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E.g., Mar 4 2015

Strange Little Girl

We danced on Valentine's day. You stormed in and started to dance with me. You found me again and we danced again. Worlds were colliding, your friends were trying to keep us apart I guess, since they kept telling me you had a boyfriend and that you were married. I liked dancing with you, I want to dance with you again.

When: Thursday, March, 05 2015

Where: The Fox

Handsome Man Bun on corner of Pender & Howe

I was crossing the street with my friend. You were standing with your friend, waiting for the light to change. Your friend has black hair and a big (ironic?) moustache. Your hair is medium brown, tied up in a bun on top of your head. You were wearing a leopard print scarf with a brown jacket, loose black Carhartt looking pants with boots. You have some facial hair and are generally super handsome. I am a tall brunette wearing a tight grey dress. Respond if you see this!

When: Wednesday, March, 04 2015

Where: The corner of Pender & Howe, downtown Vancouver

Asian girl at the bus depot!

You were an Asian girl waiting for someone from the Bolt Bus. I was wearing a bright orange hoodie, standing inside the bus depot when you suddenly approached me to ask when the Bolt bus was coming in. I was stunned by how pretty you were! I can't stop thinking about you. Let's go grab a drink!

When: Tuesday, March, 03 2015

Where: Pacific Central Station (Bus Station)

Lost in your cuteness

I was with my dad at Deer Garden on Fraser Street. I am half Asian, short black hair wearing beige pants and a black t-shirt. You are Chinese (Cantonese) and you were with your mom, wearing black leggings, a light grey t-shirt and a light sweater. You didn't seem to be in that good of a mood. We made eye contact several times in the waiting area, and as we sat at tables beside each other. you were doodling, and ate with your left hand. I noticed you left a napkin with something written on it, but could not make it out, as I noticed it just as the bus-girl used it to wipe the table. I would love to make contact with you and perhaps get to know you better over coffee??

When: Tuesday, March, 03 2015

Where: Deer Garden on Fraser Street

'You look smashing tonight'

Who are you super cyclist with the dazzling smile? Our intimately awkward and fabulously fun exchange at that street corner had me smiling all the way home on the B-line... thanks for ending my night on this high note! It would sure be nice to hear more from you.

When: Thursday, February, 19 2015

Where: Commercial & Broadway

Kingsgate Mall

You: Coming out of bathroom at Kingsgate mall, tall, with a hat. Me: Camo jacket, tall, carrying a 12 pack of club soda. We shared a what-up nod moment. Want to hang out?

When: Monday, March, 02 2015

Where: Kingsgate Mall

the stars are out

After Hey Rosetta! finished their set at the Vogue and while waiting for Stars to take the stage, I asked you if you were enjoying the show thus far. You were right up at the front near the barricade to my left wearing a black and white striped top. We had a brief conversation about music and travel. You were from the UK and been in Vancouver for a couple of years now. I really liked your smile and your accent! When your friend returned our chat ended, and when the house lights came back you left before I got to say anything else. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the music and the rest of your evening. Perhaps coffee sometime?

When: Saturday, February, 28 2015

Where: The Vogue

I miss your margaritas at the Shack!

You were the manager of the bar on Broadway and Trutch called the Shack. I used to come in all the time last summer to flirt with you (we just lived around the corner at the time). I had finally decided one day that I was gonna ask you out, so I showed up with my roommate at was gutted to see that the doors were closed.. For good. I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn't missed my window. If you're reading this, look me up =]

When: Wednesday, June, 11 2014

Where: The Shack

Too many groceries

We met at the 99 bus stop at MacDonald, you had a bunch of groceries and a skateboard, I had a red bandana in my hair, and was wearing a leather vest. We talked about my home town (Aberdeen), skateboarding, and you mentioned your in a talent show tomorrow night. You seemed pretty cool and I'm kicking myself for not asking if you wanted to hang out..

When: Sunday, March, 01 2015

Where: MacDonald and Briadway


I ran by you wearing orange and black running gear with a black and yellow baseball cap oustide of the Marpole Community centre late on Sunday afternoon. WOW! We caught each others quick attention. You turned my head because of your very pretty smile, long slightly curled blonde hair, slim black tighted legs and that fabulous mini shirt with wedged heels! I know you saw me because you glanced back as well hoping for a reaction? Well Babe, I walked around the playground hoping you would come back out of the change room yet I must have missed you. A chance meeting and I wish for more, please give me MORE! Next Sunday?

When: Sunday, March, 01 2015

Where: Marpole Community Centre Playground

As you wipe the sweat on your forehead

Your sweat formed a smiley face pattern on your dark green t-shirt and your moustache reminded me of Murray Bartlett in Looking. Maybe I'm projecting my own fantasy but I suspected you swing this side of the field as you put on your sexy jacket before you left the gym. Who does that on a sunny Saturday afternoon anyway? Oh, I did.

