Alterations proposed at East Vancouver home for installation of amateur radio antennaes

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      An amateur radio operator has applied to make exterior alterations at a single family home in Vancouver.

      Little Hippo Enterprises is asking for a development permit to install three radio antennaes on the roof of the house.

      According to cityhall, the project will increase the height of the house at 439 East 54th Avenue by about 18 feet.

      In a letter to the city, Little Hippo Enteprises wrote that amateur radio, which is commonly called ham radio, is useful during emergencies.

      According to the applicant, amateur radio does not rely on the Internet and phone service.

      If electricity goes down, Little Hippo Enterprises wrote that it can “shift over the main power to batteries or generator”.

      “As of 1991 in Hong Kong, I have been a licensed Ham Radio operator, I brought this passion with me to Canada in 2000…,” the applicant wrote.

      Little Hippo Enterprises explained that “antenna length is critical for any given frequency and it can be quite long”.

      “I truly believe that amateur radio will have a lasting role in technical and cultural education for enthusiasts, as well as general public safety where means of alternative communication is needed,” the applicant stated.

      The City of Vancouver will receive comments from the public about the development permit application until June 2, 2020.