Ann Coulter goes bonkers on Twitter over Trump's firing of Steve Bannon

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      The ouster of Steve Bannon from the White House prompted a Twitterquake from one Donald Trump's greatest admirers.

      Ann Coulter is the author of such books as In Trump We Trust and Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole.

      The latter book was cited by the Atlantic writer Peter Beinart as likely inspiring Trump's famous quote about Mexicans being rapists.

      But today, the Coulter-Trump love affair is officially on the rocks. It's all over the firing of Bannon, a right-wing populist who served as Trump's chief strategist and campaign manager.

      You can read Coulter's reactions below.

      According to Coulter, we can blame it all on the media. Not on Ivanka or Jared or the new chief of staff or Trump's flip-flops on the Charlottesville fiasco.

      Isn't that what the right always does when the going gets tough?