John Shavluk: It’s time to bring common sense to Delta-Richmond East

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      It’s time for the “Common Sense” political party.

      Yes it is.

      It’s way overdue as these days with less than one percent of the public actually involved directly as members in these political parties our views are being overlooked on purpose for those of the party machine.

      Even if our local candidate disagrees with the party policy he or she pledges their allegiance to the party and not to those whom elected them in the first place!

      I think that is wrong and again I will try to educate my neighbours and fellow citizens by standing up and pointing out the obvious flaws in our system.

      And remind them of the abuses parties hope slide away.

      Stacked Senates and misrepresentation about taxpayer funds is all we get after obvious lies about being fair.

      Let’s face it, if we want to help the political situation you leave the per vote subsidy and instead remove the tax deductibility of donations and the kickbacks parties get from taxpayers if they get over 10 percent of the vote.

      There is the real cost to taxpayers and the $2 given a party per vote is minuscule compared to what the main players all get now with tax breaks and refunds.

      There are many, many examples I as the Common Sense candidate can give you.

      For example?

      I am completely shocked that not one politician is bringing up Japan and what just happened there and what can and needs to be done here because of the same exact risks.

      We are not prepared for a possible earthquake and its resulting destruction.

      No new state of the art fighter jet or new jail will help my neighbours in that situation.

      Why are neither any politicians nor their party concerned?

      I will change that with a plan.

      And speaking of these items above I want to say again it’s time for common sense.

      I am a combat arms trained veteran of Canada’s armed forces and I guess I need to point out the obvious if these so-called party appointed leaders will not.

      It has been reported that the real cost of these fighter jets will be closer to $35 billion or $75 million each, yet the Americans themselves peg it at around $150 million each—something is fishy especially when you consider any like me know they themselves are shifting away from fighter jets and replacing them with unmanned drones.

      I also want to point out that the Americans already sell $100,000 rockets that can in fact just shoot these planes down!

      So for the price of one jet we could actually get—and of course I am thinking of only defensive purposes and not aggression like whomever ordered these jets when I say as a Canadian who believes in our former peacekeeping role instead of what we have today as junior GIs—well, we can get approximately 1,500 rockets per plane or a mere 350,000 rockets to actually protect our country and selves for $35 billion.

      All it takes is common sense.

      Next we have $13 billion for new jails yet crime rates have been decreasing for 15 years steadily and Harper and his team are saying it’s actually needed for “unreported crimes”.

      Unreported crime means cannabis crime to the Common Sense party as no other target in crime exists with that much potential. We all know they do not care about white collar crime or crimes they themselves commit so I stand by my view.

      Third, and I think it’s a very big one.

      Why is no party calling for your rights and abilities to vote as easily as possible?

      Should not democracy be very important to them?

      For example Canada leads the world with Internet concentration at 68 percent, according to media, yet you hear no party calling for the right to vote online.

      No ideas to make it easier and try to recoup the 42 percent who did not vote last election.

      You can file and pay your taxes online, in fact do all your private banking completely secure.

      You can pay other bills and even your government utilities to those same governments who should be allowing a vote online.

      And you can even create crimes that would hold up in a court of law based on the online activity that can’t even really be erased.

      Yet no voting online is allowed nor even mentioned by these so-called democratic political leaders.

      Do you know why?

      I will tell you why. It is simply because you would! That’s why you can not!

      I am sorry it is time for Common Sense!

      It is time for representing those who actually voted for you—Mr. Politician!

      It’s time for a pledging of allegiances to the voters and not to the parties with their hidden agendas!

      In the meantime people are actually being spoon fed by the TV ads financing media operations as Harper spent half a billion dollars just over the last year telling you all Ignatieff was just a flake.

      $26 million of our own taxpayer dollars, just last month was in fact wasted for a plan already over and expired, the Action Plan.

      Please help me to restore Common Sense in Delta-Richmond East, B.C., and create the Common Sense party nationwide if need be to reclaim our power to govern ourselves and more importantly protect our interests and not those of some Ottawa boys’ club. Shall we?!

      John Shavluk is an independent candidate in Delta-Richmond East.