Vancouver's Cinematheque and Out in Schools empower LGBT youth with Reaching Out video project

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      LGBT issues and education have often been the flashpoint for debate in B.C., and on the same evening that a Canadian professor with controversial views about trans identities will be speaking in Vancouver, a local cinema happens to be screening videos that support, empower, and raise awareness about LGBT people.

      In partnership with the school districts of Vancouver, Coquitlam, and Burnaby, the Cinematheque and Out in Schools will present Reaching Out at 6 p.m. on Wednesday (December 5).

      Participants in this project helped youth members of Metro Vancouver Pride Clubs and Gender and Sexuality Alliances to create videos that can be screened to raise awareness about social issues, foster supportive networks within communities, and help to inspire change.

      "The participants of Reaching Out were passionate and committed, and this is clear from the films they created," Cinematheque education manager Michael Fontana stated. "Many of the young filmmakers commented on how the project gave them a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with like-minded peers."  

      Admission is free but unless you are a project participant or an invited guest, anyone interested in attending must RSVP by email to the Cinematheque. For full screening details, visit the Cinematheque website.

      Reaching Out

      The issue of the B.C. government's SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity) initiative in schools has been a divisive one, and was a point of debate in the recent municipal elections.

      However, despite conservative Christian-based pressure to remove SOGI from schools, the B.C. government confirmed it will keep SOGI in schools.

      Reaching Out