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E.g., Jun 7 2016

Organic Meat at the East End Co-op

Thursday at the East End Coop, you were in the meat section wearing a plaid shirt and baggy shorts. I was the hipster looking for organic yogurt. You decided not to buy any meat because there wasn't any organic ground turkey, I think I fell in love at that moment. It could be an organic match made in heaven.

When: Thursday, May, 05 2016

Where: East End Co-op Meat Section

Wrestling at the WISE Hall

You: I said, "You look like a movie star, Alicia Silverstone from Clueless." You were wearing a pretty black dress and looked really beautiful. Me: The funny heckler in a black jacket. I was heckling and you were laughing. It was so much fun next time we should bring some tomatoes!! But alas you looked like you were on some kind of blind double date. If you see this I hope it makes you smile. If you do decide to call the Big Macs are on me.

When: Saturday, April, 30 2016

Where: WISE Hall

Construction guy named Clay

I was with my guy friend and i heard you telling your name to the barista so I had to say hi. Id love to actually go for a coffee with you after your work one day if youre not taken :)

When: Thursday, May, 05 2016

Where: Starbucks on Davie

Shelly in South Granville

Shelly, we met one night, months ago now, at The Marquis on South Granville. Things went pretty well that night that left you walking me home. I never got your number because my phone was dead so I gave you mine instead. When you never got in contact the following days I assumed you weren't interested, smiled at a pleasant memory, and went on my way. However, I walked by you the other day and I got quite the death stare. Just want to make sure in my inebriated idiocy I didn't give you the wrong number by accident.

When: Wednesday, May, 04 2016

Where: Hemlock and 11th

Stunningly stunning goddess, Whole Food Kits checkout

You; very, very tall, super-smiley brunette working the checkout around 515 PM Wednesday. I was in the next lane but you greeted me with intensity and I commented on how you're always so incredibly radiant and cheerful. We chatted about you being done school but that you're taking one summer school course. Every time I see're equally as cheery and warm and bubbly...and I think you're a knockout....I am slightly older dude with the earpiece in his ear, wearing blue and black for work. I'd love to take you out.

When: Wednesday, May, 04 2016

Where: Kits Whole Foods

A Beautiful Entity Pharmasave

I decided to drop off my prescription at your Pharmasave not knowing the beauty I was about to encounter. Before me at the drop off desk I looked up to see the most beautiful man with sharp brown eyes, the kind of eyes that tell of a lone ghost waiting for his love. The glimmer of your bald head shone like a lighthouse in the distance guiding me towards the conquest of love. Your hands were adorned with rings that obviously must hide a treasure cove of past experiences I'd love to revist with you. If only I can drop off my scripts here all the time for I come from a far away exotic world. I long to have a taste of the delicacy that is the divine trifecta of Vancouver class, sugared maple, and the intensity of those razor sharp eyes.

When: Wednesday, May, 04 2016

Where: Caulfeild

saw someone from Paris @ safeway last summer

Last summer, we were at ice-cream section in Safeway and had a nice chat. You moved to Vancouver 6 years ago from Paris. Currently live and work in Burnaby. would like to reconnect!

When: Wednesday, July, 22 2015

Where: Safeway Vancouver

Pacific Centre contractor who helped with directions

We both were waiting at the elevator and you asked if I needed some help with my directions; you also were so kind to tell me how to get where I needed to go! You were so sweet and handsome; I was kicking myself for not saying more than "thank you". You appeared to be working as a contractor and walked thru Pacific Centre. Dark hair and features with a killer smile

When: Monday, May, 02 2016

Where: Pacific Centre, W. Georgia St

Saw you in the waiting room at the Copeman clinic...

Monday early afternoon... me... black shirt, black shorts, crutches. You... pretty hat, lovely face, radiant smile and a warmth of energy that's hard to describe. I was trying not to stare but every time I looked, you were looking my way, with that gorgeous smile. Our staring got interrupted and you were gone when I came out. You have questions and I have answers. And some questions of my own. Jeez, I hope you see this.

When: Monday, May, 02 2016

Where: Copeman clinic

Leather Jacket on Lonsdale

You: tall, wearing a leather jacket, and holding a video camera with a group of other guys on Lonsdale Avenue. Me: curly hair, blue headphones, and standing beside you at the crosswalk. Too shy to say hi in the moment, but noticed you sneaking looks. Just letting you know, you seemed like my type :)

When: Sunday, May, 01 2016

Where: Lower Lonsdale

Lottie from Oxfordshire

Lottie, you enchanted me with your beauty, intelligence, warmth and sweetness. We met at Stanley Park during the marathon....I wanted to ask you out but 1. I was on duty and 2. it appears you have a boyfriend? Nonetheless, you made me something simple yet beautiful and it really touched me. What's going on? I really would love to get to know you...

