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E.g., Apr 28 2016

Anxiety Attack Broadway St.

Hi, we saw each other when I had an anxiety attack on Broadway st. You were there, rubbing my arm :) You said you experience the same thing. Let's meet and talk.

When: Sunday, April, 17 2016

Where: Broadway and Granville st.

Granville Island Market.

I am a redhead that was standing in front of a candy making place talking to an older lady I had just met in the market. You walked past with short dark hair, a sleeve and eye contact that gave me temporary conversational black out. My left hand rings are NOT wedding related. I wonder if you saw me? Coffee or a cocktail? Hopelessly optimistic...

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: Granville Island Market between apples, candy and chicken...

Punk rock girl

I went to the Charlaton for a pint after work. I thought I saw you checking me out but I left without saying hi. Later I felt a real pang of regret(I'm too polite) You had beautiful black hair and a nose ring and your friend was wearing a skinny puppy tshirt. I was the scruffy construction worker sitting alone. Anyways you're totally my type of crush.

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: The Charlaton

Beauty in Red near Kingsgate Mall

You were the super cutie with dark hair, a red top, and army green pants twirling an earbud as you walked West on Broadway. I was the tall guy sitting at the bus stop wearing a green coat and black jeans. You smiled at me and I thought about it all day at work. Can I buy you a beer sometime?

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: Broadway and Prince Edward

Woman holding violin case

Sat next to you at a bus stop bench last week and was really consumed by your appearance. Ginger shoulder length hair, a nice form fitting dress, tights, ballet flats. You were holding a soft violin case, had a striking face and a great perfume. More than anything, I just wanted you to know how gorgeous you looked.

When: Wednesday, April, 27 2016

Where: West Broadway

Bathroom Construction Adonis

This was a few weeks ago I can't remember the exact date. You were at my place of work looking over the construction on the bathroom. You introduced yourself to me and asked if I was such and such ....I was not.....but you were very attractive....and then you were gone

When: Tuesday, April, 05 2016


Hypnotised by your eyes

Last thurs at the tap house you went up on stage but the hypnotist couldnt put you under, I watched you shyly too long and by the time I got close enough to talk you were wasted and having a mini meltdown. You still looked beautiful however and I was definitely hypnotised by you.

When: Thursday, April, 21 2016

Where: The Tap House Surrey

Beautiful curls

I've seen you on your way home from work several times now. We've always shared a smile, today was no different. Next time I'll say hello but on the off chance that you read this maybe we can use this to break the ice. :)

When: Monday, April, 25 2016


Stunning Asian

You were on the #22 this afternoon and got off at 1st and knight. I had sunglasses on but kept catching you on the reflection. As you got off and walked away we finally shared a look. Would love to get to know you, you're absolutely gorgeous.

When: Monday, April, 25 2016

Where: #22

Tall dark handsome

You: walking up Davie corner Broughton, talking with your friends, hands in your pockets. You had short dark hair, late 30's, wearing jeans and a wind jacket. You looked at me while i was walking towards you, playing with my keys. Me: wearing all black sportswear with a high ponytail.

When: Sunday, April, 24 2016

Where: Davie Street

Saw you at Moja on Commerical

Saw you at the Moja on Commercial. You: brunette wearing a demin jacket. Me: sitting across from you wearing a beige/brown sweater. We kept glancing at each other. I wanted to talk to you, but I was with a friend... I guess you like coffee...

When: Sunday, April, 24 2016

Where: Moja Cafe on Commercial

Tall Beauty waiting at the Keg on 82nd

You wainting in lobby og the Keg Thursday April 21 630ish. Our eyes locked we seemed familiar to us both. I walked by lost for words not knowing if you were waiting on a date I turned for one last look you had turned and again our eyes locked. Have no stopped thinking of you. Lets meet same spot and have a drink.

When: Thursday, April, 21 2016

Where: Keg

Two for one Tuesday's on Bowen

You: Torontonian who cracks great jokes while giving kayak paddling demos on Bowen island. Me: Tall, curly haired girl who forgot to return the ziplock bags (and feels so guilty!). I had to run to catch the ferry before asking... would you like an adventure buddy?

When: Saturday, April, 23 2016


Cute Police Officer, Ryan, at movie shoot

We were working at a movie shoot together. I thought you were super cute and really enjoyed talking to you.. I didn't see a ring on your finger? you left before I got back to the meeting area.. I'd love to go for drinks ? Lemme know what my name is so I know it's you ;-).

When: Friday, April, 22 2016

Where: Movie Shoot

Brunette at Chick Corea & Bela Fleck Orpheum 22.4.2016

I saw you, brunette, accompanied by your Asian male date (and another guy) at the Chick Corea concert on April 22, 2016, at the Orpheum. After both of us moved from the upper balcony closer to the stage, my party sat just a few empty rows in front of you. You seemed to have a lot of fun, but our eyes and smiles met several times that evening (in the stair case, before the second set etc.) and just before you left. Despite your rather fun company, you obviously were a little distracted. So was I. If you read this, you certainly will know who is behind this post. Interesting company is hard to find. Let's meet for a coffee and discuss your impressions of Chick Corea and Bela Fleck.

