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E.g., Dec 4 2016

Bad Boots

You asked me about my boots. And apologised for distracting me from my laptop. Truth is, I couldn't do any work with you sitting across from me. Wish you could distract me more.

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: The Birds & The Beets

Lunchtime at Hastings and Hornby

Between 12pm-1pm we walked past each other twice at Hastings and Hornby. The first time we smiled and even caught one another doing a double-take. The second was more of the same, and I would have liked to say hello but there was a flood of children between us on the sidewalk and it probably wouldn't have been a good look to push them out of the way. You had a black hat and dark rimmed glasses, I was wearing the same, albeit a toque, and was also very full from just eating tacos. But you wouldn't have known that. They were good. If you see this, perhaps you'd like to grab a coffee or something sometime?

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: Hastings and Hornby

Viking Dogs.

We see each other often, and every single time you make me feel immensely happy. We talk about all the concerts we've seen, our little pups, Lava Field, and occasionally new beer to try. You are genuinely such a lovely and kind man. If I could sit for hours on Commercial just telling stories, laughing and being close with you, I always would. I already look forward to seeing you again.

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: Burnaby

WWE Survivor Series at the 12 Kings

My friend and I sat at the bar expecting to watch football, but wrestling ended up being a pleasant surprise, especially with you, a young Shawn Michaels, hosting and simultaneously superkicking your way into my heart. That championship winning smile and ponytail embody the Heartbreak Kid, too bad you weren't shirtless. You are a sexy boy, will you be my boy toy?

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: The 12 kings pub

Vivacious blonde in Value Village

I bumped into you thinking you were my friend with a faked English 'Ello, Love! You were snide about how my pajamas looked too short. I'd like to think you know I'd never wear those in my right mind.

When: Wednesday, November, 30 2016

Where: Value village Hastings

On the 135 at midnight

My name is Dana and I had a great chat getting to know you. You told me your full name last minute to find you on facebook, but as you rushed off I couldn't find you. Say hey

When: Thursday, December, 01 2016

Where: 135 from main to boundary

SALES Concert

We danced, made naughty fairy eyes, kissed, you carried me. A hypnotic spell, a hallucinatory response to a drug that is you. We were on an adventure. Sage you are the match that lights my fire. Come play with me. Amber

When: Saturday, November, 19 2016

Where: Cobalt

Bowen Island

Hey M. Saw you at lunch again today at the Ruddy Kitchen. You are lovely - so tall, dark and handsome. Could kiss those lips for a good long time. May I take you out on a date?

When: Wednesday, November, 30 2016


Cute bearded man on the #19

Me: Short chick with dark, long hair in a black and white checkered jacket You: Dressed mostly in black, an awesome gingery beard and a wrist tattoo We locked eyes as I was exiting out the back door on fraser. Thank you for opening the door for me! Drink sometime?

When: Tuesday, November, 29 2016

Where: Bus

Tall "gingerbeard" man...

En route to Thrifty Foods at Morgan Crossing, I saw you on the sidewalk. You were a tall Caucasian man with greying ginger hair, a scruffy short beard, and blonde eyelashes that I could see all the way from my car. You had this cute half-smile on your face and, had I been on the sidewalk instead of in my car, I totally would have aimed a smile your way. You reminded me of why it's important to put makeup on, even if I'm just headed to the grocery store to pick up a few staples!

When: Monday, November, 28 2016

Where: Morgan Crossing, South Surrey

I wanna see that smile again...

We were sitting in front of each other, your beauty caught my attention and then you caught me staring at you You smiled at me, but I dunno if it was just for being polite The curious fact is that you have an old cell phone as mine lol Btw, you made a comment about the noise that the bus made I want to know you :)

When: Monday, November, 28 2016

Where: 99 UBC bus

At Gourmet Warehouse

You: very attractive man in orange jacket... Me: attractive woman in black boots & jacket

When: Sunday, November, 27 2016

Where: Gourmet Warehouse, 1340 E Hastings, Vancouver, BC

Crazy taxi and Scintillating N9 Ride

Hey! Keira! Thanks for making my bus ride a little more wonderful. Couldn't stop looking into your eyes, and laughing at your off kilter sense of the world! I wish there were more great convos like that around; the world would be a better place. See ya around! Ps. Do you kiss your mother with a mouth like that?! Zac

When: Sunday, November, 27 2016

Where: Cambie & Broadway. On N9

Roger H

Roger H on Saturday night in Richmond. You blonde in black with two friends. Me in silver vest, button down shirt, and jeans. Us at front of stage for concert, pretty much in front of Roger. After the show ended we locked eyes a number of times as I was leaving, you stayed behind with aforementioned friends. Thought we had a "spark" (for lack of better word). Wanted to talk with you more than we did, wasn't sure how to approach you or if you're single. At first I thought both friends were platonic before one planted a big kiss on your lips during the show - had me wondering. In any case if you are and by chance you (or anyone you know) read this (crossing my fingers) and want to chat/discuss our mutual admiration for a certain band, please get a hold of me.

