Tofino Chamber of Commerce rejects call to stop selling goods and services to Justin Trudeau's family

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      The prime minister's third vacation to Tofino since becoming Canada's leader isn't going as smoothly as his trips in 2016 and 2017.

      That's because the Friends of Clayoquot Sound and Indigenous people held a noisy protest today on the beach in the resort community on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It was to let Justin Trudeau know that they oppose his government's decision to buy Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline system for $4.5 billion.

      The Friends and Indigenous protesters are also miffed that the Trudeau government intends on spending many billions more completing the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, which will triple diluted bitumen shipments from Alberta to the B.C. coast.

      In a letter to the Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce earlier this month, the group accused Trudeau's rhetoric of perpetuating "resource colonialism, climate change, and a culture of disrespect as the pipeline has no consent from local communities".

      "Be bold and creative, it is not often we have the potential to reach a politician whose decisions impact our lives," the group states on its website. "Businesses can even deny goods and services to Trudeau, and workers can refuse to serve Trudeau in the political activist tradition of non-cooperation."

      The chamber of commerce opposes the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion.

      However, it doesn't endorse denying goods and services to the Trudeau family while they're on holidays in the community.

      "The Friends of Clayoquot Sound are valued activists and members of our community and our Chamber and enjoy the same rights as other members to express the views of their business or organization," the chamber of commerce said in a statement. "However, the actions they have requested business members to fulfill towards the Prime Minister, his family, and his staff are not supported by the board of the Tofino Long Beach Chamber of Commerce nor its general membership.

      "Collectively, our members aim to provide the best West Coast experience possible and share in the inescapable beauty of the region with all who choose Tofino as their vacation getaway."