AC/DC releases vintage "Highway to Hell" concert video instead of hoped-for tour dates

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      As reported yesterday, there were rumours flying around the music world that legendary hard-rockers AC/DC were going to announce plans for a major tour today.

      That hasn't happened yet, but the group did release a vintage concert video from 1979 where a weird Euro guy in freaky jean shorts introduces the group and they perform, with singer Bon Scott, the title track and first single from the then-new Highway to Hell album.

      If you do the math you'll realize that it's the 40th anniversary of that fine platter, which also spawned the singles "Girls Got Rhythm" and "Touch Too Much", as well as the choice ode to rejection, "Shot Down in Flames".

      So here's hoping they'll release a newly remastered version of that disc and maybe throw in some sweet extras like, oh I don't know, maybe some wicked outtakes, or even just some long-lost recordings of the late Malcolm Young fucking around on his trusty Gretsch. I'd listen to long-lost recordings of the late Malcolm Young fucking around on his trusty Gretsch any day of the week.

      Hey, you know how Queen uses footage of Freddie Mercury in concert during current performances of "Bohemian Rhapsody"? I betcha AC/DC could figure out something similar to pay tribute to the legendary riffage of master Mal on tour. Maybe they'll reach out to Scott Ian for some suggestions.

      Come on, Angus! Let's have those tour dates--with that obligatory Vancouver stop--and get this party started!