When: Saturday, November, 26 2016

Where: River Rock Show Theatre

Brock House Christmas Fair

We chatted in the book room while your daughter was buying fashion accessories until we were turfed out by an irritable bookseller. I'd like to carry on our conversation about psychology, wisdom and your kiwi connections over a glass of wine. I hope you'd like that too.

When: Saturday, November, 26 2016


Hollister cashier

I was shopping at Hollister in Pacific centre on Black Friday night, and I saw you, standing behind the cashier's desk...I knew it was stupid and even creepy but I just couldn't stop looking at you.I grabbed a random sweater and went to the long check-out line, hoping to have you as my cashier..When it was my turn, I didnt even have enough courage to walk to your desk, so I just chose the girl beside you and tried to smile at you but you were then having a little trouble with your customer, seemed like she had some problem with the price... I really want to tell you that you made my Black Friday more than just shopping fun...If it is possible I want to meet you again :) Thank you the cutest cashier in this world !

When: Friday, November, 25 2016

Where: Hollister in Pacific Center

Black Friday Beating Heart

It was at The Bay downtown on the escalator, you were ahead on the way up in a light blue suit...and my heart skipped a beat. You stopped on the 5th flr. at the store index and were waiting for me...I know we're meant to meet. Get back I'm there for you this time...

When: Friday, November, 25 2016

Where: The Bay downtown

Beer tasting

Brewery tour -November 24. I drank several beers with my friend. You're English and I'm a kiwi, who was charmed. Let's meet up for a drink.

When: Thursday, November, 24 2016

Where: East Van

To the seabus cutie who caught my eye

Now, believe me when I say I never do this. But after today, I absolutely had to. I'm kicking myself for not saying anything to you earlier so I guess this is my best bet... I was getting the vibe that the attraction was mutual but I can't be too sure, so, here I am. walked past you and sat down on the seats along the back window, nervously shuffling through my backpack trying to make myself look busy. This is a complete long shot, but if you're out there and you read this... Well, I guess you know what to do.

When: Thursday, November, 24 2016

Where: Seabus

Silvery white tied up hair.

I must have been passing by Metrotown area, and you must have been skipping cart for a seat. You briefly made an eye contact and quickly sat in front of my seat. You had two friends and you sat side ways to talked to them. I must have been glanced your face saw your smile while you were chatting. I thought you glanced at me while I was trying to act normal looking outside of window. At least I thought you were looking, we've managed to make one direct eye contact, you and your friends had to get off and go back to Joyce station. I headed to downtown. I came across you at Granville station on my way back from downtown. I didn't manage to talk to you, I keep thinking about it hoping that I run into you again. You had tied up pale bleached hair and pretty smile.

When: Monday, November, 21 2016

Where: Passing Burnaby in Expo line skytrain

Thank you

Seymour Building, Monday evening. You had just come out of the elevator; I was leaving Ruby's Ukes. You gave me a great smile and held the door open even though I lagged behind. I wish I took the chance to talk to you instead of just saying a quick thanks and going about my way.

When: Monday, November, 21 2016

Where: Seymour Building

Strangers in the Night

We smiled at each other as we crossed paths. Maybe it was just the fact I moved my umbrella out of your way, or maybe there was something more to it. Either way, your world stopping smile made my night. I would love to see you and your smile again, but if not I'm glad we shared that brief moment in time.

When: Tuesday, November, 22 2016

Where: W. 12th Avenue across from City Hall

Brentwood Skytrain Wink November 2nd

You: Blond, shortish hair with a cute toque on. We traveled on the skytrain towards lougheed station exchanging glances and smiles but this time i got off at production way and as the train clicked close you gave me the sexiest wink ever, can i see it again?

When: Wednesday, November, 02 2016

Where: Brentwood Station

Could you read my poker face?

We were playing poker in a giant mansion. 5 hours later, you ended up taking second after scoring the last of my chips. You seemed like a cool cat, and I wanted to chat more, but the cab arrived so quickly after the game that I never got your info. I'd love a rematch.

When: Friday, November, 18 2016

Where: Vancouver

Laptop Warrior at the Cascade Room

You asked me for a last drink at Cascade as I was leaving. I was thrown too off guard to say anything other than "sure!" before fleeing. It's rare for me to find a complete stranger interesting, so if you still want that drink, I'm game.

When: Wednesday, November, 16 2016

Where: Cascade Room


A feminist world

If it is anything like living/working in an all female environment then this world would be one...