“Where Have All the Buffalo Gone?” pays homage to Métis culture

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      Where Have All the Buffalo Gone? is not just a play—it’s an homage to the Métis Nation, weaving stories of love, loss, and the profound impact of the buffalo’s disappearance on the Métis people. 

      It follows the lives of Marie and Louis, and their unique connection with Buffalo, a character who swings between being a spirit and a real buffalo, symbolizing the bond between the Métis and these majestic creatures.

      “I hope people leave understanding the Métis story better,” says playwright Tai Amy Grauman, “and understanding our connection to the buffalo a bit better.”

      This narrative aims to shed light on a crucial part of Canada’s history, focusing on the resilience of the Métis culture amidst adversity. The play conveys the complexities of Métis culture, not as a tale of complication but as a narrative of integration, resilience, and pride.

      Grauman hopes that Métis viewers will feel a renewed sense of pride in their heritage, while non-Métis audiences gain a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of Métis culture and history.

      At a time when the Métis are navigating the journey towards self-government, asserting their place within Canada’s multicultural mosaic, storytelling becomes a powerful tool, Grauman says.

      “It’s a means of affirming identity, sharing history, and fostering understanding,” she explains. “The stories told through this play are part of a larger narrative of self-ownership and the quest for recognition.”

      The collaboration between the playwright and Vancouver director Amanda Testini speaks to a shared commitment to bringing Métis stories to the forefront. Testini, an ally immersed in Métis culture, plays a crucial role in bridging narratives, ensuring that the play not only tells a story but also celebrates the spirit of the Métis people. 

      Through Where Have All the Buffalo Gone?, the playwright and director duo aim to not just entertain, but educate, inspire, and ignite a conversation about identity, culture, and the spirit of the Métis nation.

      Where Have All the Buffalo Gone?


      When: April 6, 1pm and 4pm

      Where: Norman and Annette Rothstein Theatre (950 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver)

      Tickets: Available here