Holiday discs 2012: Arson Academy & Friend's The Greatest Gift: An Arson Academy Christmas


Arson Academy & Friend
The Greatest Gift: An Arson Academy Christmas

Hey, check it out: it’s a punk-rock band doing semi-competent punk-rock versions of Christmas songs you’ve heard a million times before. This includes a chugging-power-chords rendition of “Silent Night”, which is presumably intended as irony and will no doubt be hilarious to your six-year-old nephew who has never heard real punk before and will file it away in the same mental category as fart jokes.

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Nick Carter
The greatest CD ever made by men.
Rating: -2
It's a badge of honor!
Rating: 0
Arson Academy
I have never been happier. Usually reviewers give our stuff a few seconds and try to bluff their way through a review. You really captured the soul of the album.
Rating: +4
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