D.O.A.'s Joe Keithley hoping that you've got an unwanted glockenspiel or grand piano for his Harmony For All charity

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      Got an antique glockenspiel in your attic? Have you given up on learning how to play that banjo you got for Christmas in 1997? Got a spare ukulele? Has the accordion in the corner been staring you down, reminding you that you haven’t played it since last August?

      Joe Keithley has just the event for you. The Straight spoke to the D.O.A. singer-guitarist and Burnaby city councillor about the history of his charity program, Harmony for All, a few months ago.

      By this program–put together with “lots of help from the Burnaby Firefighters Charitable Association and Mayor Mike Hurley,” Keithley acknowledges–funds are being raised and instruments amassed to benefit budding musical prodigies whose families cannot afford music lessons (or instruments).

      The Harmony For All Musical Instrument Donation Day has been organized for December 14 at Burnaby's Farmer's Market from 10 AM to 2 PM.

      The press release explains: 

      Keithley will be at the market with Burnaby Firefighters and some musical friends Sat. Dec. 14 from 10 – 2 pm. They will happily accept instruments that are in reasonable good condition. If you have something large–a piano or drum kit for example–you can email Keithley first: joe.keithley@burnaby.ca.

      “Music is universal. It can overcome poverty, hatred and it can unify people,” said Keithley. “That’s why I’m calling this program Harmony for All, because deep down we all know that love and understanding wins out over hatred every time.”

      Keithley also adds in the release:

      “I want to give kids whose parents may not have the money for instruments and lessons to get on the life-altering path that learning music can be. Music provides structure and helps keep kids safe, off the street, and helps with cognitive development that accelerates understanding of math and science.”

      Instruments will be assessed for value and charitable tax receipts will be provided for the 2019 tax year.

      Joe wants people to know they’re welcome to “come down for a selfie with me and swap some musical stories. I might even play some loud distorted guitar!”

      The Burnaby Farmer’s Market is located next to Burnaby City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby.

      Don’t forget that glockenspiel!