Legal drinking on Vancouver’s beaches returns for another year

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      Great news for everyone who likes long evenings cracking open a cold one on the beach with the lads: you can once again get (legally) smashed on Vancouver’s beaches this summer. 

      In a news release today, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation (for however long it still exists) confirmed that the much-loved beach alcohol pilot is returning June 1. (Sorry to all the early starters—spring sunshine doesn’t mean you get to fend your White Claw from a curious seagull just yet.)

      Between June and September, adults over 19 will be legally permitted to drink alcohol on Jericho Beach, Spanish Banks, Locarno Beach, Second Beach, John Hendry/Trout Lake Beach, New Brighton Beach, and Kitsilano Beach between 11am and 9pm.  

      However, citing “guidance from the Vancouver Police Department and the Park Board’s own analysis of last year’s Alcohol on Beaches pilot,” not every beach will be a drinking zone. Booze will be banned from English Bay Beach, Sunset Beach Park, Third Beach, CRAB Park Beach, and all beaches along the Fraser River. 

      The pilot builds on last year’s findings by focusing on reminding beachgoers to be responsible, and allocating some additional resources towards the project. Outdoor drinking, whether in parks, in plazas, or on beaches, should also be limited to reusable containers, cans, plastic, or paper-based vessels—no glass bottles allowed.

      Notably, this year will see “funding for more VPD members and Park Rangers on beaches.” So be on your best behaviour, lest the beach cops confiscate your sauce. 

      Happy beach drinking season, everyone!