When: Sunday, May, 01 2016

Where: Stanley Park by the marathon route

Unexpectedly Nice Customs Officer

You were the awesome Canadian customs officer at the far right side of the border crossing. I think I was there around 11:30am. I remember you because of your eye colour, which were way too mesmerizingly light in colour to look at. Not sure if you could tell but I was trying my hardest to avoid eye contact without looking like a suspicious person. I was the one telling you about rock climbing in Leavenworth and you had no idea what bouldering was. And I think you were surprised that a female would climb and camp on her own but we do! Anyways, you are way too good looking to be a customs officer but thank you for being so nice and pleasant about my trip down into the States. Cheers!

When: Saturday, April, 30 2016

Where: Truck crossing in Blaine

Punk Guy Helps Old Drunk Guy

I was in the number 7 Dunbar and we had stopped at Heatley and pender. And an old drunk man stumbled and fell underneath the parked bus. You had long dark hair and lip piercings. Wearing all black. You jumped to action to help the man up and offered to take him to the triage where you worked to sober up and have a bite to eat. You really tried to take him with you and help him out. But he refused. I was the punk chick with the punk mohawk who thought it was absolutely heartwarming to see such kindness. I thought you were really handsome. I'd like to see you some time. Maybe over a beer?

When: Friday, April, 29 2016

Where: Heatley and pender

two girlfriends walking on davie

You the two hotties wearing black walking in front of me from Denman to Cardero on Davie. You commented on how my cuties were so adorable. I over-heard you talking about your lhasa-poo Rolstan. I was a bit distracted dealing with work stuff over the phone and thinking about what should I cook that night – but now with hindsight, I still can't forget your smiles and fragrances. When do we meet again?

When: Tuesday, April, 26 2016

Where: Davie corner Denman

Dior Girl

You used to work at Dior at Holts. Beautiful blonde skinny girl with big red lips. I always wanted to talk to you but was always too shy, even to be around you, I hope you read this some day, or perhaps I run into you. May I take you out sometime?

When: Thursday, April, 28 2016


Anxiety Attack Broadway St.

Hi, we saw each other when I had an anxiety attack on Broadway st. You were there, rubbing my arm :) You said you experience the same thing. Let's meet and talk.

When: Sunday, April, 17 2016

Where: Broadway and Granville st.

Granville Island Market.

I am a redhead that was standing in front of a candy making place talking to an older lady I had just met in the market. You walked past with short dark hair, a sleeve and eye contact that gave me temporary conversational black out. My left hand rings are NOT wedding related. I wonder if you saw me? Coffee or a cocktail? Hopelessly optimistic...

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: Granville Island Market between apples, candy and chicken...

Punk rock girl

I went to the Charlaton for a pint after work. I thought I saw you checking me out but I left without saying hi. Later I felt a real pang of regret (I'm too polite) You had beautiful black hair and a nose ring and your friend was wearing a skinny puppy tshirt. I was the scruffy construction worker sitting alone. Anyways you're totally my type of crush.

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: The Charlaton

Beauty in Red near Kingsgate Mall

You were the super cutie with dark hair, a red top, and army green pants twirling an earbud as you walked West on Broadway. I was the tall guy sitting at the bus stop wearing a green coat and black jeans. You smiled at me and I thought about it all day at work. Can I buy you a beer sometime?

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: Broadway and Prince Edward

Woman holding violin case

Sat next to you at a bus stop bench last week and was really consumed by your appearance. Ginger shoulder length hair, a nice form fitting dress, tights, ballet flats. You were holding a soft violin case, had a striking face and a great perfume. More than anything, I just wanted you to know how gorgeous you looked.

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: West Broadway

Bathroom Construction Adonis

This was a few weeks ago I can't remember the exact date. You were at my place of work looking over the construction on the bathroom. You introduced yourself to me and asked if I was such and such ....I was not.....but you were very attractive....and then you were gone

When: Tuesday, April, 05 2016


Hypnotised by your eyes

Last thurs at the tap house you went up on stage but the hypnotist couldnt put you under, I watched you shyly too long and by the time I got close enough to talk you were wasted and having a mini meltdown. You still looked beautiful however and I was definitely hypnotised by you.

When: Thursday, April, 21 2016

Where: The Tap House Surrey

Beautiful curls

I've seen you on your way home from work several times now. We've always shared a smile, today was no different. Next time I'll say hello but on the off chance that you read this maybe we can use this to break the ice. :)

When: Monday, April, 25 2016


Stunning Asian

You were on the #22 this afternoon and got off at 1st and knight. I had sunglasses on but kept catching you on the reflection. As you got off and walked away we finally shared a look. Would love to get to know you, you're absolutely gorgeous.

When: Monday, April, 25 2016

Where: #22

Tall dark handsome

You: walking up Davie corner Broughton, talking with your friends, hands in your pockets. You had short dark hair, late 30's, wearing jeans and a wind jacket. You looked at me while i was walking towards you, playing with my keys. Me: wearing all black sportswear with a high ponytail.

When: Sunday, April, 24 2016

Where: Davie Street


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