Miriam Aroeste Contemporary

Studio #221-1000 Parker St. Vancouver

What is your medium of choice and why? 

I work in different mediums, I love the versatility and potential of each medium.

I particularly love working with oil paint because it allows me to reflect longer and change direction before it drys. I also love the buttery consistency of the paint and the colours I’m able to create.

Where do you find your inspiration? 

I’m interested in depicting authentic, spontaneous emotion and experience in colorful, abstract ways, finding beauty and satisfaction in that which is intensely genuine and ultimately imperfect.

My work has both abstract visual appeal as well as an underlying conceptual basis. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the mind, conscious and unconscious. My work takes notions of transitional objects one step further and focuses on what we say to ourselves and others to nurture bliss.
My hope is that my work evokes the viewers’ own personal narratives, and that the inevitable, highly personal range in what’s seen and experienced, ultimately adds depth to the layers of meaning existent in my paintings…

What new works will you have at the crawl?

I will show my most recent works from the “Humo” series. These works have been very well received and I’m really excited to show them to such a wide audience.
I will also display some of my newest large oil paintings on canvas. They are vibrant and inviting