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Money, Politics, Religion, Culture, our Social Climate. We live in a world saturated with data and media.

Drawing on this abundance of information Beng explores the popular topics of today with a “tongue in cheek” commentary, constructing narrative snapshots which highlight the shifting popular opinions of modern western society and delivered through a unique blend of pop culture iconography and hand crafted silk screen printing.

MNSTR Gallery presents a collection of works by Australian Artist and self taught printmaker, BENG. Exhibiting in Vancouver for the first time since he arrived from Singapore in late 2015. Beng will be sharing his latest works, some Vancouver inspired pieces as well as past works. Join us at the OPENING RECEPTION on September 23rd from 5 - 8pm for art, wine and conversations at our Mt Pleasant space.

The exhibition will run from September 23 until October 28th, 2017 at 1818 Lorne Street. The exhibition will only be open for viewing on Saturday & Sundays until the 28th of October between 2-5pm. Or by Appointment. (Note: We will not be open on the weekend of the 14th +15th & 21st + 22nd October)

Artist Bio | BenG
10 Years in Asia and a 15 year career in VFX have played key roles in developing and shaping artist known as BenG. With a fierce passion for technically challenging craftsmanship, and driven by the frustration of dwindling satisfaction associated with working on large client projects, Beng began exploring other avenues to fuel his creative enthusiasm. Inspired by artists like Blek Le'Rat, Banksy and Shepard Fairey, in 2010 Beng began exploring narrative in his own works, and at the same time invested countless hours learning the craft of screen printing. Armed with fresh enthusiasm, a new craft and a decade of creative and cultural experiences BenG set out to produce artworks work that comment on the society and social influences we all deal with today.

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