Jerry Seinfeld to play three shows in Vancouver early 2024

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      Seinfeld. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Bee Movie. And, most deliciously (and perhaps unnecessary) of all, Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story.

      All of the above—with the exception of the one breakfast-themed project that’s not released yet—have made Jerry Seinfeld the world’s richest comedian. And Vancouver gets another chance to plump his bank account when the 69-year-old legend graces the Queen Elizabeth Theatre this coming January 5 (7pm) and January 6 (7pm and 9:30pm).

      Tickets for all three shows go on sale on Monday (October 2) at 10am.

      Even though he doesn’t exactly need to be working, Seinfeld has kept busy since the Show About Nothing went off the air in 1996. Most high-profile, in a low-key way, is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which has had him hanging out with, and showcasing the working processes of, everyone from Tina Fey to Bill Burr to Lorne Michaels.

      There have been books (including 2020’s Is This Anything?), regular television appearances (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock), and, of course steady touring.

      Why exactly does Seinfeld continue to tell jokes on stage and live out of hotel rooms at this point in the game? A 2017 interview with the Harvard Business Review helps explain everything you need to know:

      “I was a successful stand-up comedian for many years before I got the show,” Seinfeld said. “I knew that was going to be my life. The show came along, and it was quite a detour. I went from being relatively unknown to getting the greatest ride you could possibly get in entertainment and feeling a certain amount of cultural relevance. People were picking up words we had made up, like ‘regifting’ and ‘shrinkage.’ But I never saw myself as anything other than a professional stand-up comedian. It would have been a mistake to try to springboard into building a huge media company, making movies and TV shows.”

      While he’s mostly stuck to that script, you can look forward to his first directorial debut, Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story later this year on Netflix. And, yes, it’s about Pop-Tarts, which Seinfeld evidently feels is the greatest breakfast item on the planet, even though we’ll argue it’s not fit to wash the balls of Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries.

      Jerry Seinfeld in Vancouver 2024

      When: January 5 and 6

      Where: Queen Elizabeth Theatre

      Tickets: Available online

      Instagram: @jerryseinfeld