Marcella Szel replaces Nancy Olewiler as TransLink board chair


TransLink has a new chair of its board of directors.

Marcella Szel has been picked by the board to replace Nancy Olewiler, whose term as a director expired on December 31, 2013.

Szel has been on the TransLink board since January 2012. A former CP Rail executive and Coal Association of Canada board member, Szel is also vice chair of Port Metro Vancouver.

“I’m honoured to serve as Chair of the TransLink Board of Directors in the exciting year ahead,” Szel said in a news release today (January 15). “The Board recognizes the challenge of having to balance the complex transportation needs of the communities we serve with the financial resources available, and I look forward to working with the Board and TransLink leadership to ensure the organization most effectively serves the people of the Metro Vancouver region.”

Brenda Eaton, who served as deputy minister to former premier Gordon Campbell, has joined the board for a three-year term.

The other board members are Howard Nemtin (vice chair), Robin Chakrabarti, Rick Christiaanse, Lorraine Cunningham, W. John Dawson, Barry Forbes, and Don Rose.

Board members are appointed by the Mayors' Council from candidates selected by a screening panel.

TransLink is in the midst of rolling out its delayed Compass electronic fare card and gates system, and faces a possible transit funding referendum this fall.

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“I’m honoured to serve as Chair of the TransLink Board of Directors in the exciting year ahead."

Why do corporate executives often express "excitement" (or words to that effect) in official press releases? TransLink Board members should try riding the buses during rush hour with the rest of us proles.
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Mark Bowen
Agreed Stephen. I've always thought it would make good sense to have a requirement for all these lavishly paid Translink execs to be required to make a certain percentage of all business related trips via transit each month.

Oh what's that? It takes you too long to get to work or meeting Ms. Chairperson? You got passed up by a bus? You just don't like how crowded it is? Guess how the rest of us feel every day! If you don't like it, FIX IT.

Politicians and execs in charge of public services should show good faith by actually using the services as the public does.

Translink execs should not get to take taxis. BC Ferries execs should not get to take seaplanes or helicopters. The Premier should not get to place her children in private schools while our public schools continue to decline.
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