Fifteen candidates step forward in Vancouver mayoral race, including six from 2018

Lesser-known contestants are hoping that the media shines a light on them

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      It's a crowded field in this year's Vancouver mayoral race.

      Fifteen candidates have filed nomination papers, according to the City of Vancouver website.

      Six of them ran in 2018, including Mayor Kennedy Stewart. The others returning in 2022 are Ken Sim (now with ABC Vancouver), Fred Harding (now with the NPA), Gölök Z Buday, Ping Chan, and Mike Hansen.

      Others in the race are Leona Brown, Ryan Charmley, Colleen Hardwick (TEAM for a Livable Vancouver), Mark Marissen (Progress Vancouver), Imtiaz Popat (who ran for mayor of Surrey in 2018), Françoise Raunet, Satwant Shottha, Dante Teti, and Lewis Villegas.

      Raunet, who has run for the Greens federally and provincially in the past, went on Twitter today to object to the lack of media coverage for lesser-known candidates.

      She's also demanding that each of her fellow mayoral candidates declare if they will commit to 100 percent public housing on city-owned land.

      The mayoral candidates' nomination papers and statements of disclosures are available here, as are the statements and papers filed by candidates for council, park boad, and school board.

      As assets, this is what Stewart has declared: Royal Bank of Canada registered retirement savings plan - Vision Balanced Fund. Back in 2019, Stewart declared that he had no assets.

      Sim is chair and shareholder of Nurse Next Door and its related companies, Rosemary Rocksalt Ltd, Chindian Holdings Ltd., and a trustee of Sim (2016) Family Trust. He also listed investments in Apple Inc., Coin Citadel, Mgt Capital Investments Ltd, Alphabet Inc., NVIDIA Corp., Upstart Holdings Inc., Inc., Crowdstrike Holdings Inc., Shopify Inc., Teladoc Health Inc., ZScaler Inc., Ocado Group PLC, Coinbase Global Inc., Meta Platforms Inc., Netflix Inc., and BTCC.B. 

      Another of the leading candidates, Hardwick, has assets in Placespeak Inc., New City Pictures Inc., and Colleen Nystedt Productions Inc. Her creditors include BDC, RBC Visa credit card, and the law firm of Fasken Martineau.

      Marissen's assets are Burrard Strategy Inc., Kanata Clean Power, and Nirvana Life Sciences. He generates income from Burrard Strategy Inc. and McMillan Vantage Inc.

      Candidates for mayor, council, or park board are running under 11 different party banners this year: ABC Vancouver, Affordable Housing Coalition, COPE, Forward with Kennedy Stewart, Green, NPA, OneCity, Progress Vancouver, TEAM, Vision Vancouver, and VOTE Socialist.