Fyre Festival 2019 is coming: bring cigarettes

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      Oh, relax. It's just a parody. 

      Promising a party on "an island Tupac lived on"—Rikers Island, to be precise—some clever person has recycled footage from the original Fyre Festival announcement video to make a well-deserved mockery of the fraudulent 2017 event. This year's edition, the video says, will feature Drake, Blink-182, and Major Lazer, "plus 50,000 other MP3s". 

      Before I spoil the rest of the jokes, watch it for yourself:

      And for the sake of comparison, here's the original video:

      With Fyre promoter and convicted fraudster Billy McFarland currently serving a six-year sentence in a federal prison, the festival has been in the news again recently thanks to the appearance of two competing documentaries about it, one on Netflix and one on Hulu. 

      The event was heavily promoted on social media by paid "influencers" including models Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Emily Ratajkowski—all of whom also appeared in the video. Last week, a New York court-appointed liquidation trustee filed a request for a judge to subpoena management agencies representing the models, to force them to reveal how much McFarland and company paid them to promote the event.

      Not to be outdone, Shutterstock decided to create their own parody of the Fyre promo using only stock footage: