Justin Bieber has a new track called "Yummy" out and you already love it

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      Hey, it's 2020! A new year, and a new chance to make resolutions that you are absolutely going to keep.

      You can start by promising yourself that for the next 12 months you will let go of any cynicism. Why be a snarky jerk? That's so 2019! You can be all about positivity, and you can start by listening to the new Justin Bieber single, "Yummy".

      Now, a cynic would wonder what the point of a lyric video is, considering that the song's lyrics include "Yeah you got that yummy yum/That yummy yum/That yummy yummy" and "Yeah babe." But you're not a cynic anymore, and you love this song, which is the first new music we've heard from Bieber since 2015's Purpose album. Unless you count that song he did with Ed Sheeran.

      Anyhow, a proper video is coming, but not until tomorrow. Until then, you can go here and read fans' questions for Bieber, which include such probing queries as "which is what has marked the most in 2019?" and "justin, is purple still your favorite color?"

      In other JB news, the singer has announced that he has partnered with YouTube (the platform where he got his start) for a 10-episode series called Justin Bieber: Seasons. The series will chronicle the making of Bieber's first album in four years and will also include behind-the-scenes look at his private life, including his marriage to his wife, Hailey Bieber.

      You will watch it, and you will do so without a trace of cynicism, because this is 2020, and as they say on The Mandalorian, "This is the way."