in your hair

I was reading a Kurt Vonnegut poem out loud; you patiently waited, then started talking about old shoes. Me: blue jacket, white shirt, big silly grin. You: white dress, seafoam shoes, and a summer wreath on your head. We danced to a (very impressive) Beatle's cover band. We laughed when they said they were playing "Something" (as in, anything, instead of the actual song). Just an insane evening. Lost track of a lot of things, but don't want to lose track of you. Send me an email?

When: Sunday, July, 31 2016

Where: The Island!

beardy at arbutus cafe

You said it was a cramped corner, we shared the sugar bowl. Me, blonde, kinda sweaty from a workout, you, tall, beard, rings, but not on ring finger? Wish I'd said more...

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: arbutus cafe in kitsilano

Crossing Granville street on broadway @ 2AM sunday into monday

Me: Asian male 5'5" wearing jeans and dark tshirt carrying blacl laptop bag heading west You: Beautiful asian girl 5' blonde dyed hair white top plaid button shirt, jean blue shorts walking with two guys one white guy and one east indian guy heading east. Would love to get your number and take you out for coffee as a prelude for things to come. :)

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: Broadway and Grandville

Goddess and her sunflowers, Safeway 4th and Vine

Around 0820 Monday morning, on the sidewalk by Whole Foods, we greeted each other, and then again in the checkout area at the Safeway. You're an early-40's woman with a beautiful left Safeway with coffee and sunflowers and we exchanged greetings a third time at Vine and West 3rd. I'd love to meet you for a drink.

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: 4th and Vine

Commercial Broadway all black photographer

You: all black, handsome, camera around your neck, casually lounging on the corner of the drive and broadway all suave like. Me: stopped at the light on my old ten speed. curious. looked over and exchanged glances at least a couple times. You're handsome and intriguing. Meet ups? What color was my bike?

When: Sunday, August, 21 2016

Where: Commercial at Broadway

If we could reconnect....

I saw your post in "I Saw You". Have been trying to contact you for a week, but have not heard anything back. We met 9 years ago, POF, my name is Lianne, I am Jewish, live in Kits, went to Israel, etc, etc. Many friends have forwarded me this post and I would love to reconnect. Please be in touch if you see this. That would be amazing.

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: in Georgia Straight

Awesome Nurse

You were my nurse at St. Paul's Hospital emergency. I think you said your name is Jessica. I was a bit of a whimp, but you were so nice to me and made me feel better, which is awesome, because it was night time. I definitely need to see you again. Coffee sometime?

When: Monday, August, 22 2016

Where: St. Paul's Hospital

A Girl and Her Horse

You'd been riding your pinto and stopped for some excited children by the gate to a friend's place, where we were having a get together. I'm very glad you did. I really enjoyed your lively, outgoing personality; and, I'd love to pick-up our conversation where we left off and get to know more about you, and horses too. I was the fellow that asked you the breed of your pretty mare. ;)

When: Saturday, August, 20 2016

Where: Maple Ridge

With your bike on East 11 (outside your house)

Was walking w/ friend and you pulled up behind up us on sidewalk w/ your bike -- you lived right there. You were beautiful and looked pastoral w/ your bike and basket... wondering if you're noticed me!?! Me -- dark short hair, slim. You -- feminine... maybe single?

When: Sunday, August, 21 2016

Where: East 11 west of Commerical

Biking on a hot Thursday night -- Adanac Bike Route

I pulled up beside you on Union street bike route near Jackson -- you on commuter bike w/ bags and long flowing top (beautiful), sassy short blond hair and gorgeous smile, maybe 40 something -- me, in road biking gear w/ sunnies, white helmet, sea green Trek bike -- I said, its hot (for biking) and you said you liked my bike and then I was tongue tied ... you caught up at traffic light at Gore and I was too shy to stop and give you my number ... if you're interested in a ride or coffee let me know.

When: Thursday, August, 11 2016

Where: Union street bike route

Natasha! It's Stew!

you were sitting on the side bench @ Van Art & Leisure on Main St., I sat down, we chatted about music and drum circles. I dug your style. you had to leave to go pick up your friend. would love to meet up

When: Sunday, August, 21 2016

Where: Vancouver Art & Leisure

Kestrel Books, Saturday

You had blondish hair and were wearing yoga togs and running shoes, I had a black t-shirt, beige shorts and white runners. You had a great smile and we exchanged hellos, but I drove home wishing I had had the courage to talk to you more. Coffee/ Drinks?

When: Saturday, August, 20 2016

Where: Kestrel Books, Fourth Avenue

Othello. August 14

Not so much as a encounter.. From not so far away I saw you walk through the gates with another lady. You striking with a beautiful Rose tattoo a certain vibe and the way you carried yourself caught my eye. I thought, oh look, Kate Hudson. And later in the theater you were in a section opposite me. Did my best not to stare.. I'm certain you never noticed me. I pictured you and I on a date...dinner, Bard drinks and strolls on the beach... The Beautiful smile throughout the show you seemed to have enjoyed. Have not stopped daydreaming of you. Show ended with Bianca singing.. wish I could quote directly.. My heart was wounded the first I saw you... Hope you enjoyed the show. Maybe I will see you again.

When: Sunday, August, 14 2016

Where: Bard on the Beach

green roses

was checking out the mural festival on main when something more beautiful then the art caught my eye. you were wearing a cute dress with green roses, i was walking my dog drinking an iced coffee. would love to see you again.

When: Saturday, August, 20 2016

Where: main street

Petite Brunette Lady,Seabus-Friday Night

Wasn't in a good mood,in a rush,and you and your friend were having a great conversation and didn't want to interrupt you. But sitting beside you with your sparkly personality made me feel better. I'm the tall 6'+ dark haired guy.

When: Friday, August, 19 2016

Where: Seabus Going to Vancouver

Tall, dark and handsome

We were at the intersection of Davie and Thurlow outside of Starbucks. You had a red shirt and a skateboard, tall and handsome. I had pink hair in a braid and you asked me for a smoke. Shoulda got your name and number, felt like we vibed. Did we?

When: Friday, August, 19 2016

Where: Davie and Thurlow

Enchanting smile

I was chowing down at pizza garden on main. You, long skirt, beautiful dark hair and an amazing smile that you held on me. I, black shirt and brown hair. I ran out to see you and you went in and got an ice cream and walked up 14th.

When: Wednesday, August, 17 2016

Where: 14th and main


You came up the stairs in Lynn Valley Village headed to a yoga class, I was photographing the music in the village as you passed me; I saw a hint of a beautiful smile. You were wearing black yoga wear with grey halter top, brown gladiator sandals and a necklace with a green rectangular brooch. I would love to photograph you.

When: Wednesday, August, 17 2016

Where: Lynn Valley Village, North Vancouver



I went back through a few old emails you sent me. So embarrassing. F you. I hated you so much. I...