When: Saturday, February, 28 2015

Where: Mount Pleasant Community Centre Gym

At the grand villa casino

I guess this is my only chance to find you! You saw me on Saturday 21st at the grand villa casino. Your friend said that you were shy to talk to me at the beginning then we talked a bit. You took my number from my friend and you left but I guess you lost it or maybe wasn't correct. I was distracted by my friends so I couldn't sit with for long I wish I had more time to talk b4 you leave. I couldn't forget about and I hope you will see this.

When: Saturday, February, 21 2015

Where: Grand Villa Casino

Naam girl

I was the long black haired dude with the gray toque just leaving with my buddy. You were waiting in line to get a table I think. We exchanged glances on the way out, and I turned back to look at you and saw that you were looking back at me. I should have gone back and asked for your number.

When: Saturday, February, 28 2015

Where: the Naam

Hawaiian shirt guy at Lil' Debbie

You were a babely guy in a hawaiian print shirt, I was the blonde chick that had a pinching war with you. It took me until I got home to realize I should've given you my number. Let's grab a drink together?

When: Friday, February, 27 2015

Where: Fortune Sound Club


You-Blond guy with glasses bartending at the the All Presidents Dinner. Me-Tall guy wearing a checkered shirt. We didn't get to talk really besides me ordering a few drinks, but I definitely felt a connection there. Would love to actually have a conversation.

When: Thursday, February, 26 2015

Where: SUB Ballroom

Dark Skin Blue Jacket

We kept exchanging glances throughout the trip. Let's continue over coffee.

When: Friday, February, 27 2015

Where: #210 Vancouver

Supermarket Sexiness

I saw you in your sweats crying over plastic packaging at the supermarket. I thought you were so beautiful, I wanted to cry too. Meet me for a BTLA at 4:01?

When: Friday, February, 27 2015

Where: East Side

An angel on the Skytrain.

You are gorgeous. Long, wavy dark brown hair. Beautifully pronounced features. You have a way about you that captured my attention. From the way you stand, to the way you smile. You have this wonderfully mysterious... aura (do people still say aura?). You wore a double breasted tan coat, and a pair of gum boots. You stood beside the doors. I was dressed in black. I have dark hair, dark eyes, with a tan backpack and colourful nike runners. I stood across from you, about 15 feet away. As I looked at you, you caught me. I held your eyes for a moment or two, and cracked a smile. You smiled back. It made my day. I wanted to come over and ask you out then and there. I have no idea why I didn't. You got off at Broadway station. I was almost late for work, and my stop was Vancouver City Centre. I'm going to look for you every day. If you read this, contact me. I want to take you out.

When: Thursday, February, 26 2015

Where: Canada Line Skytrain

Whistler Creekside Gondola on Feb. 23

You were with your son and we talked briefly about the conditions up in Callaghan, and a little about Superman and Batman. If by some miracle you somehow manage to see this message, I want you to know I thought about that 5 minute ride for the rest of the day.

When: Monday, February, 23 2015

Where: Whistler Creekside Gondola

I was holding a broom on robson st, you a bit older, locked eyes.

I was given the of-most embarrassing duties of sweeping my work's patio. I waited for people to walk by because I didn't want to be rude and sweep cigarette butts onto their feet. I stood their with my broom in hand and you passed by me, locked eyes ever so romantically, and gave me a smile that made me melt. I had green eyes, tattoos, probably an embarrassed look on my face, oh and a broom. You were quite a bit older, oh but the attraction was there. You are so stunningly handsome, that eye lock was amazing. I would love to buy you a beer.

When: Thursday, February, 26 2015

Where: Robson st

Valentine's Date at my Work

Red headed babe that came for dinner at my work on Valentine's Day with a guy. You made a point of saying you sometimes date girls too. Your date and I teased you for flirting. Take me to that 90s bar? I'll wear my acid washed jeans.

When: Saturday, February, 14 2015

Where: Railtown

Mrs. Dalloway

It's none of my business, but I'm always drawn to what people read and you were reading Mrs. Dalloway. I was sitting across from you, it was hard not to look, we caught eyes a couple times, but its an difficult way to meet. You are the strikingly beautiful and there was something hauntingly sweet about you I imagined, and I wondered... Anyway, you will probably never see this. But hey, thanks.

When: Thursday, February, 26 2015

Where: 99 Bus

Searching Avocados

I was working and you were searching for the perfect avocado as I was filling them up. I made a few jokes about you intentionally ruining my perfect pyramid and you joked back. You may never see this but you were captivating yet subtle and I wish I said more.

When: Wednesday, February, 25 2015

Where: Nestors Market Gastown

99 bus today 540 (ish) - Maroon Sweater and Nice Hair

The headline is pretty descriptive but I will expand: You: a babe. you wearing a maroon sweater, glasses, a vest and had nice hair. Me: a babe (also). wearing a long beige(y) coat, glasses, black hair (also, nice hair). I boarded at cambie, you were already seated. I'd like to make out with you (with your consent, of course) and swap compliments.

When: Wednesday, February, 25 2015

Where: 99



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