Crowdfunded Magpie’s Nest Studio opens in East Vancouver

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      After months of pop-up events and a successful crowdfunding campaign, Magpie’s Nest Studio is finally ready for its grand opening.

      The new East Vancouver community art studio will offer classes, workshops, and space for people to do their own thing. Indeed, the studio aims to be a safe space for anybody who is interested in making art.

      “We really wanted a space where community members could come together and create art together in a different way,” says Sarah Peacock, the director of Magpie’s Nest Community Art Society. “We were looking for a space that’s affordable and accessible to anyone.”

      As an art therapist, Peacock understands the transformative powers of art well. “The first time that I did art, I felt it was so empowering,” she says. “I see how individuals benefit from being able to create something. To make something with your hands is very powerful.”

      The community aspect of the studio is also significant. “Having a common goal, having something that you’re working on, and being able to see what other people are working on is really unique and magical,” Peacock says.

      In the beginning, Magpie’s Nest held pop-up events in numerous locations, but the goal was to find a permanent space for their work. Luckily, they heard of one from the people at the library, who mentioned the space at Vancouver Status of Women. It was the right price, in the right neighbourhood, so Peacock jumped onboard.

      A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo was set up and numerous fundraisers were held to raise money to open the space up. The Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood was supportive, and they were able to raise enough to build up some savings.

      “We were able to get a good kind of nest egg so that we are able to cover our rent for the first couple of months that we’re in this studio,” says Peacock. “It gave us the freedom to just start up whenever we’re ready.”

      Now, they are finally ready for opening day, and their inaugural event will take place on April 26 from 2 to 5 p.m. There will be a wide range of activities, including seed planting, button making, and face painting.

      As for the types of events they will hold in the future? The sky is the limit. “In the future we’re hoping to have community members come in and teach workshops about anything that they like,” says Peacock.

      Magpie’s Nest Studio is located at the Vancouver Status of Women at 2652 East Hastings Street.