Best Catering Company

Whether you’re looking to cater a small, intimate dinner for two, a wedding or a corporate event these catering companies will have your dining needs covered from start to finish. These are Vancouver’s favourite catering companies as voted by our readers.

1st Emelle's Catering

177 West 7th Ave.

Emelle’s Catering has been Vancouver’s go-to caterer since 1999. Celebrating their 20th anniversary and their 3rd Golden Plate award, the Emelle's team of professional chefs, servers, and event designers, offers the Lower Mainland exquisite cuisine, a wealth of... MORE

2nd The Lazy Gourmet

1605 W. 5th Ave.

Catering company offers breakfasts, hors d'oeuvres, lunches, dinners, desserts, and seasonal menus.

The Lazy Gourmet

3rd The Butler Did It Catering Co.

620 Clark Dr.

The Butler Did It Catering was founded in 1994 by three entrepreneurs (Darryl, Erin, Jamie) who had strong values for their catering business: fresh, local, affordable, memorable. Over the past two decades we have grown to be one of the largest and most successful... MORE

3rd Railtown Catering

397 Railway St.

Catering company created by chefs that provides French-inspired cuisine and specialty beverages.

Railtown Catering

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