When: Friday, April, 22 2016

Where: Orpheum

Tall beauty in Scrubs!

We meet in the corridor while you were pushing a cart. My eyes immediately locked in you when I saw you. You gorgeous red head with hair tied back and shaved sides. Followed you and wish I said something before you hopped onto the elevator. Hope to bump into you and your sweet smile again soon....

When: Friday, April, 22 2016

Where: BC Children's Hospital

Server at the Duhb Linn

Last night I came into the pub with a large crowd for a birthday party. We chatted a little while you served our table. I would have liked to exchange numbers but I never got the chance to ask before I had to go. I think you're super cute and I'd like to meet up.

When: Friday, April, 22 2016

Where: Duhb linn gate pub, Vancouver

Lady Driver. C23 bus.Long Red Hair. Chatted at bus stop west of Yaletown Roundhouse

We chatted briefly while we waited for full buses to go by. You were a driver waiting for her shift to start. I believe it Sat or Sun Apr 26-17. I got on a bus and we waived at each other as I stupidly left on the bus. I left my number and name with the driver, but she likely didn't pass on. I am a writer and am very tall, late fifties and a black baseball cap with a backpack. If any other drivers in that area, please tell her. I would very much like to chat further with her. Thanks

When: Saturday, April, 16 2016

Where: Bust stop west of Yaletown Roundhouse Skytrain on North side

#321 Bus Driver in Surrey

Shout out to the Amaranthe hoodie bus driver I met in January or February boarding the #321 at Surrey Central, and then again this week on Monday April 18. I was wearing a Xandria t-shirt as I boarded your bus at Newton Exchange just after 5pm & we discussed Leaves' Eyes. I am open to a message from you if you're interested. :)

When: Monday, April, 18 2016

Where: Newton Exchange

want mor

I was on the canada line, near the bike sect. You two were sisters (not in the genetic sense.. (though I guess I shouldn't assume). You were taking up the bike storage area and wrapping up your conversation about jesus christ with a lady while I shared a long-lasting affirming gaze with another woman and her bike ;p I waited a couple of minutes debating whether I should break ice, -- oh thank odin, an elder (no latter day saint) gets on. I give up my seat "where are you guys headed?" You are a red head from florida and your sister is a curly blonde from pennsylvania? I am me, with a pathless land, brown hair and a contact lens that folded over itself in one eye. I understand you're on a mission, but from our brief exchanges you struck me as an open mind, pragmatic human! unsure about your sister, but I'd love to get philosophical -no judgement or proselytizing- on some grass, sunny day, we're eating apples and peanut butter. Life is awesome.

When: Thursday, April, 21 2016

Where: on the canada line

Catching the #22 on Robson around 4:30

To unimaginably cute Asian individual who was waiting for a bus on Burrard and Robson. Just want to tell you you made my day! I was really anxious because I had an exam later that day. I may appeared really irritated when you looked at my face (I was wondering why you did so but my best guess is that you were wondering whether I am trying to get onto the bus or not.) I was not able to appreciate that moment at all. Now that the only thing I can do is cherish my memory of seeing you. You were holding a chocolate wrapped with a ribbon that seemed like a gift. I wish I had a piece of that chocolate.

When: Thursday, April, 21 2016

Where: Burrard and Robston, Downtown, Vancouver.

Short-Haired Girl on the 480

We were both leaving UBC on a pretty empty bus, you were the pale girl with short hair in the sideways seats in front of me reading. We kept looking at each other when the other wasn't looking it seemed like. anyway you are really cute I hope I see you around this summer

When: Thursday, April, 21 2016

Where: ubc->granville

Brunette Female catching the #25 7am bus

You: super cute brunette young woman crossing the street with me at Fraser &25th. Me: Tallish male with goatee and blue eyes wearing a green cap and blue hoodie heading to work. You were carrying coffee drinks in a tray.. We were both running for the bus and barely caught it. I sat beside you on the bus.. I wish I had said more but it was a short window of time and also early in the morning:) I hope you see this or run into you again. I wouldn't normally post something like this but I've been thinking about you all day. You just never know.. Worth a try:) Scott.

When: Wednesday, April, 20 2016

Where: #25 bus

At the library

I sat next to you at the VPL in the community centre on Kingsway/Main in east Vancouver. We started talking because you got a spam call on your cellphone. You were working on a powerpoint presentation at the time for a web client and I was working on design work. You were a real joy to talk to. If you see this, let's meet up sometime.

When: Sunday, March, 15 2015

Where: Vancouver Public Library

Slicked Back Hottie at Cactus Yaletown

Gordon gecko rocked the pinstripes back in the day but you took it next level with ur gold bracelet. I always thought slicked back hair was for douche bag brokers and sleazy realtors. But you wore it sooooooo good. You met me and my gf at cactus Yaletown and even though I have a boyfriend I can't get u out of my mind. Especially at certain hours of the evening :). I was the hot blond in white. U bought us a bottle of wine and if only you stuck around to see where that could've gotten you...... You should get in touch and find out ;)

When: Thursday, April, 07 2016

Where: Yaletown Cactus Club


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