On Our Radar: Miranda Joan’s “Zero Gravity” lets us float away

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      Montreal-born, Vancouver-raised, Brooklyn-established musician Miranda Joan has called a lot of places home. All of them, so far, have been on earth. But “Zero Gravity” considers a world where that might change. 

      Following on from her 2021 full-length debut Windborne, her sophomore album Overstimulated—which dropped today (November 10)—showcases her dreamy neo soul, delivered with a warm voice that sounds like a flirtatious stranger in a smoky room. Think a little bit SZA and a little bit Estelle: vibey soul grooves with a sprinkle of jazz, packaged by New York producer and electric bass aficionado CARRTOONS (Ben Carr).

      “It’s a collection of songs that came from the period of time through lockdown and into the reopening of life that serves as a glimpse into the dissonant corners of my mind,” Joan says of the album in a statement. “My mind kicked into overdrive and launched me into an existential rollercoaster ride. These stories are the result."

      While recent single “Bada Bing” explores the flirtation of early seduction (with a Sopranos-style video embracing New York), “Zero Gravity” sees Joan whipping around a park on a beautiful fall day in an orange boiler suit. The hazy, lo-key visualizer matches the track’s diaphanous energy. 

      “I float around enough/Sometimes I need the tug/That comes with the earth and everything that holds me down,” Joan sings in her warm, mild timbre—a reminder that for all the dreams of escape, it’s important to stay grounded.