Winter art gallery crawl

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      Lisa Birke: 20/10 vision

      Bau-Xi Gallery (3045 Granville Street) February 6 to 27

      Vancouver artist Lisa Birke’s new show is a timely, witty exploration of sport as a window into human resilience in trying times. Hockey-themed Breaking the Line (above) joins drawing and even sculpture in the exhibit.

      Guido’s Rhombus

      Winsor Gallery (3025 Granville Street) February 3 to 28

      Toronto-based James Lahey takes inspiration from Canadian abstract painter Guido Molinari in his brightly striped series (including Guido’s Rhombus No. 19, here). What makes them different? They’re all rhombus-shaped, tipped to form diamonds.

      Laid over to cover

      Presentation House Gallery (333 Chesterfield Avenue) to March 14

      Subtitled Photography and Weaving in the Salishan Landscape, this is a fascinating intersection of railway-era photos (like this 1887 shot of Vancouver’s CPR Hotel by William McFarlane Notman) and aboriginal craft.

      High Performance

      Charles H. Scott Gallery (1399 Johnston Street) to March 7

      Just in time for the Games, the Emily Carr University gallery spotlights the best in Canadian sports and recreation design, from kayaks (shown here) to snowshoes.

      The surgeon and the photographer

      Catriona Jeffries Gallery (274 East 1st Avenue) January 28 to March 6

      Geoffrey Farmer riffs on the work of historian and theorist Aby Warburg with a calendar’s worth of 365 cloth and paper figures—part collage, part puppets. A video work accompanies the heady new project.



      Richard beech

      Jan 29, 2010 at 8:17pm

      You are an amazing artist my favorite in fact of all those I met at Emily Carr, and you like hockey! I hope to own some of your work one day.

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