My kids my way? I'd like them in daycare, Stephen Harper

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      In case you missed it, the federal Conservative government is giving a little more money to parents (an additional $60 a month per child) and making a big deal about it. They've even created a hashtag for it that sounds vaguely like you're having your kids served to you at a fast-food restaurant: #yourkidsyourway 

      Recent tweets and videos by Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre and Prime Minister Stephen Harper have been, how shall we put it...icky.

      Invoking choice is a load of hooey. Here in Vancouver, licensed group daycare spots are so scarce that when a friend tells me they're going to have a baby, I congratulate them and then immediately tell them that if they're interested in group daycare, they need to start applying now. Even then, they may not be offered a spot in time, let alone be able to afford it

      A frequently cited figure states that there are only enough licensed group daycare spots available for 20 percent of Canadian children. What about the other 80 percent? There's no choice there. 

      If you can spare it, who will you donate your $60 to?




      Jul 22, 2015 at 4:57am

      I hope it reduces the growing, annual, August 'Send a Kid to School with a Backpack' fundraiser. Now EMS services have jumped-in to help the office supply chains make sure no kid goes off to school unequipped.

      Like other ''freebies" we've now created a real 'need'.


      Jul 23, 2015 at 1:47pm

      Why do I get the feeling that our PM really just wants moms to stay home (in poverty, which is how much $160 a month would help my family) Yeesh! This isn't the 1950s (when $160 would actually go pretty far, I think). Our PM needs to get with the times (or better yet, get out!)