Burnaby man faces charges for assault against lesbian couple


A 45-year-old Burnaby man is being charged in the assault of two women on September 18 in Vancouver.

According to news reports, the female couple kissed as they disembarked from the SFU/Burrard Station bus at Commercial and East Hastings streets after 6 p.m. The man allegedly followed them, attacked them, and then fled the scene.

The Vancouver Police Department received tips after releasing images from surveillance camera footage of the man and announced that they identified him on November 28.

The VPD announced on January 14 that Andrew Joseph Walko is being charged with assault and assault causing bodily harm.

He will appear in court today (January 17) at 1:30 p.m. at 222 Main Street.

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Steve S.
The fool should have just claimed "mental illness". He probably would have got off scott free.


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@steve s
Wow. You don't see the difference between physical assault against an historically marginalized group and a crude act by someone suffering from mental illness? Way to bring the stupid.
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