NDP MP Jenny Kwan criticizes feds for issuing tax form to low-income seniors with B.C. Bus Pass

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      This year, low-income seniors with the B.C. Bus Pass will have to fill out a form reporting $579 of income.

      According to NDP MP Jenny Kwan, this has some of them confused about the impact it could have on other government benefits, such as subsidized housing.

      She learned that the income reported on this new T5007 tax slip is not taxable, so it won't result in lower Old-Age Security or Guaranteed Income Supplement payments.

      But she said that it could have an impact on federal tax credits, including the Canada Child Benefit and the GST/HST Credit.

      In addition, this reported income could have an effect on the amount claimed through the B.C. Climate Actiom Tax Credit, the B.C. Sales Tax Credit, the B.C. Medical Expense Credit, and the B.C. Tax Reduction Credit.

      “It is absurd that the Liberal government can find $12 million to give to a large grocery retailer with 370 stores in Canada to buy new refrigerators and turn around and go after low-income seniors who are already penny pitching to make ends [meet]," Kwan said in a news release. "The owner of this large grocery chain is the third wealthiest family in Canada. These seniors are living in poverty.

      "This gross corporate handout along with large subsidies to big oil companies and the recent SNC-Lavalin scandal shows you just how out of touch the Liberals are."

      This is the tax form that's creating anxiety among some seniors.