Organizer of "monumental convoy", Pat King, says the plan is for truckers to shut down Ottawa

He revealed this in an interview with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, who described vaccine mandates as a coup d'état against God

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      A western separatist and organizer with the far-right Yellow Vests Canada group has big plans for a truckers convoy leaving B.C. on Sunday and headed to Ottawa.

      On January 20, Pat King told evangelical Christian talk-show host Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson that participants plan to shut down Ottawa in response to vaccine mandates.

      He claimed that the measures to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus are an "intentional squeeze" on the Canadian economy.

      "We're not taking this battle to the MPs, to the politicians, that are supposed to represent us," King said. "We're taking this to the Senate—to the ones who have the authority to make the change that we want to see in this country.

      "We're taking this to the Senate to make sure that this is all done," he continued. "And we are not leaving, ladies and gentlemen. That's something I want everyone to understand. We're not just driving and doing this and turning around and going 'rah rah rah'. No, no, no. If Ottawa wants to shut down by their huge over-reach...Shut down Ottawa! You want to get to work? Good luck. Walk."

      Tyler Thompson, a former People's Party of Canada candidate, said that she's ready to get in her vehicle and then she urged others to do the same.

      "You don't have to be a trucker, right Pat?" Tyler Thompson said, prompting King to nod his head in agreement.

      "You can be a housewife," Tyler Thompson continued. "You can be a guy who's lost his job because you're a nurse. Hey, get in your vehicle, beg, borrow or steal all the money to help you get the gas, let's go to Ottawa and give them something to think about because of what they've done to us."

      Later in the interview, she described vaccine passports as a "coup d'état against God".

      "If you want a come-to-Jesus moment, you better have your vaxx pass," she declared. "What kind of, like, Jesus, he'd turn over the tables. Jesus would walk in and he'd be turning over tables, he'd have some kind of razor thing, you know, and he'd just blow up your building....  Because you have sold your soul against the people of Canada. I think they've accepted bribes. I believe the churches have accepted money for this."