Julie Doiron graces Zulu Records with a free all-ages show on March 30

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      If there were Canadian indie rock legends, Julie Doiron would qualify. Known for far too long as “the girl from Eric’s Trip”, Doiron will be gracing Zulu Records with a free all-ages set on Saturday (March 30) before taking the stage at the Electric Owl later in the evening. Doiron is still touring songs from the 2012 album So Many Days, but she will likely perform a few nuggets from her back catalogue. She’ll also be signing copies of the vinyl edition of SMD that hit shelves last week. 

      “She’s been doing this forever. She’s always been really supportive of independent record stores,” Zulu’s Nic Bragg told the Straight. Bragg described the free in-store shows as a way to stay involved with the community, adding that they’re increasing the number of events in the month leading up to Record Store Day (April 20). “It makes the store more than just a site of commerce,” he said.