Cycling family seeks exemption from car stall requirement in East Vancouver home project

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      They neither own a car nor wish to get one in the future.

      They are avid cyclists, and they get to where they want to go by bike, transit, and walking.

      The East Vancouver family has applied to redevelop their 2587 Adanac Street home, and the proposal includes a request.

      It’s for an exemption on the number of parking stalls required for single-family homes like this one.

      Under the zoning, the property would need to have two car parking stalls.

      However, a design rationale submitted by Ian Mclean Architecture Inc. as part of the development application states that one vehicle parking stall would suffice.

      “Arguably, it makes little sense to devote two parking stalls, approximately 450 square feet of the site, to a mode of transportation not used by the family,” the document declares.

      The development application involves the construction of a two-storey infill home at the back of the property.

      Once built, it will be occupied by the homeowners, who have two young children.

      The application also seeks to legalize a basement suite as well as improvements at the main house.

      According to the design rationale, the tenant in the basement has been around for six years, and is also an avid cyclist.

      Like the homeowners, the tenant does not plan to have a car.

      The Adanac Street bike route is one of the busiest in the city.

      According to the City of Vancouver, the bikeway was built in 1993, and was the first local street to have a bike route.

      The bikeway connects to Union Street, forming a cycling corridor that extends from Downtown Vancouver to Boundary Road.