TransLink increasing fares by 10 percent on January 1

TransLink riders in Metro Vancouver will soon see the price of a one-zone fare rise by 10 percent—from $2.50 to $2.75.


Should TransLink fares be going up in 2013?

Yes, fares should be increased 13%
9 votes
No, fares should stay the same 37%
26 votes
No, fares should be going down 51%
36 votes

Two-zone fares are set to climb from $3.75 to $4, and three-zone fares from $5 to $5.50.

The regional transportation authority announced today (November 13) that it will increase cash fares, DayPass prices, monthly FareCard prices, HandyDART fares, and West Coast Express fares on January 1, 2013.

Prices for adult FareSaver tickets, which were last hiked along with FareCard prices in 2010, will not change. (The price of a pack of one-zone concession FareSaver tickets, however, will increase from $17 to $17.50.) TransLink last hiked cash fares in 2008.

The cost of a FareCard will be going up by about 12.5 percent. A one-zone pass will rise from $81 to $91, a two-zone pass from $110 to $124, and a three-zone pass from $151 to $170.

For HandyDART users, one- and two-zone fares will increase from $2.50 to $2.75, three-zone fares from $3.75 to $4, and four-zone fares from $5 to $5.50.

TransLink says fares make up 33 percent of its revenue. Under the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act, TransLink may increase fares by an annual rate of two percent to keep up with inflation.

The authority had actually sought a 12.5-percent supplementary fare increase for 2013, but that proposal was rejected by TransLink commissioner Martin Crilly in April. FareCard prices are not regulated by the TransLink commission.

TransLink is currently installing fare gates in SkyTrain stations, in preparation for the introduction of the Compass electronic fare card in 2013.

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That'll learn poor people to live in the suburbs.
Rating: -149
So much for a greener city. Is Translink trying to get Vancouverites to drive more?

Why not see how much money is made come Fall of 2013 when all of the fare-evaders are forced to pay instead of gouging those of us who transit honestly?
Rating: +11
ishka bibble
they should start tolling the motherfucking bike lanes...
Rating: +14
Mark Aberlope
Great idea to add hundreds of ghost buses to routes in Surrey Translink and suburb mayors!!

Since no one pays Zone 3 fares anyways, time to squeeze a bigger profit out of the Zone 1 routes literally overflowing with demand.
Rating: +6
And in the meanwhile Taxi drivers are gleefully celebrating.

It is cheaper to park downtown now monthly then to take transit.

I would expect a hike in fares if we had seen some new developments in Vancouver, but the last major development was the Canada line. They haven't extended hours on the Skytrain, they haven't added more buses to the most popular routes downtown, the trains and buses are fuller and smellier than ever (never cleaned, even after Fri-Sat nights) the list could go on for a while.
Rating: +501
Yes, the fare gates, what ever will Translink do when they can't attribute whatever amount of loss they deem to the specter of fare evasion.
Rating: -140
Dear Ian Jarvis, Fred Cummings, Doug Kelsey, Cathy McLay, Bob Paddon, & other Translink Executives,
Congratulations on your legacy. The wrong side of history is beckoning you into its bosom. It's sad to see people in executive positions who are uninspired and afraid to challenge themselves. How unfortunate that everyone in metro Vancouver must suffer for your reactionary financial mismanagement. Sigh. Plus ca change...
Rating: +1
I guess it's time to get a car
Rating: +12
I don't know what it costs anyone else, but for me with my tip-top condition 1990 Mazda Miata, it's significantly cheaper for me to drive than it is to use transit in this city. That includes gas, insurance AND regular maintenance / occasional repairs.

That's messed up.
Rating: -2
Little Elf
Thanks, Translink. Merry F****** Christmas to you, too.
Rating: -2
Plum Duff
Urbanelf has it right. Will someone PLEASE show this article to the above-mentioned transit czars?

Rating: -27
3D in 2D
I would accept the increase if the transit system was first-rate... or even second-rate.
Rating: -1
Kerosene Lantern
Big salaries and car allowances allow Translink transit leaders to be completely oblivious to the whole system and really couldn't care less about the impact fare costs in their operations.

A ten percent increase in 2013 and another ten percent in 2014. Suck it up and thank the BC Liberals. They are behind the Translink cesspool of incompetence and corruption.
Rating: -140
how about making transit free and have toll on all bridges to the downtown and surrounding areas (no toll of course for those living in the downtown)
so many cars drive through downtown, georgia street and then bridge to north shore. very good money making opportunity. also have builders of more ugly high rises in downtown pay for transit.
Rating: -216
Truth Bomb
Faires go up and my bike stays the same price. Thanks Translink but I'll pass (pun intended).
Rating: +17
As a regular transit user, this makes my blood boil. If Translink's service was reliable, useful, and actually serviced places like East Vancouver after 9 pm, maybe I could understand this fare increase. But you have the idiotic Evergreen Line promising even MORE riders along Broadway when there is an overstuffed, maddening, awful B Line running along there currently. adding even MORE volume without a damn plan to cope with it is so completely woolly headed, and this fare increase is a fucking cash grab no matter how you slice it.

News flash, Translink dinkheads: you know who even rides your damn shitty buses? Poor people. You are just making it harder for the poorest segment of society to access transportation. And frankly, that borders on evil.

Here's a list of the current board members:

Let's start holding them accountable.

And hey, who wants to start a bus riders' strike? Who wants to carpool?
Rating: +2
L Leeman

Sorry Sarah. But you are a fare evader even if you pay it. Your fare EVEN AT THE NEW RATE is subsidized by drivers to the tune of 17 cents a litre.
I am only too happy to see you and the other fare evaders paying more of the cost of your transit habit.
Rating: -9
enough already
WHAT is the point on trying to be a GREEN city when its soooo expensive to commute already never mind a 10% hike! Who in the general public got a 10% increase in salaries? what other companies got even a cost of living increase? The rich keep getting richer and the poor poorer! Dont worry you keep your executives all happy and snug in their fancy sports cars, their lavish homes and their expense accounts. All of which we are all paying for! Give us a break translink - maybe you should be going to your executive team, asking them to take a cut this year. Why not do something nice for people to show that you care and you're not out for every last cent the hard working population has!
Rating: -208
Looks like I'm going to buy myself a car for Christmas...
Rating: -47
hey urbanelf.....can you explain how your car is cheaper than transit? Based on your name, I assume you live in Vancouver. Is insurance, gas, parking, and repairs less than $80? Personally, I sold my car in May and now save close to $800 (car payment, insurance, gas, parking, repairs) a month taking transit. It sucks sometimes, but hey, I have more money for beer!
Rating: 0


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