Celebrate a local legend on B.C. Day

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      Today is B.C Day and I couldn't help but think of a B.C. institution: White Spot.

      Imagine, it all began in 1928 when Nat Bailey opened his first restaurant on Granville Street in Vancouver near West 67th Avenue.

      Eighty-seven years later, White Spot remains an integral aspect of everyday living.

      Of course, hipsters wouldn't agree. Most of them are too cool for White Spot. They would rather pay $31 for a piece of steamed halibut and wilted bok choy in a cramped, noisy restaurant in a gentrified part of the city.

      Too bad. They're missing out on well-made comfort food like fish and chips at $12.99 or the basic legendary burger at $11.99. I think the fish and chips are among the best in the city. The batter is almost a cross between tempura and the regular, and who doesn't like the idea of endless fries as an option?

      What I like about White Spot is its comfort all around. Although I crib about the prices at times, you have plenty of options. The staff serve you without an attitude and it's very kid-friendly. And you also see a slice of Canadiana.

      I've observed a daughter assisting her elderly father walk through a White Spot corridor. I've watched a beautiful but lonely woman barely eat her salad while she was reading a mystery novel. And the last time I was there, a Chinese Canadian family was celebrating their child's birthday. The yellow cake was covered in mango. The little kid with her tiara almost looked frightened by the attention as everybody sang along to "Happy Birthday".

      Where else can you find that but at White Spot?

      On this B.C. Day, let's be happy that we have it with us.



      BC Ex-Pat

      Aug 3, 2015 at 9:39pm

      I'll keep this short and simple, so as not to offend the hipsters in the gentrified neighbourhoods of Vancouver, I totally agree with this. I grew up in the lower mainland, and White Spot was probably my favourite restaurant to go to as a kid, and even now whenever I come to visit my parents from the far off Canadian province I reside in now, I still have to hit it up at least once. Vancouver has a wonderful and storied history of good restaurants with good food, no matter the variety, and I think White Spot certainly fits into that history.

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      ursa minor

      Aug 4, 2015 at 11:08am

      As a resident of a gentrifying Vancouver neighbourhood, this. A 'Double-Double' will always mean two patties, two cheese slices and two pickle slices, not whatever mediocre cream and sugar with coffee concoction that Tim Horton's pours.

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